Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Kelpie x - male

Red is growing up very fast, he is now house trained and takes himself outside when he needs to go to the toilet. He's still being trained to walk on a lead, and can be a bit apprehensive when the lead is first put on him but excitement soon takes over and he forgets all about the lead.

Red is very playful and has loads of energy being a Kelpie x pup. He's starting to chew now so it's always best to leave him a bone and make sure he has plenty of chew toys when you go out.

He gets along really well with other dogs and sometimes needs to be put into his place as he can get a little too hyped up and doesn't know when to stop.

Training has started with basic commands such as sit, stay and down which sometime he's very good at and other times he's just too excited about the treat that he forgets everything that he has learned so far.

Red is a very gentle pup who just loves to play and thrives on attention.


Red was adopted on 20 July 2013 after 1 month in foster care



Staffordshire Terrier - male

We have had Kenny since he was a pup and he has been a great pet and friend.

Kenny has always been friendly and playful around people and in particular our daughter, however recently he growled at her over a bone. While this was the only time he has ever done anything like this, we do not want to have him in a situation where he could be tempted to react in an unfriendly way.

Kenny would make a great companion dog and would suit a home with adults and/or older children. He is an easy dog: doesn't need a lot of exercise, doesn't dig or chew and will only bark when there is an actual disturbance. He is used to being an only dog and living outside but we are sure he would love to move indoors !

We are looking for someone who will give Kenny loads of love and attention. In return Kenny will be a very loyal, protective and loving friend.


Kenny was adopted on 19 June 2013



Medium Cross Breed - male

Grumble came into the local pound at 6 weeks of age after being picked up as a stray. He has settled into foster care well and enjoys playing and being around the other dogs. I

think grumble would benifit from having another dog to play with in his new home.

Like all puppies he will need the right training to become a well behaved adult. If you can offer grumble a home please email us.


Grumble was adopted on 07 June 2013 after 3 weeks in foster care



Rough Collie - male

After some 18 months Kamm has finally found his new home on acreage with another ex DCH Collie Rough.

Kamm is a very kind hearted 6 year old (approx.) rough collie who's spent much of his first 5 years feeling lonely in a backyard, having limited access to affection, walks and social play. He came into care with DCH over a year ago suffering anxiety type issues. He had no idea how to ask for or receive pats and cuddles. He would run away barking totally unsure why he was inside a house or where he was. With caring hands he was given time to calm and settle into a routine with several other rough collies where he learnt to trust humans again. He is a totally lovely boy who gets a long fabulously with other dogs of all shapes and sizes, with cats or birds he isn't fazed by either.

Following this success his rehabilitation continued when he moved to a carer in the Hills District of Sydney where he currently lives with a family of 5 (3 children) another collie and 2 guinea pigs. When he first arrived (due to his isolation in his first years) he was highly tuned to cues we gave off when readying for leaving the house. He does not like spending excessive amounts of time in the yard, (understandably) and therefore when he heard the sounds of keys, cars or door latches he jumped up in anticipation of being put out. He would then find a spot in the house to hide from being asked to go into the yard. Over the months he's been with us he has learnt that we don't punish him with being sent out, we let him stay in or go out whenever he likes. He gets walked at least twice a day (which is LOVES). Most importantly he's come to trust us. We still insist on the normal boundaries, sit, wait, come, OK and he is happy to please. He's a smart boy who just requires some gentle handling, consistency, and love. He's very easy to travel in the car and jumps up with anticipation of going somewhere exciting etc.

We have a bustling household, lots of comings and goings, deliveries, cars etc and even now Kamm does tend to shy away at strangers, particularly men. With my kids friends he was the same on first meeting but after that he accepts them all when they come into the house. He likes to keep his distance from new people and providing they don't crowd him too soon he comes around. I doubt this will be a trait that will change now. He does bark when strangers come to the door but with guidance he stops. Barking itself is not a bad thing, especially if it warns you of intruders, but I don't allow it for everyday activities so he has learned to look to me for direction in this regard and you'd need to take that lead also. He is playful in short measures, happy in companionship rather than boisterous play with puppies.

Kamm needs someone who can spend lots of time with him during all hours of the day as he needs company. A family who are retired or work from home or have one parent not working etc will be considered. A doggie friend would be great as long as it's not a dominant relationship for him.

He is located at Glenhaven in Sydney and is not available for interstate adoption. A property inspection is required before the adoption process is completed

Kamm was adopted on 02 June 2013 after 2 months in foster care



Pemeranian - male

Sachi is a 9 year old desexed male Pomeranian. He is a very cute, sweet and affectionate little dog who really loves human company. He would really suit someone who is at home a lot, as he is an indoor dog, he would not suit a family with a very young child. Sachi walks well on the lead and gets on really well with other small dogs. This dear little boy would make a wonderful companion for the right person. He is a pleasure to foster and he has settled in to his temporary life quickly.

