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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Matsiff Cross - male

Link is a 3 year old Mastiff X and he is such a gorgeous boy, you really have to meet him. Oh what great manners he has, Link loves to please, hes very smart and obedient and knows basic commands. He is a big goof ball who can entertain himself with his soccer ball and toys when left alone. He is a happy go lucky dog who's energetic, but also happy to just chill out and relax with you.



Staffy cross - female

Instantly loveable. Bonnie needs a strong owner in a one dog family. This beautiful girl is incredibly loyal and loving. She is fantastic with children. Unfortunately she and our other dog do not get on and we are devastrated to have to offer her up to a new home. You will fall in love with her instantly.

Bonnie is free to an approved home.



Mastiff x Shepherd - female

10 mth old female Mastiff x Sheperd.

Milly is an absolute gorgeous and very friendly girl.

Milly loves everyone and loves nothing better than going to the dog park to play with other dogs - big or small, she gets on well with all other dogs. She walks well on the lead and is toilet trained. It doesn't look like Milly has had any obedience training but is getting some training now but would do well with some further ongoing training. She would make a great family pet but maybe not with really young children because in her enthusiasm to be friendly she may knock them over as she is a typical 10 month old excitable pup.

Milly loves people and currently lives indoors so we would prefer a family that would very much include her in their activities and it would be great if she had another dog as a companion to play with when the family are away from the house as she loves other dogs so much.

Milly was adopted on 30 January 2014 after 2 weeks in foster care



Golden Retriever x Samoyed - male

Bailey is a very friendly dog who loves people and affection. He enjoys playing fetch and digging for things in his sand pit. He has lived with another dog for the past 6 years and does enjoy a good wrestle but would ideally love a yard to himself as he does like to be the boss.

His current home has a toddler and haven't had any issues with him around her. He's a gentle soul and would be great as an indoor or outdoor dog (currently he is outdoor but when let inside is well behaved). He walks well on a lead but could use some training in regards to getting distracted around other dogs. He is sensitive to loud noises such as fire works where he likes staying nearby his owner.

His current family will be extremely sad to see him go but feel he would be in his element as an only dog.

Bailey was adopted on 26 January 2014 after 1 month in foster care



Great Dane - male

Lester was rehomed 19th January, 2014

Lester was adopted on 09 January 2014 after 2 weeks in foster care



Rhodesian Ridgeback x Bullmast - female

Layla's personality is so humorous, she will talk to you when you are about to feed her, when she wants something or when you tell her no. She just loves and adores the company of people. She will greet you with much excitement initially, this includes trying to give you a big kiss on the face, but she is learning that is not ok although once she gets her kiss she is happy to just be next to you. She is fully house trained.
I have had many people over in 'her backyard' adults and kids alike all find her to be a very well behaved and affectionate dog.
She will even sit around patiently unperturbed by the smell of steak on the BBQ. Does not jump up to the table when you eat outside, nor does she hassle or beg you to share.
She knows when enough is enough, she will listen when it's time to just lay next to your feet. A highly energetic dog, only in bursts, Lazy in others!
She needs a walk every day or two or she just looks so sad. When not walking she is happy to just lounge about the back yard and get a pat from you.
She will chew on her toys or odd bits left in the yard, but never anything of value. She has made a dash with my thongs left at the back door so I'd say shoes are considered 'her toys'. Does not dig or bother my garden.
Out for walks she likes to go off lead when at the park, I always have her on lead walking around the street. She never goes too far that she can't see you. She always wants to know you're nearby.
Even at the dog park where she can run free with other dogs, she will play with them for a while but check back with me often.
An absolute delight to have. Not suitable to little children however, only because of her size and need to be close to people, she could bowl them over unintentionally.

Layla was adopted on 22 December 2013 after 1 month in foster care



Fox Terrier - female

From the moment Bella left the pound she was happy and energetic. She has a great temperament and is friendly with familiar faces and strangers alike.

She enjoys going for walks, although she likes to walk at a fast pace. She is a keen soccer player or happy to play with a tennis ball. Bella is happy to meet you when you arrive home and does not have an aggressive bone in her body. However she goes a little nuts over the hose when watering the garden and the lawn mower where she has to be put inside because she circles the mower and tries to bite the wheels.

Bella is in foster care at Kellyville.

Bella was adopted on 03 December 2013 after 8 months in foster care



Neapolitan Mastiff x Bull Mast - female

Dione is almost 5 years old, is desexed, microchipped and has had all of her vaccinations. She has been quite spoilt in regard to being allowed on the couch and bed and she has always slept in the house at night. She is a big girl who has not been exposed to small children or cats so would be best suited to a family with older children as she may unintentionally knock over little ones or preferably a home with a single male.

Dione is currently in boarding kennels and the staff there have described her as a very beautiful and gentle natured girl. She appears to be OK with the other dogs at the kennels and has lived with an Aussie Bulldog as her companion and while she has been around other dogs it has always been under supervision because of her size.

The family have asked that they do the rehoming themselves as they want to meet and interview anyone thinking of taking her on as they need to know she is going to a good home where she will be loved and well looked after and with people that will have the time to settle her into her new home.



Labrador and Golden Retriever - female

A very sweet natured girl, Katie loves to be around adults, children & other dogs. She walks very well on lead when asked to do so. She is great in the car just lying down & being totally quiet while travelling. She takes treats gently which is very nice & is not a glutton with her food. She is such a quick learner with dazzling intelligent eyes. When having her dinner she is able to sit beautifully & wait for release to her bowl. Unlike any Lab X I've seen before she isn't particularly food obsessed, which is an absolute delight as it means I can happily leave her unattended at meal times knowing she’s not harassing my other dog for more food or trying to steal anything from her.

I’d encourage a family with another dog to consider Katie as she’d make a great friend & companion. She will not do well being left alone all day while you’re out at work. I’d guess she has not had this happen prior as she gets stressed if alone & will ultimately voice her anxiety.
She is not good with cats or small animals. We have 3 Guinea Pigs & she raked their cage trying to get inside to chase them. I am working with her with on lead training & treats when she’s in proximity to them & she is improving but her natural tendency is to chase. Therefore a home without cats is advisable.
A home with another dog is preferable but not a prerequisite providing you can give her the attention she deserves.

Katie was adopted on 09 November 2013 after today in foster care



Silky Terrier - male

Zaffrey was surrendered to the pound as they said they had too many male dogs. Nice easy going friendly boy who just wants to be loved.

Zaffrey was adopted on 09 November 2013 after 2 days in foster care