Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Maltese x Dachshund - male

Please meet the most delightful Dougal, a lovely little approximately 2 to 3 year old Dachshund cross Maltese. He is a very affectionate little dog and really enjoys getting and giving cuddles. His gorgeous face just melts your heart when he looks at you and he will give someone a lot of love and pleasure, he does like being with his owner and doesn’t like it when he is left behind. His foster carer has a small dog and Dougal likes puppy playing with him. Dougal does bark at cats when he is walking past them. He would make a great pet for a family with children (not too young). His hair does grow quite long so he will need some clipping in hot weather, the photos are before and after a clip. If you think Dougal could very well be part of your family then please contact us.

He is located at Shell Cove in the Wollongong area.

Dougal was adopted on 11 February 2015 after 4 weeks in foster care



Beagle - female

Marley is a lovely natured girl who is used to living with children and other dogs. She plays really well with other dogs and being young and active she does enjoy that playtime.

She is a good learner and has no anti-social behaviours. Marley has some issues with separation anxiety but she is getting better with ongoing training. Given her breed and this small issue, she would suit an experienced dog owner.

Marley was adopted on 07 February 2015 after 2 weeks in foster care



Cattle Dog x - female

This is Aysha who was found wandering the streets of Fairfield after Christmas and she is now safe in foster care. Aysha is a female Australian Cattle dog cross, her actual age is unknown but from professional advice her age is estimated to be in the range of 2-4 years. Her teeth are very good and are indicative of a young healthy dog.

Now that Aysha is in foster care she has blossomed into an attentive and affectionate dog who loves the company of people and dotes on her foster carer and will ultimately dote on her new owner. She makes friends quickly with people and other similarly playful dogs.

In her former life it is apparent that she was not on a controlled diet and was not exercised enough, consequently she is overweight and not very fit. Since being fostered she has shed one or two kilos but her diet will need to be watched. She is not an active dog and will suit a working family who can take her for short walks at least 3 or 4 times a week. She is certainly not a jumper and a fence of 1m+ will contain her easily.

In the short time of her foster care Aysha has learnt her new name and will obediently return when called and will sit when ordered to sit. Most of the time on the leash Aysha will trot along happily by your side but when tempted by a strange smell will suddenly pull off to the side, needing a strong tug to bring her back alongside.

She is happiest being with her “humans” and all she asks for is care and attention and a bit of exercise. In the car she is quiet and usually sleeps but occasionally she loves to stick her nose out the window.

Aysha has a sweet nature and gets on very well with other dogs and is becoming tolerant to cats. She rarely barks even when left alone in the house and yard for this reason she should suit a working family. In the company of her carer Aysha is placid and friendly with children.
Typical of her breed, Aysha is a very good watchdog and may behave protectively if the carer/owner is absent and a stranger attempts to enter the house or yard.

Aysha was adopted on 06 February 2015 after 2 weeks in foster care



Fox Terrier x Chihuahua - male

Hi, my name is 'CHACHI'. Chachi is a very energetic and friendly little fella. He gets on great with other dogs and is becoming very good with cats. Has not had much on-lead walking experience but is getting much better with every day that goes by. He is a very no fuss, friendly, cute little pleasure. He loves a cuddle and will quite happily sneak up on your bed in the middle of the night if he gets too cold. Will make somebody an amazing companion and will give you endless love and cuddles. He looks forward to finding his new forever home and making some lifetime memories.

CHACHI was adopted on 17 January 2015 after 1 month in foster care



Malamute x Staffy - female

Ramona was found wandering the streets and ended up in Hawkesbury Pound for 3 weeks until she was rescued by DCH.

She is only 11 months old but she is the most intelligent, eager to please, loving, energetic beautiful dog you would ever want to meet.

Ramona loves to play with other dogs, runs beside the bicycle for a jog & loves long walks especially when she meets people who always want to stop & tell her how beautiful she is.

She has found her forever home but there are more dogs just like her in pounds everywhere just waiting for their chance at a new life.

Ramona was adopted on 28 December 2014 after 1 day in foster care



cross breed - female

Twinkles is one of Gypsy's pups. Dad is unknown and Gypsy is medium size cross breed.

Twinkles looks like a little border collie. She is very active however she is extremely smart

Would be suited to a family that does a lot of exercise and is outdoors a lot. She would be good at Flyball or agility when she is older

She is eager to please and once she understands what you are asking of her she is extremely obedient

A great dog that will make a wonderful addition to one lucky family.

Twinkles was adopted on 16 December 2014 after 1 month in foster care



Rough Collie - male

Mason must be rehomed with his brother Logan who has Collie eye anomaly.
Mason is the full brother of Logan who came into my care together on April 20th. He is a gregarious guy, lots of fun always up for a game any time we go into the yard. He enjoys a tug of war with his brother, daily walks where he does tend to try to take charge. He is learning to follow my instructions in this regard and is responding nicely to training.
He does pester poor Logan sometimes. He wants to play and Logan can't see where he's run off to or maybe can't chase him as fast as he'd like, so I think Mason gets a bit frustrated sometimes that he can't "rough house" around as much as he'd like.
He loves everyone, the postman, the lady with a pram, the old man with his walking stick, the kids at the playground, he's a friend to one and all and has received lots the hugs and kisses from strangers to prove it. He is great in the car, just flops down quietly takes it in all in his stride.

