Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Cocker Spaniel - male

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Poor Frankie came into care so heavily matted he required a complete full body shave. He also had an terrible ear infection and polyps that required surgery to remove as well as dental work. His vet fees have come to $863.

Frankie was introduced to possibly his furever home family this afternoon (23/06/2019). A deposit was taken. Following a vet check, he will be on a two week trial.

Frankie was adopted on 01 July 2019 after 4 weeks in foster care



Great Dane X Doberman - female

Asher (previously called Darcey) is a beautiful little Doberman X Great Dane but she won't be little for long. She was surrendered into care after she was adopted and has since had 3 foster carers through no fault of her own. It would be ideal if her next home could be her forever home.

Asher is 12 weeks old and busy learning how to be a dog. She has bursts of puppy energy but tends to prefer cosying up with a human on the couch. Her basic training has begun with simple commands as well as toileting and being on lead. She is progressing but would benefit from being in a home with established dog/s or an experienced dog owner who is able to dedicate time to her care. She is good with young children but gets very excited which can be overwhelming for children who aren't comfortable with dogs.

She was very timid at first but with time and attention she felt more comfortable and was able to show her cheeky, adventurous side. She's been on a few outings and walks and is slowly getting used to sights and sounds of the world around her. One thing she's never had a problem with is getting attention. People fall in love with her everywhere she goes.

It's important to note that although she will be a large dog, Great Danes prefer being indoors and need plenty of room so a large house and/or yard would be a must.

She comes microchipped, desexed, wormed and with first two vaccinations.

Asher was adopted on 23 June 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care

John Snow

John Snow

American Staffordshire Terrier - male


Well JS is your typical puppy, it’s eat, sleep and play! But he is also a love bug that loves attention and affection, and will happily Netflix and chill while snoozing in your lap. JS loves company of other dogs, and is learning to play nicely and not steal all of the toys and pinch others food. He knows how to sit nicely and is slowly learning to toilet outside, but will need to continue his training. He is also learning to walk on a lead and slowly learning it’s not a chew toy!

To enquire about JS please email Renee on

Located near Windsor NSW

John Snow was adopted on 16 June 2019 after 6 days in foster care



American Staffordshire Terrier - female

Daenerys is a very sweet little girl who came into care after the most terrible start in life possible. We weren't always sure that she was going to make it but here she is fitting fit and almost ready for her Forever Home.

Daenerys has lived with her brother John Snow, another adult dog, children (as young as 18 months) and a rabbit. She is a very chill dog that would make a loyal and loving companion for the right family.

Daenerys is now ready for her furever home. She is vaccinated and will be de-sexed prior to adoption.

To visit this beautiful family-friendly puppy in her foster home near Windsor, please contact her carer, Renee.

Daenerys was adopted on 16 June 2019 after 6 days in foster care



Cocker Spaniel - female

Lady came into care with DCH after she and her friend Frankie had been totally neglected by their owners for over a year. Lady has had to have a full shave and will need an understanding family to take her own and make her apart of the family and teach her the things she needs to know.

Lady has been left outside her whole life, shes not experinced what its like to be an indoor and very loved dog. Please only enquire about lady if you think you can give her the home she deserves.

Lady will be ready for her Forever Home from the 15th of June.

Located in the Windsor area.

Lady was adopted on 14 June 2019 after 4 days in foster care



British Bulldog - male

Bruno is getting ready for his new home and will be available in the coming few weeks. He is 4 years old and such a gorgeous friendly, happy little guy.

Bruno is good with children, cats and other dogs. He is a very sweet and easy dog to have around and its going to be a sad day when his foster carer has to say goodbye as hes been such a joy.

Bruno will require ongoing medication for the rest of his life and we are looking for a family who understand this and can manage his ongoing treatment.

If you are intetested in giving Bruno a home please contact his foster carer Jenny on

Please be aware we are volunteers and it can take a couple of days to get back to you. Bruno can only go to one home so please understand we will be taking our time and care to make sure its the right and suitable home for him

Located in Windsor NSW

Bruno was adopted on 12 June 2019 after 2 days in foster care



Spoodle - female

Meet delightful Lola, a friendly ball of energy and lots of fun. Lola was surrendered into DCH care on 19 May 2019, due to her owner having to move to a Nursing Home. Thankfully she is now in care and is looking for a furever home.

Lola is currently learning how to use a doggie door and looks to be afraid of stairs. On car rides, Lola cries in anticipation that she will probably be going to a doggie park or doggie beach. Lola is friendly toward other dogs, but tends to want to chase cars when crossing the road.

