Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Louis, Dash, Jack and Sam

Louis, Dash, Jack and Sam

Kelpie x Maremma - male


Louis, Dash, Jack and Sam was adopted on 15 November 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care

Mauve, Billie, Ella and Frankie

Mauve, Billie, Ella and Frankie

Kelpie x Maremma - female


Mauve, Billie, Ella and Frankie was adopted on 15 November 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care



Kelpie cross - male

Hi my name is Beau. My mother was found wandering the streets before she was rescued. After my mother was rescued and placed into care, I was born along with 1 brother and 3 sisters and I’m now looking for my forever home. I’m very energetic but very friendly and lovable. I get on with everyone but as my mother was a kelpie, after I grow up I will need lots and lots of exercise. If you would like to meet me, could you please contact my carer because I would love to meet you. I’m available for adoption after 22/11/20 🐾💕

Beau was adopted on 14 November 2020 after 4 days in foster care



Kelpie x Maremma - male

Louis is one of a litter of 8 puppies he is a beautiful friendly pup who has been well socialised and is very playful and energetic

Louis was adopted on 12 November 2020 after 1 weeks in foster care



Mini Foxie - female

Tulip's mumma named Nova came into DCH care to have her puppies in the safe environment of DCH foster care. She had her babies in a nice warm lounge room on a cold stormy night when she was able to enjoy a nice soft bed with the heater running to keep her babies warm.
She raised 5 beautiful Foxie Mini puppies.

Tulip is the 5th and last puppy born and got the nickname Tona due to her grey colouring compare to her brother and sisters who are black and white.

Tulip was the runt of the litter so was the last to venture out from their “nest” but is making up for it with her bravery and small little Yelp ans strong personality.

Tulip has received all 3 puppy vaccinations and has been desexed, microchipped and treated with flea and worm prevention.

She is ready for adoption into a home where she can have access to indoors as well as outdoors and receive lots of cuddles and attention for the rest of her life.

Tulip will need obedience training and we would recommend attending a puppy school which she can now do as she had had all her vaccinations. She will need additional toilet training but is used to toileting on a synthetic grass matt and or puppy pads when inside.

Note: *Tulip is on hold for an adoption*

Tulip was adopted on 09 November 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care



Labrador X Mastiff - male

Stitch is a beautiful 9 year old Labrador X Mastiff. He is an absolute gentleman and is so gentle.

Through no fault of his own, he is looking for a new home with a new family to take him through his senior years. He would be suited to many families, is very gentle so could be suitable for young children, and is great with other dogs. In fact, Stitch has grown up with another dog so only homes with other dogs will be considered to help keep the transition smooth for him. This would likely help with his current separation anxiety, Stitch did not have this at his old home so it is likely that the big changes have led to it - once he gains back his routine and a doggy friend, we hope this will reduce back down again.

A large backyard would be ideal for Stitch - his favourite game is fetch. He will use anything available to play fetch with, and will not stop unless they are taken away! As a result, plenty of room to keep running and fit would be great for him, and someone who makes sure he doesn't overdo it as well as he gets too hot and doesn't stop! Stitch LOVES water, and so it would be wonderful if his family would be able to take him regularly to beaches and water so that he can keep cool whilst still playing fetch!

Stitch is great on the lead - he starts off a little bit strong just as he is excited, but soon calms down and walks really well.

In his old home, Stitch was outside during the day and inside at night. A place where he is able to choose between whether he goes outside or inside is essential. He certainly loves a good lounge snuggle, so that would also be lovely for him!

Stitch is desexed, microchipped and will be up to date on vaccinations, worming and flea treatment when he is adopted. Please contact his foster carer, Gemma, on 0435939858 to find out more about Stitch and meet him.

Stitch was adopted on 29 October 2020 after 4 weeks in foster care



Foxi Mini (Tenterfield Terrier - female

Nova is a beautiful natured and loyal dog who has come into rescue at no fault of her own. She was abandoned at a Western Sydney animal shelter and has come into DCH care from there. She arrived heavily pregnant and has raised 5 beautiful puppies.

She loves pats and cuddles and would love to sit on you while your on the lounge. She enjoys a good cuddle and pat and will lap up any attention she can get. She has been a wonderful dog while in foster care and has been easy for her carer to fall in love with her.

Nova needs to be rehomed into a home where she can live indoors and have access to a safe secure yard. She does not like cats so needs to be rehomed to a cat free home.

She is chipped as a Mini Foxi.

She understands sit commands and can hold her toilet over night until she gets let outside and will toilet outside. She is used to having access to puppy pads just in case but has not used one in a long time.

Nova was diagnosed with Pyometra but has been resolved by desexing her and having a course of antiobiotics.

Located in Acacia Gardens

Nova was adopted on 23 October 2020 after 2 months in foster care



Jack Russell Terrier - female

Special Needs Puppy with Paralysed Hindlimbs

The lovely, gorgeous baby Leah - she is the image of the perfect Jack Russell. She has stunning markings, is full of personality and loves a rough and tumble. A lovely lady we met on a walk stated it perfectly - 'dogs don't worry about what they don't have, but just love what they do'. Leah does not feel sorry for herself, and is the epitome of a happy puppy!

