Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Diamond & Hero

Diamond & Hero

American staffy - mixed

I need to rehome my 2 American staffys. My daughter is sick and is in and out of hospital and I can no longer care for them.

I would like to try and keep them together if possible. Unfortunately with my daughters health, we don't have time to care for them, they dont get the opportunity to be walked or played with and I know they deserve better.

(Diamond - Blue Face) Her birth date is 30/07/2016
She is desexed
She is microchipped and registered
She is fully vaccinated
She currently lives and plays with and loves our boy staffy Hero (we need to rehome him too) they do everything together. She gets excited by other dogs but hasn't had all that much interaction except for with hero (hasn't been to the dog park etc)

She loves to play fetch and in water loves to swim and the sprinkler.
She has been exposed to our 2 children but mostly through our garden doors because my lexie is sick and Diamond will knock her over accidentally.
She is so happy and joyful loves a belly rub and will sit and drop when told but that's about it in regards to following commands.

(Hero - Blue and white face)
His birth date is 28/01/2017
He is desexed
He is microchipped and registered
He is fully vaccinated
He hasn't had any interaction with other dogs except for Diamond.
He is a big goofball his very funny to watch he will run into your leg and not even notice.
He is excited by fetch but prefers to play tug of war with you or chase diamond with her toy.
He hates water hates to swim and the sprinkler or even the hose.
He has been exposed to our 2 children but again mostly through our garden doors because his a rough nut and dopey..
But like diamond he is so happy and joyful loves a belly rub and will sit and drop shake hands when told but that's about it in regards to following commands

They both can walk on a lead put pull we use harnesses for both of them and they like to stay together walk next to each other.

They are both really beautiful and as much as we would love to keep them we just can't but I don't want to risk sending them somewhere that won't care for the. or will put them down.

Diamonds number is 900164001290869
Hero's number is 991003000021965

Location St Mary's NSW.



Siberian Husky - female

Winter is a beautiful 7 year old female Siberian husky.

She has been surrended due to owner not being able to give her to the attention she needs.

Winter is a gorgeous girl who loves attention from her carers, but not necessarily younger ambitious puppies who want to play with her. She's a complete sook around humans and would happily sit by your side all day.

She's not particularly active, but gets excited when it's walk time or to go for a ride in the car. Winter is terribly overweight, so her new owner should be willing to spend the time in providing her the adequate exercise she requires, although it will be slow going, as she tires easily. In saying that, during her time with us, she has lost some weight and proven to walk further than when we first met her.

She's protective of her food and will growl if another dog goes near her food or disturbs her peace but I haven't found her to be snappy at her foster carer.

We've discovered that she shakes hands, particularly when she knows she's getting a treat and at dinner time.

She's absolutely fine at the dog park and doesn't pay attention to the other dogs, but will mostly just sit instead of running around.

We believe Winter can be adopted by herself, but it would be good for her to have a companion if you already have another husky.

Due to her age, Winter does have some health issues:
Arthritis. Although her weight won't help here, with exercise you may find she will improve. We've also been mixing in "Aging Dog" powder to give her the vitatmins she needs.

Fly blown ears (although this is being treated with a repellent and improvements happening).
Cloudy eyes - the vets have advised this is not cataract and whilst it looks bad, she does have great eye-sight even though it may be a bit cloudy for her.
Zinc deficiency - her nose is a tell-tale sign that she has a zinc deficiency which can be easily treated by supplementing her diet with this vitamin.

IIMPORTANT: You CANNOT have a house with smaller animals such as cats, pocket pets or smaller dogs - as Husky-bred nature is to attack.

You would need a fully enclosed yard that is escape proof.

If you would like to meet Winter, please contact us to meet the beautiful old girl.

Winter was adopted on 08 December 2019 after 6 months in foster care



Pug-Jack Russel cross - male

George is a lively friendly little dog who loves to be with people and other dogs (he has a 9 year old Staffy that he currently lives with). We adopted him as a rescue dog just under 3 years ago when he was 4. Sadly, due to changes in the family situation we are no longer able to provide him with the right environment and know that he would be better off in a new home.

All his vaccinations are up to date, and he is regularly treated for ticks/fleas and internal parasites.
George has been de-sexed and is microchipped.

George loves to explore, so he needs to be living in a dog proof back yard (something his current home lacks). He would be best suited to a new home with people who can give him the attention he loves. He loves to be with people and he does like being on your lap when you sit on the couch (he doesn't mind hopping up on your bed either). He is a very affectionate dog, and is happy inside or out, but he does like to patrol he boundaries of the property and will bark at people that approach the property and of course other dogs, so from this perspective, he is a perfect watch dog.

On the lead he will tend to pull a bit, but being a small dog, he won't drag you along. He does listen to his name, but we have not managed to gain the kind of control over him such that we can call him back when off the lead if another dog is around. This maybe a skill that can be trained if you spend the time with him.

It is important to keep him on a lead when he meets other dogs for the first time as he can try to be assertive with them.

His toileting has been patchy. When he first came to our previous home we managed to get him under control, but if he gets up before you and doesn't have access to the outside, he will unfortunately go to the toilet inside.

George would be great company for kids over 5. He does love to snuggle and he is a very attractive dog and can be quite attentive.



Blue Cattle Dog - male

Well. Not enough praise can be said about Rex. This young man, approximately 1 year old, has been recently rescued from a regional pound and well, he just fits right into the home life.
A gentleman is an understatement, he is living with 2 large breed dogs in his foster home, a male and a female, and has fitted right in with them. There has been nothing but play between them all.
Rex loves all human company, and is certainly a crowd-pleaser with his easy going attitude and happy nature.
Rex is already desexed, vaccination and microchipped. He will serve a 2-week quarantine just to make sure he is all healthy and set and then he is ready for his new home to love! Please call Rod, his carer, to meet this handsome and all-round loveable boy.

