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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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terrier type - female

Ruby is a lovely natured, family pet who's grown up around children and is pretty sure she is human herself. Despite being a loyal family pet for 9 years, including being a comfort to their disabled child a marriage breakup now sees Ruby in need of a new, loving home.

Ruby is desexed and microchipped. She isn't great with cats but is fine with other dogs. Ruby is a really lovely, friendly, girl who is in despertae need of a loving family to take her in.

Ruby is available for a donation only.

For full details or to arrange to meet Ruby please call her owner Lisa on 0409 489 225 or email



Bull Matsiff Cross - male

Please help us find Gordon a forever or foster Home.

Gordon a solid young lad. He is friendly with dogs, loves people , super smart, house trained, loves playing with balls and other energetic dogs, and loves going on walks and bike rides.

Gordon has patiently waited for his new owner for such a long time - over a year now. In that time he has had no one, he’s been moving from shelter to shelter, hoping and waiting for that special person to fall in love with him and take him home.

As he is so big and full of beans, he would probably suit a family without tiny children.

He has had professional obedience and behaviour training and does not pull on the lead. He ideally needs a home where he will be included as part of the family, but also someone to keep him calm.



Terrier x - female

Missy is a delightful little dog who is fully of energy and loves to play. The more you get to know her the more you get to love her. She loves playing with toys but most of all she loves playing with the other dogs in her pack, regardless of their size. If you are looking for a companion for your dog or someone to take with you when you go for a jog or a good walk Missy would be ideal. She requires someone who can give her all of the exercise she needs to keep her happy.

She is shy with strangers and also when she is in unfamiliar territory so she needs someone who can instill her with confidence. The more she is exposed to strange situations and allowed to see there is nothing to be scared about the better she gets. Given her high energy levels she is not suitable for young children and also not suitable as a stay at home dog as she needs exercise. Although she has not had much formal training she bonds well and will come when called. I've always preferred medium size dogs like kelpies and staffies but Missy is just such a special little girl I've grown so very very fond of her. She's a little dog with a whole lot of personality. Missy weighs 3.8kg

Missy was adopted on 04 November 2013 after 1 year in foster care



Staffy cross - female

Daisy is a very affectionate dog who is always happy to meet new people. She's polite and very sweet natured, and has shown herself to be a super-fast learner. After only a couple of visits to the dog park she comes on command, and she gets on with other dogs really well.

She does need exercise to let off steam, but if you can provide this for her you will have the most gorgeous girl on your hands. She doesn't appear to have any issues with children, however she hasn't been tested on cats. She would almost certainly be fine living with other dogs.

Daisy was adopted on 02 November 2013 after 1 month in foster care



Terrier cross - male

Scwuffy weighs about 8 1/2 kg, height 50cm, length 85cm. Perfect in size and has the best temperament, the ideal pup for an active, caring family with children, say 8 years up, preferably, with a good size yard for fun times.

Swcuff has a big personality, very expressive and switched on. Alert, curious and interested, he gets involved. Loves to play, fetch, chase, tussle, tumble, rumble, one very happy positive pup. His playful bounding energy easily settles into snooze mode or smooch time. Being young he does need gentle discipline, he has responded well to it whilst in my care.

Digs a little and likes to chew. When alone keep him busy with tough chewy treats and brisket bones that'll save you an item or two. He has a mischievous side, probably due to age, curiosity and boredom more than anything, it's not bad, it just adds to his appeal

Fully house trained, eats, rides, and walks well. Love's to run. Sleeps out (sheltered) great watch dog, does not attention bark. Can get anxious around other dogs, excitable and defensive at times? He gets on great with my small female wiry Jack x? When walking them I just cross the road if there's a dog coming up and stay away from dog parks. For his leash free runs we go to a secure oval where it's just us, we have a ball goofing around, his so much fun, makes me laugh all the time, really great dog.

If you feel you can give Swcuff a great loving active home or would like to know more about him, give me a call and we can chat or arrange a meeting.As a member of your family, this adorable pup, with the most gorgeous eyes and character will love and entertain you all. Many good time laughs will be shared. He so deserves a loving home since his previous owners abandoned him, after moving house and leaving him behind.

Scwuffy was adopted on 30 October 2013 after 3 months in foster care



small terrier mix - female

Bella has just joined us from the pound after she was Surrendered by her owners. Bella was never desexed in her previous home and she had puppies which her owners decided to keep when they dumped her

Bella has settled into foster care well and is a really nice girl who is eager to be around people so an indoor / outdoor home would suit bella well. She is good with my 3 dogs and is scared of my foster cats lol.

If you think you can offer Bella a home please send us an email, a home with older children would be better for Bella.

Bella was adopted on 04 October 2013 after 2 months in foster care



Cattle x Kelpie - male

A happy go lucky character this little man oozes cute but a smart mind hides behind those adorable puppy features.

At 5 months he's a quick leaner who will benefit from ongoing training. He's a smoocher by night, who loves to be active during the day. He is crate trained. Is very quiet and easy to travel in the car.

He currently lives with another dog but would be happy with an active family who include him in all their activities if he's an only dog at home.

99 was adopted on 08 September 2013 after 2 months in foster care



medium sized cross breed - male

Tom is the ideal family pet, around 4 months old with a happy go lucky attitude, he sits on command is learning to drop and can wait for food. A smart little cookie he'll be easy to train to your routines. Now toilet trained and currently being crate trained for easy transport in the car I really can't fault this boy.

He is in foster care with another older dog and he plays well, is happy to go for walks and absolutely LOVES pats and cuddles. I have 3 children whom he adores. He seems to be good with cats too so if you already have a pet at home he should fit right in.

It is best if he's not left in the yard on his own all day, so a home with someone around during the day or part of the day would be great. If you do work fulltime then a home with another doggie friend will be ideal

He must be an inside/outside dog as he enjoys being part of everyday life with the family. Although obviously he is still to mature but I doubt he'll be a big dog, rather a medium to small medium size as (so far) he appears to have little short legs.

No definitive idea of any breeds in his boy as he was rescued from death row at the pound so we have no idea of his parents, he is just a lovely young x breed.

Tom was adopted on 08 September 2013 after 1 month in foster care



Terrier x - female

The lovely friendly little terrier girl is called Betsy. She weighs 5.5kg so is quite a small little girl. She loves going for walks and loves running, but needs some further training with walking on the lead and with recall.

Betsy loves being close to you and snuggling up to you on the lounge or in bed. She's happy to laze about outside during the day but as soon as you are home she just wants to be wherever you are.

She loves going for car rides, as soon as the door is open she jumps in and is rearing to go. She has been around other small dogs and she is fine with them and is currently living with a very active and playful pup and they get on really well together.

She's also been around little children and she is very good with them, certainly not scared of them. She is house trained and is a beautiful little girl who just wants to be patted, loved and be part of the family.

She has been clipped off as she was so matted when she came into care from the pound.

Betsy was adopted on 08 September 2013 after 2 months in foster care



Ridgeback x - female

I am a gorgeous Ridgeback x who just wants to be loved and be part of a family. Her foster carer says that she is a big goofy loveable girl who just loves going for big long walks.

She shares her foster home with two other dogs and she uses them as hurdles to practice her high jump training. The boys have adjusted to having a small horse move in and she has fitted in so well. She is so friendly and just loves everyone and everything is a game to her as she is still very much a pup.

She just loves life and all the excitement that goes with it. She is housetrained.

Asha is in care at Kings Langley

Asha was adopted on 20 August 2013 after 6 months in foster care