Lola was put on a special Veterinary Diet (Royal Canin) to prevent crystals forming in her urine. It was also thought that Lola had a heart condition, however a very recent MRI performed by the Specialist team at SASH has dismissed this line of thought. The report is available to any serious potential owner.

Lola would thrive in a household dedicated to giving her time and love. Once comfortable with you, she will lay quietly beside your feet. Background music or noises has helped calmed her anxiety. Lola is okay on her own and was tested for the first time in her current household as she was left alone for about 3 hours. She cried as the carer left and was at the door and greeted the owner when she came home.

Originally trained but behaviour has lapsed due to condition of the previous owner. Lola is house trained and will go to the toilet outside.

Lola comes desexed and her vaccinations are up to date.

If you're in a position to want to meet and greet Lola, she's available now. E-mail enquiries are welcome from her foster carer details of which can be obtained below.

Lola was adopted on 06 June 2019 after 2 weeks in foster care



Beagle/Beaglier - male

Meet delightful Scooby; an 8 year old Beagle/Beaglier who is a ball of energy. With good looks and sweet gentle nature, the first suitable prospective owner will fall in love with him straight away.

Scooby previously was owned by a lovely lady who found herself having to care for her father and because she worked a full time job, had less time to give Scooby so unselfishly surrendered him into DCH care. He travelled for 2 hours to get to me and when I approached the car his tail was wagging..

Scooby is a delightful youthful boy weighing in at around 20 kilos. He has a beautiful coat and is used to spending his days outside. It is clear he just loves human company and gets along with 2 older dogs in his current foster home. He loves laying on the tiled floor to keep his tummy cool and also loves his tummy tickled and legs massaged.

On walks, Scooby walks well on the lead, does not pull excessively and approaches other dogs and says hi and also loves dog parks. There's not
a nasty bone in Scooby's body. Scooby is also vaccinated, microchipped, wormed and desexed, as part of the adoption fee.

Scooby met with a family on 30/03/19 who have decided to adopt him after his recovery.
UPDATE ON SCOOBY: The day after Scooby was delivered the carer noticed he was not walking properly on his hind left leg. The vet has determined it is a torn Anterior Cruciate Ligament injury which will require surgery scheduled for 3rd April. Considering this, if anyone can contribute to his Operation and associated costs, donations over $2 are tax deductable. Thank you in advance

Scooby was adopted on 30 May 2019 after 2 months in foster care



Dachshund x Beagle mix - male

Introducing Nacho. A short little fella with funny-looking feet, big bright eyes and a heart full of love!

Nacho is a 2 year old Dachshund cross Beagle Bitsa....Bits of this breed, and bits of that.

He is a lovely dog who has recently come into care as a skinny boy from a country pound after his previous owners weren't able to pick him up. It seems that Nacho was never taught what a ball was, or what a cat was, or how to socialise politely with other dogs.
He seems clever and is very responsive to training, and is rapidly acclimatizing to the cats at his foster home. Here is a video of him on day 4 of being introduced to the foster cats at home:

  • He walks really well on the lead, and thoroughly enjoys his daily walks with his foster carer. He seems to have decent recall, and is already starting to learn his name.
    At the dog park, Nacho sometimes gets excited and wants to join in on the fun with other dogs, but he hasn't been taught how to introduce himself to other dogs politely, and the best way to interact. So we are working on his socialisation skills.

    Adventures at dog park on day 4 of being in care - Part 1:

  • Day 4 - Part 2:

  • Nacho is very gentle when accepting treats from your hand, and absolutely LOVES couch snuggles. He will happily snooze by your feet on the bed overnight, however at his foster home we are teaching him to sleep on his dogbed on the floor. He has an easy-care coat, and an inquisitive and eager personality. He is also toilet-trained, and requires a home where he is allowed to be inside and part of the family.

    Since coming into care, Nacho has been vet checked, desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, de-flead and wormed. He's put on a healthy amount of weight since being with us, and is settling in well to home life, while he waits for his forever home.

    Currently located in Randwick, NSW

    Nacho was adopted on 26 April 2019 after 1 month in foster care



    kelpie cross - male

    Khan is a beautiful young man, who has recently been rescued from a regional pound. He is 10 months old, and is still growing into his big paws. He is such a people pleaser, and responds to everything his new carer asks of him. He gets along well with the 4 dogs he is living with, which is both dogs smaller and larger than he is.
    Khan will be vaccinated and desexed in the coming week, and then he will be ready for adoption. Please call Rod his carer to organise to meet him!

    Khan was adopted on 14 April 2019 after 1 month in foster care