He does tend to wonder why I'm training him and often thinks its OK to "see what I've got for him" before he'll "sit" for me. However he has come along in leaps and bounds, given he had absolutely no training prior to arrival and he does look up to me for direction. He will benefit from ongoing training.

He absolutely must be rehomed with Logan. In time to come Mason will play a vital role for Logan as he will become his eyes, his guide, and his security blanket in a dark world that most likely will eventually become Logan's life.

A yard inspection will be required prior to rehoming these 2 loving and gorgeous boys together.

Mason was adopted on 06 December 2014 after 7 months in foster care



Rough Collie - male

Logan must be rehomed with his brother Mason.
As surrenders, Logan came into care with his brother Mason having had no vet work done other than a microchip and we were told he was blind in his left eye. When the woman bought Mason as a 10 week old pup she was given Logan as a 'freebie' because h, seller said no-one would pay any money for him and she didn't want to get stuck with him.
Having never been to a vet and now 7 months at this point he was taken straight away to get all of his vet work done and while there investigations showed that not only was his left retina unresponsive to light, his right eye also had a 60-70% deficiency. This explains his need for contact with his brother as Mason is his eyes and why these boys must be rehomed together. It is possible Logan may totally lose his sight in the future or his sight may not deteriorate any further but there is no way of knowing what will happen but whichever way Logan has very limited vision even now and needs his brother beside him.

So this poor boy so deserves a very loving and caring home for the rest of his life, doesn't he!

He uses his fabulous hearing to great effect which together with his keen sense of smell allows him to pretty much know where his brother is at all times. If Mason wanders a bit too far I'll hear Logan use his voice (a bit like echo location) to find him again. On first entering my yard he was tentative about what things were, where my outdoor furniture was etc, but now he races around (like any normal puppy does) chasing his brother, playing tug of war with toys and generally having loads of fun.

He is very responsive to training, and loves his walks. He needs to trust you completely on lead as most objects seem to jump out of nowhere for him e.g. he doesn't see parked cars until we're a metre away from them.

He absolutely LOVES attention and happily sits for pats, hugs and cuddles.

Coming to me with no training meant he had to learn commands to my voice (as he can't see me well) and he has responded beautifully. Whereas he used to hear his brother eating and dive into the wrong bowl, he now waits for his command to eat and he knows I have a bowl just for him, fully loaded with his favorite food. He no longer rushes his meal down or tries to steal his brothers. I think previously he couldn't see how much Mason had left and thought he better hurry up.

He is a soft, caring, gentle soul and together with his brother will make an adorable addition to your family.

Both Logan and Mason travel really well in the car. They are both used to being around children, small and large. Neither bark at motors, whipper snipper or the lawnmower which is amazing and very much appreciated and neither are they bothered by the hose spray. Both are just very comfortable in family life.

We will require a yard inspection be completed prior to rehoming these two gorgeous boys.

Logan was adopted on 06 December 2014 after 7 months in foster care



cross breed - female

Penny is one of Gypsy's pups. Dad is unknown and Gypsy is a medium size cross breed.

This little darling can be a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she is your best friend

She loves to fetch and play with stuffed toys and she is good with cats. She's a good eater, loves her dinner and will make a lovely addition to any family.

Penny was adopted on 27 November 2014 after 3 weeks in foster care



Pug X - male

Vinny, was taken into rescue by DCH @ 6 weeks old,

He didnt have a good start to life as when he was born his mother chewed his leg and ear, He has had one ear cut off and his leg had broken bones where he had a few stitches to close the wounds in hope his leg would heal itself.... at 3 weeks Vinny started using his injured leg and now at 9 weeks he is using it very well.

He has a limp and runs a bit to the side i call it the crab run but it only makes him cuter.

Vinny is a sweet puppy , who lovesss affection, he loves to be carried around in your arms, he is very much like a baby. he is always happy and and good around everyone, especially kids.

He is extremely playful and loves our other foster pets such as the Kitten who is his best friend and our pet Rabbit.

He is a little rough with them as he is bigger and a lot more solid, But they get a long well, he loves them very much.

We have been toilet training him , and he is half way there.

He is a very smart little boy, listens when you call to him, he will follow you and sits when you ask him to.

Vinny has one ear but makes him extra special and unique.

He will definitely be a dog that would need that extra care and attention, his ears would be a matter of importance and would have to be an indoor pet.

His leg may bring some discomfort in the near future, would need to keep an eye out on his leg and make sure he has it checked out at his Vet check ups.

This boy is super special, sweet, and you cant deny he is just adorable to look . He is looking for a forever home.

Vinny was adopted on 17 November 2014 after 3 weeks in foster care