Rex was adopted on 23 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



mini French X British Bulldog - female

Jellybean is a miniature French cross British bulldog who is playful, friendly and affectionate. Whenever you come home she will always be excited to see you. Jellybean walks well on a lead and is house trained. She is currently living with a cat and as this is the first time in her 3 years she has lived with a cat she is still adjusting.

She lives in a small apartment and can live is both an apartment or a house. Jellybean has had a problem with her spine which means she is not allowed to jump off furniture and should not jump up on people or animals. For this reason she is not suited to a household with young children. She is also not suited to a home with lots of stairs.

Jellybean is intelligent and an absolute delight to have around. She may take a little time to warm to strangers but once she forms a bond she will always want to be by your side.

Jellybean was adopted on 16 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy - female

Little Serena has recently been rescued from a regional pound and is now living in her foster carers house with her sister; they are both approximately 6-7 months old.

She was initially a little shy and whilst it was clear that Serena just loves people, she took a little while to warm up to the other dogs in the household. She is now calmly living with the other 5 dogs she is with, and so would be suited to a home with another dog as long as a meet and greet is done beforehand to see how they get along.

Serena cannot get enough love from her carer, so would be great in any family that knows big dogs and loves the love they can give!!

Serena is microchipped and vaccinated, and will be desexed this week, so will be ready for her new home in approximately 2 weeks.

Please call Rod her carer to organise meeting her in her Revesby foster home and for more information!

Serena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



great dane cross - female

Born just before Christmas last year, Cena is a young Mastiff cross who is just full of life. She is a typical puppy, wanting to play with anyone available, including the dogs and cats she currently lives with.

Cena loves everything and everyone¸ and eagerly engages with all experiences, including training.  She is house trained, and sleeps inside with her carers and her animal friends.   She enjoys her walks, strong but obedient on the leash, and is good on recall. 

At 7 months, Cena is a big puppy already and we anticipate she will grow to a 45kg size.  As such, she will benefit from a family with experience in corralling puppy enthusiasm to ensure her training is continued. While she would not deliberately hurt anyone or anything, she could well bowl over a small child, so would not be suitable for families with young children.  Otherwise, Cena would bring joy, fun and affection to any furever family.

 Cena is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed, so is ready for her new home  Please call her carer Rod, on 0418 239 763,  to say hello to this lovely young girl in her Revesby foster home.

Cena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 8 months in foster care



Staffy - female

Little Kareen has recently been rescued from a regional pound and is now living in her foster carers house with her sister; they are both approximately 6-7 months old.

She was initially a little shy but it was clear that Kareen just loves people and affection, and was up on the couch with her carer as soon as she saw it was okay!

Kareen is living with 5 other dogs at the moment, males and females, that are larger than herself and she is absolutely fine, so should be happy going to a home that has other dogs after an introduction.

Kareen will be microchipped, vaccinated and desexed soon, so will be ready for her new home towards the end of the month.

Please call Rod her carer to organise meeting her in her Revesby foster home and for more information!

Kareen was adopted on 18 October 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Cattle x Kelpie - male

Roo is a high energy dog who would do best going to someone with space for him to run around and with someone who is an experienced dog owner.

I’d imagine he would make a great working dog if someone were to teach him the ropes as he loves to run and is very instinctual.

Roo is an absolute goof-ball and provides endless giggles! He loves to play fetch tho is not very good an bringing things back and is always up for a game of tug (but watch your fingers!).

He plays well will other dogs but can often be too rough and boisterous for the little ones.

He is house trained and knows basic commands (sit, stay, leave it, lie down, shake, on your mat, come).
He walks well on lead but sometimes jumps up and grabs the lead to play tug and it can be difficult to get him to stop.

This ball of energy loves a cuddle and is extremely affectionate and loyal. He is also used to living inside with the family and quickly becomes your second shadow.

House Trained: Yes

Behaviour around other animals: OK with animals generally but can be to rough for smaller dogs.

Behaviour with Kids: Jumps on them but eventually settles

General Behavioural Issues: Gets over excited and can be nippy. Jumps on people to greet in particular children. Additional training should help.

Vaccinated: Yes

Desexed: Yes



Staffy X Great Dane X Border C - male

Hello everyone, my name is Cash and I am around 16 month's old. I am a crossbreed boy who is a mix of Staffy, Border Collie and Great Dane and I am approximately 50kg in weight.

We didn't know if Great Dane was true but I've grown into a big boy, so I think it must be! For reference I'm standing next to my carer in that photo, who is 1.77m tall, so I've certainly got some height when I'm on my back paws! I feel I have been in care too long, and suspect it's because I've grown so big. But I'm really gentle and love love! I'm also super loyal and super smart. I have grown up with other dogs, puppies, cats and tiny little kittens so I'm totally happy with all of them. I'm also super healthy and up-to-date on all my vet work.

I know - with big does come strong - and, although I'm almost grown up now - I do need help controlling my energy! So my new home would be best not to have young children in case I get too enthusiastic. Even better if you have another dog! It really makes me feel just next level awesome to have another dog around me, so that would be wonderful.

I'd really love to meet you if you think I could join your family! Please call Jo, my carer, on 0401 900 696 if you'd like to say hi! Bye for now, love Cash.

Cash was adopted on 16 October 2019 after 1.2 years in foster care