Leah is approximately 1 year and 4 months old, and at around 1 year old was hit by a car, which has resulted in her losing most function of her back legs. She is able to feel her paws, and sometimes when she isn't off and going as fast as she can, she can prop herself up on all four limbs and take a few steps - her left back leg is the strongest. Since being in care we have made sure to continue physiotherapy on Leah's legs, and have noticed that she is already more willing to use them. However, it is very very unlikely that Leah will ever have full function, or much improvement at all, in the back legs and as such, will need a new family who is willing to help her with this. She has a wheelchair, which she actually finds slows her down a bit, however she is getting used to it. Obviously Leah isn't able to be in the wheelchair all day anyway, and as such it is important that her new family are able to care for sores she can develop on her legs - we use bandages at the moment but something like a baby onesie would be great.

Another consideration with Leah is that she is incontinent - we, her carers, are able to show her new family how to help her urinate, however there is no method to help her defecate and so she is prone to going and she doesn't realise she is doing it. Again, nappies may be good if she was able to get used to them - and tiles are also helpful to clean up easily!!

Leah still loves adventures - we carry her on some walks and then let her down to run in her wheelchair or pull herself along if the ground is soft - a pet carrier that can be used as a back or chest pack would be ideal for her. She is very good with other dogs, and whilst timid to start with, really just wants to play. Leah also LOVES to sunbath, and will happily sit outside with you all day. She isn't a huge fan of car rides, so needs comforting during these trips, but calms again as soon as the car slows and she hops out - she always loves the destination! Whilst Leah has her disability, she is still very much a puppy - she chews up all her toys and LOVES it, she bites still when she plays, and has mad crazy times throughout the day before wanting to be rocked to sleep! As such, Leah will be suited to a family likely without young children, as her nibbling and playing is quite rough at the moment with her being so young! But also needs a family who appreciates that her disability does not stop her wanting to do everything.

Leah is up to date on vaccinations, flea and worm treatment and is desexed and microchipped. Please contact Gemma, her carer, on 0435939858 for more information.

Leah was adopted on 18 October 2020 after 1 month in foster care



Cocker Spaniel - female

*Special needs dog - blind senior girl*

At approximately 8-10 years old, Kira found herself in a kennel, completely blind and hard of hearing, a huge lump on her ear, with matted and dirty fur. But despite the initial physical appearance, you couldn't meet a kinder dog, and she is so deserving of her chance at a new life.

Since coming into care, with the help of great vets, the council and her current foster carers, Kira has undergone quite the transformation - just check out those before and after photos!.

She has had both of her eyes removed, as they were non-functional and causing severe irritation, has had the lump on her ear removed, has been desexed, has been groomed, and has been loved by everyone who has met her.

On her overall health check, Kira is in incredible shape and does not show her age. Her teeth are perfect, and her pre-anaesthetic blood tests were also great. Given she is a Cocker Spaniel, she does require ear cleaning given her lovely floppy ears, but she is so easy to do this too and doesn't complain at all.

Kira is all up to date on vaccinations, worming etc.

Given her reduction in senses, Kira understandably has separation anxiety. For example, even when in familiar environments, she will cry if she realises you aren't near her, even if she is in the living room and you just in the kitchen. Given she can't see if you've left, and her hearing is so reduced, her only method of checking if you're there is to search. As a result, Kira needs a family who is understanding of this, and one who is willing to continue to find her an area where she feels safe and comfortable without continuous need for touch. Whilst in care, Kira has demonstrated she is able to do this, but it does take a lot of time, patience and of course, understanding. One of our best tricks has been to move a familiar blanket/quilt from room to room when we are in them, that way she can settle herself down on that blanket and is in close range to check-in with you if she needs to. We have also trialed crate-training with her, and whilst she does eventually settle down, it can take a while before she stops howling and crying, so again will take a lot of patience and perseverance. Whilst in kennels at the vets, the same is the case, but she seems more willing to settle in this environment.

Despite the reduction in senses, Kira does not have an aggressive bone in her body. When asleep or disorientated, you can approach her without any concern that she will snap, she just immediately starts wagging her tail and is so happy. Kira does have some slight hearing left, so we have found saying her name in a higher pitch and whistling she can definitely hear, and this also helps to reassure her that you are around.

As a result, Kira will be suited to a home where the person works from home. She gets along with other dogs very well, and has also been introduced to cats and not had a problem, so if the family has other dogs this may eventually be very helpful for her to find reliable company from other animals. She needs a home willing to work with her consistently, and provide a very safe space for her when she is left alone, or if she is to be alone for longer is able to cater for her and have someone even look after her. There will be clear requirements for the family to meet to adopt this girl, so please be aware of this prior to considering her for adoption.

If you'd like some more information on this lovely girl, please contact Gemma, her foster carer, on 0435939858.

Kira was adopted on 13 August 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care



Jack Russell X - male

Teddy is a lovely older dog who has recently been return to DCH after being adopted after his owner became ill and could no longer look after him.

Teddy loves people and loves going up to them and getting pats. He also likes other dogs and currently lives in a household with 4 other dogs. At the dog park he goes up to other dogs to say hello. He is a very gentle easy going dog. He spent the first part of his life as an only dog living on his own outdoors and only getting the occasional walk. Now he is looking for a forever home where he will get the love that he truly deserves.

Teddy was adopted on 12 August 2020 after 1 week in foster care