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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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cross breed - female

Penny is one of Gypsy's pups. Dad is unknown and Gypsy is a medium size cross breed.

This little darling can be a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she is your best friend

She loves to fetch and play with stuffed toys and she is good with cats. She's a good eater, loves her dinner and will make a lovely addition to any family.

Penny was adopted on 27 November 2014 after 3 weeks in foster care



Pug X - male

Vinny, was taken into rescue by DCH @ 6 weeks old,

He didnt have a good start to life as when he was born his mother chewed his leg and ear, He has had one ear cut off and his leg had broken bones where he had a few stitches to close the wounds in hope his leg would heal itself.... at 3 weeks Vinny started using his injured leg and now at 9 weeks he is using it very well.

He has a limp and runs a bit to the side i call it the crab run but it only makes him cuter.

Vinny is a sweet puppy , who lovesss affection, he loves to be carried around in your arms, he is very much like a baby. he is always happy and and good around everyone, especially kids.

He is extremely playful and loves our other foster pets such as the Kitten who is his best friend and our pet Rabbit.

He is a little rough with them as he is bigger and a lot more solid, But they get a long well, he loves them very much.

We have been toilet training him , and he is half way there.

He is a very smart little boy, listens when you call to him, he will follow you and sits when you ask him to.

Vinny has one ear but makes him extra special and unique.

He will definitely be a dog that would need that extra care and attention, his ears would be a matter of importance and would have to be an indoor pet.

His leg may bring some discomfort in the near future, would need to keep an eye out on his leg and make sure he has it checked out at his Vet check ups.

This boy is super special, sweet, and you cant deny he is just adorable to look . He is looking for a forever home.

Vinny was adopted on 17 November 2014 after 3 weeks in foster care



cross breed - male

Buster is one of Gypsy's pups. Dad is unknown and Gypsy is a medium size cross breed.

Buster is a tricoloured male pup. He is a big sook and a bit of a thinker.
He gets on well with all the other puppies and he doesn’t mind cats either.

A great all round boy, he is a good eater and growing by the day.

Buster was adopted on 13 November 2014 after 6 days in foster care



Shih TzuxJackRussellx - female

Millie is a Shihtzu x Jack Russell x Maltese. Her brother Jasper is also in DCH foster care.
Millie is a very sweet gentle little girl who loves going for a walking, is child friendly and gets along well with other small dogs. She is learning to sit, stay, come and her carer is working on her responding to her name when called. She love a good brush. Millie is toilet trained.

She is in care at Shell Cove NSW

Sponsorship RequiredAfter Millie came into care we found that she has luxating patella in both of her back legs that required surgery. One leg has been done and when she can bear weight on it the other back leg will be done. The cost of this vet work is $1,600 so that she can live a normal life. Please help us with meeting the costs of giving this gorgeous little girl good legs to run on by emailing

Millie was adopted on 08 November 2014 after 3 months in foster care



Staffordshire Bull Terrier - male

Tyson is a lovely boy who is full of energy. He loves human attention and is very fond of having his belly scratched.

He is very settled outside but loves to be inside and is a pleasure once he settles. He is working on toilet training and is getting the hang of it quickly. Tyson is quite sociable with other dogs but would love someone to give him all the attention.

He is an all round beautiful boy who will make a great companion to the right owner.

He has recently been desexed and vaccinated and is also microchipped.

TYSON was adopted on 02 November 2014 after 2 months in foster care



Border Collie - male

Charlie is larger than life with the biggest heart to match and if you have children, little or big, then Charlie is quite the catch. With endless energy galore, Charlie will love you and the kids with all his heart and he won't be able to stop cuddling you all.

Like most Border Collie's Charlie is super smart so he does need a big yard to explore. Other dogs are not a problem, Charlie will share his food bowl for sure.

Lots of exercise is a must but you will not find it a chore, 2 big walks a day is what Charlie needs.

Cats aren't so keen on Charlie as he tends to stare them down like the Border Collie breed.

Charlie comes desexed, microchipped, heart-wormed checked, vaccinated, wormed and flea treated.

So if you want a house full of love then Charlie is your dog as he is like a gift from heaven above......

Charlie was adopted on 26 October 2014 after 4 days in foster care



Shih Tzu x - male

Pip is a lovely boy who is used to living with other dogs. He is very good with young children and has always been around them. He is used to being an outdoor dog and he only settles inside for short periods.

Pip is pretty independent but does love human company. Pip has a lovely nature, learns quickly and walks well on a lead. He obeys basic commands and only barks as a warning that something outside is amiss. Good watch dog in that he alerts you to cars and people arriving.

Sadly Pip's current owners are no longer able to look after him and he is looking for a new home.

Pip is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Pip is available for adoption within NSW only.



Ridgeback x - male

Farley is a ridgeback x (currently about labrador size but still has some growing to do) who is friendly, playful and knows basic obedience.

He gets along with other dogs and is used to living with small children. Farley isn't a noisy dog and doesn't jump up but can still knock a child over when in a playful mood.

If you're looking for a fun loving, good natured dog to join your family then Farley just might be the one.

Farley was adopted on 17 October 2014 after 4 weeks in foster care



cattle x staffy x? - female

Basset hound, Beagle blend

Having spent several months in care being the main 'nanna' dog who will look after all the scared and unsettled strays that come into care, Dori has proven herself to be a fantastic 'mother figure' despite her young age for a wide variety of dogs that have come into care. She has show them how be happy and friendly pooches, and learn how to live life.Dori is a little cutie that is full of character. A very smart girl who knows how to SIT, STAY, HEEL and responds to CLICKER TRAINING, she loves to crawl into your lap when permitted and get belly rubs.She has fabulous RECALL and never wanders far away when enjoying her walks with her owner. A devoted soul, Dori is gentle with children, highly socialised with other dogs, and is all round a fabulous dog.



ShihtzuxJack RussellxMaltese - male

Jasper is a Shihtzu x Jack Russell x Maltese. His sister Millie is also in DCH foster care.

Jasper is a 5 kilo very sweet gentle little boy who loves going for a walking, is child friendly and gets along well with other small dogs. He is learning to sit, stay, come and his carer is working on his responding to his name when called. He loves a good brush. Jasper is house trained.

Jasper was adopted on 05 August 2014 after 1 month in foster care