Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Bob Jane

Bob Jane

Domestic Short Hair - male

I’m an affectionate, tabby-rific, mega-cutie with a slightly embarrassing megacolon issue.

I do like to snuggle, especially when it’s cold, but it has to be on my terms. I’ll come to you when I’m ready. A cat’s got to maintain some independence, am i right?

I came into rescue as a very young kitty, having been abandoned by my mother. I was found in a tyre, that’s why I’m called Bob - as in Bob Jane.

My skills and interests: Purr machine. Lover of fine blankets. Accomplished pencil-attacker and plastic bottle top chaser.

My bucket list: To find that special someone who will accept me for who I am.

My ideal match: A patient and caring human(s) who realises that my special needs are minor but I will still provide a lifetime of love. I get along just fine in a busy household, I’m good with with other cats and kittens but I will boss them around for something to do. I like a good game of chase. I would love to have access to an Indoor/Outdoor cat run area where I can sun myself but still have access to the home to find you for companionship. My Bowel movements would be best completed outside in the cat run area as its a little embarrassing but I have a strong odour after going to the toilet.

Medical Notes
I have had issues with my bowels and bowel movements for my whole life.

I am currently located in the adoption enclosure at PETstock Macquarie Center North Ryde

Bob Jane was adopted on 01 December 2018 after 3.5 years in foster care



Schnoodle - male

Hi I'm Dexter and was surrendered to DCH by my owner.

I am a delightful happy-go-lucky almost 5 years old, house trained, pet and people friendly, don't bark, have a good persona, well kept and fed dog. I enjoy fruit and vegetables rice and chicken. I walk well on a lead, I ignore other dogs and birds. I have had no exposure to cats. I was previously housed on an apartment balcony and was walked twice daily for 1/2 hour.

I love chasing ball, sticks and retrieve both and love a game of tug-of-war I'm a typical puppy but not in a destructive manner. I am very people orientated and am happy to sit or lie quietly inside.

On the serious side, I have a skin condition and I am on medication for itch. A second vet suggested medicated shampoo bath twice a week at the moment. The rash has subsided quite significantly and is now the size of a 10 cent piece.

I must be adopted by someone responsible who is dedicated to keeping my skin condition under control. I need a home with a cool environment as summer really tests my allergy. I am okay in Winter. I need good quality food and snacks.

I'll make it worth your while if you'd like to come and meet me. Hope to see you soon! Love Dexter xx

Dexter was adopted on 30 November 2018 after 4 weeks in foster care



Kelpie - male

Bailey is in private rehoming. He is currently 2 years old and desexed. Bailey has been living in Sydney Suburbia and his current owners situation has changed, and she can no longer keep him due to health issues. He has not seen or worked stock so although breed for it he would be better suited as a mate than a worker. He has grown up with two other dogs so is dog friendly. Bailey goes for long runs on a daily basis, and then regains energy very quickly, so would be ideally going to a home with plenty of space for him to run around in between walks and being out with the family. If you think you could give Bailey a loving active home, please contact Gemma who will put you in touch with his current owner.



Domestic Short Hair - male

Yukio has recently come into the care of DCH, and is such a bundle of joy! He is a very active and playful kitten who loves all things playful, including his ropes, bells and plastic balls! He was shy for all of 5 minutes before being totally ready to explore the house and get to know everyone and everything! When he is done playing he loves to curl up with you, on his first night he fell asleep on my shoulder and then in my arms like a baby! Before coming into care, Yukio was housed with another cat and a dog, and got along with them both without any problems at all. He has amazing markings, and is striped all along his body with a white belly, and blue eyes. He is a very hungry little boy at the moment, so we can't wait to see how he grows!
Yukio is currently only 7 weeks, so must wait until he is 8 weeks old and weighs 900g before he can be adopted - but that is coming up so quick! By then he will have had his first vaccination and microchip, and will be very for his new forever home! Please contact Gemma on 0435939858 if you'd like to meet Yukio, and find your new forever friend!

Yukio was adopted on 29 November 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Labrador cross - male

Kyrie has recently been rescued from a country pound and is living with another dog and children. He gets along so well with a young girl at the carers house, and also with his cat and dog. He generally loves people and attention and is not over active. Kyrie has shown the ability to get out of the yard when left for longer periods, so would suit somewhere that has secure fencing.
Kyrie is getting desexed on Friday, and after this is available for adoption. He is located in Glenmore Park, please contact Gemma for more details on Kyrie and to organise a meeting.

