Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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kelpie cross staffy - female

Izzy is a little busy girl very energetic and full of bounce.Izzy came into care with her little brother Cosmo they are both 6 months old Kelpie cross Staffy.Izzy and her brother are quite close so it would be beautiful if they were adopted together but they can be adopted separately and with lots love they should be able to adjust without each other. Izzy is extremely smart and learns really fast she is learning at the moment not to jump, walk on a lead she already knows how to sit, stay and come when called .Izzy is also house trained.At the moment Izzy is living in a house with many other dogs, cats and chickens and she is very accepting and friendly towards everyone.Izzy needs to go to a home who will give her lots of love,attention and plenty of exercise and someone who with patience can continue her training. Izzy will come desexed , mirochipped, vac, wormed, flead and heartwormed checked, now all she needs is a loving home.💗

Izzy was adopted on 18 August 2015 after 3 months in foster care



x breed - male

A lovely little cross breed of unknown background. He has been in care for more than 12 months now and would love to find his forever home.

Cody is NOT suitable for families with young children regardless of their experience in handling dogs as he will nip at your hands without warning. He doesn't break the skin but you can be happily patting him sudden he will nip at your hand in play which could scare a small child. Cody is also not suited to an environment where he would spend long hours in his own as he loves constant companionship either human or another dog or both. Currently Cody is an inside dog.

He is a very active and loyal dog who loves playing ball and sitting on your lap. He would also make a great guard dog as he is initially on alert with strangers. He never strays far from you and really just wants to be someone's companion.

He would be suitable for people who have previous dog experience whether they be an individual or family. Ideally his new owner(s) live a highly active lifestyle or have another active dog that needs a companion. Cody is a lovely dog who loves playing with other dogs and his toys. He is very energetic and would love to go to a family who live a very active lifestyle, lots of long walks and/or jogging. He is a very easy going dog but would benefit from having another dog as a playmate so that he doesn't get lonely and bored on his own. He is an indoor dog and is toilet trained.

Cody was rescued from a local pound and is an absolutely delightful dog with a very easy going temperament. He takes most things in his stride and gets on really well with other dogs. He is toilet trained, doesn't pull on the lead, is not afraid of vacuum cleaners, mowers or similar. Being a young dog he would benefit from training in basic obedience. Cody loves to snuggle up for a bit of cuddle time when he is not out for a walk or playing with one of the other dogs or his toys.

He is one very special boy!

Cody was adopted on 11 August 2015 after 1.7 years in foster care



Bullarab x - female

Lucy is a lovely, placid soul. Who looks like she's had a hard life up until her rescue from the pound. She appears to have had puppies in the past and came into care underweight and with poor skin. But this girl is such a big sook, she is good with other dogs and animals, she is gentle and good with kids.

A few weeks into care and her weight is good, her skin glowing and healthy and she is ready to find her forever family now.

She does jump up occasionally, but not in a hyper manner, just to let you know she wants a bit more attention, and she is quite strong on lead when she wants to be, so there is a bit of training still to do but she will otherwise make a great addition to any dog savy home.

Lucy was adopted on 02 August 2015 after 4 months in foster care



Staffy x - male

*Not available for interstate adoption*.

Diesel was abandoned at the pound. He is a fun loving, friendly, happy pup who is ready to go to new home now that his vet work has been completed.

Diesel is proving a very good learner and it's only taken a few days and he's been house trained. He's also learnt so far to sit, stay, stop, toilet, here, heal, no and his names. He understand these commands and will no doubt get better as his training continues.

Diesel is quite connected to the "pack leader" human and is much more interested in being your companion than escaping and being elsewhere. So a home that is after devoted family member will be ideal. He is very good with people he meets , he is in care with older dogs and they get along fine.

He will be larger than Staffy size when fully grown, as he is a x breed.

*He is not available for interstate adoption*.