Sachi was adopted on 26 May 2013 after 2 months in foster care



Shih Tzu - female

Poor Penny suffered from bad dry eye in her right eye, it was also thought that she didn't have much vision in this eye either. This may well be how she's ended up injuring her eye while out on a bush walk. Unfortunately for Penny the injury was quite severe and vets were unable to save her eye. Good news is that she's absolutely fine otherwise and we don't expect having 1 eye will slow her down at all.

Thanks to Tiffani, Rhonda, Anne, Julie, Barbara, Deborah, Kipley, Sylviane, Alison, Nicole, Megan and Khushba for their generous donations towards Penny's vet care

Penny was adopted on 19 May 2013 after 1.3 years in foster care



Shitzu x - female

Penny is a lovely natured older girl. She is in pretty good health for her age except she has some hearing loss and has dry eye, so drops need to be given twice a day. Penny is great with other dogs, she tends to ignore them on first meeting but once she gets to know the other dogs in the household she plays with them and really enjoys their company. Penny is great with kids and loves people, a very social girl, she can easily be defined as a lap dog and she enjoys following her humans around and getting cuddles. Penny is fully housetrained and has a shih tzu coat that requires regular grooming. If you think you have a forever home for Penny to retire to then please contact us today.

Penny is in care at Kurrajong

Penny was adopted on 19 May 2013 after 1.3 years in foster care



Maltese x poodle - male

Zack is a 2 year old Maltese x poodle. He has come into foster care because his owners have moved house and aren't allowed dogs in their new rental. They were very upset to see him go, and it is clear that he has been a well looked after, and greatly loved family pet.

He is a quiet boy, but boy does he love his walks! For such a small fellow, he's got plenty of energy and so would suit an active couple or family. He grew up with kids, and so should be fine joining a family with little ones. When not out on his walks, he likes to play fetch

with the ball, or curl up on your lap for a snuggle.

When we meet other dogs on our walks, he generally just ignores them. If bigger dogs come over to say hi, he politely lets them sniff him and then goes on his way. He's more keen to say hi back to dogs that are his own size, but mostly he wants to keep on walking!

All in all, he's a little charmer! He's had a great start to life, and with a new, loving home he'll continue to be a happy little chap.

He has been clipped back so will needs a little jacket for the winter until his curly coat grows back.


Zak was adopted on 15 May 2013 after 1 weeks in foster care



Collie Rough - male

Coops is still very much a pup at heart who loves to play and he runs in circles if you stop while he thinks a game should still be in action.

He was so very thin (almost skeletal) when he came from the pound but has gained some 6 kilos! He still needs 2 meals a day to keep the weight on him as he runs like the wind and always has his nose stuck into everything that is going on. He needs to go to a home with another active dog otherwise he will become miserable and lonely very quickly.

Coops is super friendly, loves people (especially children) and is great with other dogs. Apparently he is no good with chickens which is why he was surrendered to the pound. I can believe that because he is always on the move and probably would chase them. He may not be good around cats for the same reason.

He is a nice natured playful little man who just loves hugs and a nice soft bed in your room where he feels safe and secure... he doesn't move all night. He is houstrained, walks well on a lead and is just a very happy boy who would love to be with a family with some active kids to play ball with him and take him on long walks.

Coops is not available for interstate adoption and a property inspection is required before the adoption process is completed.


Coops was adopted on 14 May 2013 after 4 weeks in foster care



Terrier Cross - male

Meet Boo who is just adorable. This little fella is around 9 months old, 4.6kgs and 22cm in height and very, very cute, a little anxious and nervous but once you win him over with some gentle caring persuasion you'll have a pal for life that won't want you out of his sight, literally.

Unfortunately Boo was abandoned by his owner, so naturally he will have some trust and separation issues. Not overly social with strangers, but seems fine with the other dogs.

He walks and eats well. Loves leash free runs and stays pretty close by, comes easily when called. Enjoys a play, soft toys and little cuddles, however spooks easily. Good little watchdog, does sometimes attention bark. Rides ok harnessed in the car but can be wilful, needs basic training, house/obedience, which we have started together and he is doing very well.

The more I get to know Boo, I can honestly say he is a very loving, sweet, loyal, cheeky, playful, funny pup, who needs a person/family who are prepared to put in the time it takes to create a great ever lasting frienDSHip to enable Boo to build up his confidence. He needs to feel loved, safe and secure so he can shine. Boo would be best suited to a family with older children (10 years up) or an individual who may work from home. Also Boo could easily be paired up with a submissive small female dog as he and my girl of 3 years get on like a house on fire. Boo deserves to be happy, just like we all do.


Boo was adopted on 14 May 2013 after 1 month in foster care