Kyrie was adopted on 29 November 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Great Dane - female

Zeena has recently been rescued from a country pound and is in foster carer with 5 other dogs who she gets along with incredibly! She is a big girl but is very gentle with her carer and with the other dogs, and is also good on the lead.
Zeena is scared of thunderstorms, and can escape yards when she is left alone in a storm. As such, her new owners would have to make sure they prepare in the forecast of storms and make sure Zeena has somewhere safe to hide away for a little while.
She isn't yet desexed, but this will be happening in the next couple of weeks. Please call Rod if you would like to know a little more about Zeena, and say hello!

Zeena was adopted on 25 November 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Russian blue X DSH - male

Teddy recently came into foster care with his sister, Winnie. He is a very pretty and striking young boy, with a lovely little moustache! He is much bigger than his sister, and quite fluffy, but he is the quiet sibling. Teddy is still very timid in foster care, and only really allows cuddles when he is around his sister - but he is slowly becoming less jumpy. In saying that, he LOVES playing with his sister and with his foster friend, another kitten in care, and so would get along with other cats in the household. Teddy has had his first vaccination, microchip and worm and flea treatment, so is ready for adoption! If you would like to meet him, please contact Gemma.

Teddy was adopted on 24 November 2018 after 2 weeks in foster care



short haired domestic - female

Now just one year old, Mambo is a sweet, gentle and playful girl who likes to sleep on the bed with her carer at night and, waits for her to wake up before giving her a smooch in the morning. She’s nick-named Ice Cream due to the neopolitan colours in her coat combined with silky soft fur. She also has such a long tail that she allows the end of it to loop in a circle just like a leopard!

Born in care, Mambo has been very happy living with her feline foster friends as well as a greyhound cross dog. She is extremely tolerant and friendly with people, even allowing herself to be picked up and carried around despite, like most cats, not liking it.

As Mambo is no longer a young kitten, she would be well-suited to a family home with children, and cat-friendly pets. Equally, she’d no doubt fit into a single or couple’s home. She is an indoor cat, fully litter trained, easy going with what litter she uses and not fussy with her food.

The last of her litter to be looking for her furever home, Mambo is still living with her Mum, Giselle, who is equally beautiful and looking to be adopted. Maybe you’d like a pair!

In any event, if you are interested in becoming Mambo’s new family, please contact her carer, Karen, on 0416 094 697, to arrange to meet at her foster home in Macarthur

Mambo is microchipped, desexed, and her vaccinations are up to date.

Mambo was adopted on 24 November 2018 after 10 months in foster care



domestic medium haired - female

Giselle has blossomed into a beautiful, sweet-natured and affectionate girl since she arrived in foster care at the end of last year – a 3 year old and with 3 kittens. She then fostered and fed a further 3 orphan kittens, so is definitely keen to have a break from all that responsibility!

Giselle would now really like to have her own furever parents to spoil her in return for her unconditional love. Once she gets to know you, she’s yours for patting and stroking, and has even been known to give a gentle swipe if you stop too soon…. She also loves her beautiful fur to be brushed and groomed by her humans and any feline companions. One of her Giselle's kittens, Mambo, is also looking for a home, should you be interested in a mother and daughter combo.

Giselle is an indoor, no-fuss kind of kitty, very quiet, and gets along well with other cats. No longer a kitten, she loves to sleep, preferably on her carer’s bed, and is quite independent, so doesn’t need constant attention. Happy as long as she has her cat scratching post, food, and clean water and kitty litter, Giselle may well suit a single or couple who work, provided she gets plenty of love and pats when her people are home.
Giselle can be shy, and does take a while to come round to strangers, so if you are interested in becoming her new family, you may wish to allocate a good amount of time for your first meeting at her foster home in Macarthur. Please contact her carer, Karen, on 0416 094 697, to arrange to meet.
Giselle has been de-sexed, and her vet requirements are up to date.

Giselle was adopted on 24 November 2018 after 10 months in foster care



Russian blue X DSH - female

Winnie is in foster care with her brother, Teddy. She is the confident sibling, and LOVES cuddles from us - as soon as you start to stroke her she purrs and purrs, and can't get enough. She is very playful with her brother and other foster friend, but she is quite small so can get bowled over very quickly! Winnie is still a bit small, and so will need a bit more time in care to grow, but she has been microchipped, had her first vaccination, and worm and flea treated - so she is very close to very to go! Please call Gemma to organise a meeting with Winnie.

Winnie was adopted on 21 November 2018 after 2 weeks in foster care