Diesel was adopted on 28 July 2015 after 1 month in foster care



Shih Tzu - female

Meet Miss Fergie, a desexed, tri-coloured Shih Tzu, born 10/09/2005 was surrendered to DCH due to her previous owner being very ill and not able to look after her anymore. This sweet girl is initially quite timid when she first meets people but she would make a lovely companion dog as she was in her previous home. Fergie gets on well with other small dogs, loves being inside and close to her owner. She is toilet trained and enjoys a walk, especially on an extender lead. She has a sweet face which would melt any heart. She is a delight to foster and I know she will make a wonderful companion for someone. The outside will need good fencing as she would like to explore beyond her own yard if she can find a way out.

Fergie was adopted on 28 July 2015 after 3 weeks in foster care



Staffy x - female

Angelica was abandoned at the pound. She are fun loving, friendly, happy girl who is ready to go to her new home.

She is good with other dogs but a bit timid around new dogs, and in only a short time has shown how smart she is and has learnt to sit, stay, stop, toilet, come here, heal, no, respond to her name and is house trained. She will no doubt get even better with this commands as her training continues

Angelica loves people and her carer calls her "my little shadow". She always strives to do the right thing and dislikes being in trouble. She will make a great pet for a family after a devoted companion to share their lives.

Angelica will be larger than staffy size when fully grown, she may has some shepherd in her. Currently located in Sydney. She is not available for interstate adoption.

Angelica was adopted on 19 July 2015 after 1 month in foster care



Collie Rough - male

Gorgeous Collie Rough.

Hammish was adopted on 17 July 2015 after today in foster care



Fox Terrier - female

Hi my name is Dixie, I am a gentle princess awaiting her HAPPY ever AFTER.

Dixie was rescued from a local pound and is an absolutely delightful dog with a very easy going temperament.

Dixie has adapted extremely well to her new lifestyle in foster care. While still young, she is past the chewing stages so your shoes are safe !

Dixie loves getting pats and cuddles. Dixie is about 35cm tall when she stands up.Dixie also loves going for walks , she is learning how to walk on a lead and is proving a fast learner. It would be nice if someone in her new home will continue with these activities. Dixie loves her food and she sleeps on her carer's bed at night.

Dixie loves being bathed - what girl doesn't.
She is good and patient with kids.

She is an active and loyal girl. She would also make a great watch dog, she never strays far from you and really just wants to be someone's companion.

She would be suitable for people who have previous dog experience whether they be an individual or family.

She is an indoor dog currently and is toilet trained.

She has recently received flea treatment been desex , vacinated and

Dixie was adopted on 06 June 2015 after 3 weeks in foster care



Kelpie cross Staffy - male

Sooky Sooky La La that is the best way to desribe Cosmo. Black and White and beaming with life, male, and 6 months old Cosmo came into care with his little sister Izzy. Cosmo is the meeker one of the two and not as lively as his sister.Cosmo is learning many things at the moment and what a fast learner he is, Cosmo already knows how to sit, stay and come when called. Cosmo and his sister are quite close it would be lovely if they were both adopted together, but if this isn't possible then I am sure with lots of love.💗 and time they will manage to be separated. Cosmo is an extremely cuddley boy , he likes to cuddle you like a little black bear and can't get enough cuddles. So he will need someone who can give him plenty of cuddles, time and exercise.At the moment Cosmo is living with many other dogs, cats, horses and chickens and he is very accepting and friendly towards them all.After having Cosmo now for alittle while I can highly recommend Cosmo with little children he is so gentle with them it is just gorgeous .Cosmo will come desexed, mirochipped, vac, wormed, flead and heartwormed checked and ready to be loved in his new forever home.💙💙

Cosmo was adopted on 24 May 2015 after 2 weeks in foster care



Kelpie X - male

Ziggy is an extremely friendly and sensible puppy who loves being taken for a walk. He is very obedient when walking on a lead and is very quick to learn. He is very friendly with cats and other dogs and chooses to give them lots of kisses. Ziggy loves his dinner however will leave his food when asked. He is quite happy to live as an outside dog however he is house trained. He would make a great companion and is looking for his forever home. Ziggy is available for adoption after 20/05/15 however he would love to meet prospective families prior to this date

Ziggy was adopted on 20 May 2015 after 1 weeks in foster care