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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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DSH - male

COUGAR was born in care to a mother with the most beautiful temperament, his temperament is proving simliarly loving and adorable. Cougar is the whole package, he loves to play with his brothers but enjoys a cuddle as well.

Cougar is coming up to his "teenage" months and he's proving to be a typical teenage boy - gangly, and a bit uncoordinated, shows no fear (will have wrestling matches with dogs 25 times his own size), loves his sport and his tv viewing and can often be found in front of the computer or with a magazine.

Cougar is very purry and affectionate. He is used to dogs and other cats and enjoys playing with them. He is great with kids and is a real lapcat. He will fit easily into a family home. He is currently indoor only and is ok with that, although he'd be best suited to a bigger home, rather than a small apartment.

Cougar is ready (desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea and worm treated) and waiting now for your call.

PS Cougar has a bad habit of blinking EVERY time we take a photo, please don't hold that against him!

Cougar was adopted on 02 July 2017 after 3 months in foster care



DSH - male

Foster Carer Required: Simba is currently living in a kennel situation outdoors which is not ideal on these cold winter nights. If you can offer him a warm foster or permanent home indoors please contact us as soon as possible.

Simba Was left at a vet surgery and from there he has come into foster care with DCH looking for his forever home.

Simba is a lovely friendly kitten who is looking for an indoor home. He loves nothing more than to
Have your attention and be patted and rub against you. He is a very cute kitten who is predominately white with some ginger spots and tail.

Simba is microchipped, and has had His 1st vaccination. He is also flea and worm treated. His desexing cost will be covered under his adoption cost of $200.

Simba is located in Glenmore Park. If you would like to meet This lovely kitten please contact his foster carer to arrange a meet and greet with him.

Simba was adopted on 02 July 2017 after 1 month in foster care



DSH - male

Sleek and shiny, pretty little boy,
Eager to give a family, lots of joy!
Soft black coat and a face that's cute,
Yes indeed, that's our boy; Flute!

Gee-whiz, it has been so hard taking nice photos of Flute! Not only does his rich, all-black coat make it tricky, but as soon as I'm near him he comes up to give my hand a little head-butt and get cuddles! He LOVVVVES attention! Loud purrs, wrapping in and around my legs and constantly climbing onto my lap for pats - a super lovely, friendly boy!

Flute is a charming young man who has spent too long in foster care, and would make a wonderful companion to a a wide variety of home environments.

He always uses his litter tray, accepts his nails being clipped, and is a complete fiend when a feather on a string comes out - he is obsessed and will ran, leap and pounce onto it until he's successfully caught it. For this reason, Flute needs to be an indoor only cat as he has amazing hunting and catching skills that would be no match for our native wildlife.
Flute is also a little fatso with food and will gobble up anything that's nearby (probably a trait left over from before he was in foster care when he had to fight for his food), so for this reason I separate him from his other foster brother and sisters at meal time so he doesn't steal all their food.

Flute has been a purely wonderful house-guest and I have been delighted to foster him. With a bit o'love and trust, he has flourished, and will continue to do so with his adoptive family.

Flute was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 5 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

*FOSTER CARER REQUIRED: Sienna is currently in kennels and is looking for a foster or permanent home asap. If you think you can help please contact us.

Sienna is a beautiful cat, who was rescued from a Sydney pound when she was heavily pregnant and in need of somewhere safe to have her kittens.

She is a very friendly girl who loves people, and communicates with plentiful purrs and head butts.

Sienna has now succesfully birthed and raised her kittens, so she is very keen to find her furever home with her own humans. As she is so people oriented, it's likely she'll fit happily into any size or shape of family.

If you think you would like to offer your home to share, please call to arrange to meet her.

The adoption fee for Sienna includes de-sexing, microchipping, and up to date vaccinations and worm treatments.

Sienna was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 8 months in foster care



Domestic Short Haired - female


URGENT!! Foster Carer Required by 30/6/17 or will have to kennelled. If you can offer a permanent or temp home for Radish please contact us asap

"What a cute little kitty!" and "ooo, she's very soft!" are just some of the things that have been said about our little, fluffy Radish, while she's been in her foster carer's home.

Having been born outside, without access to humans, shelter or food, this little girl has spent the last few weeks learning about all the wonderful things that come with a loving home...warm bed, fresh water, regular food and best of all - playing with other kittens and cats, and being doted on and snuggled by her foster carers.

While she's still a little shy and prefers to hide when there's loud noises or strangers approaching, Radish will happily snuggle in her foster carers' jacket as they're working away at the computer, and will come up to them when offered tasty treats.

She is fully litter-trained, uses her scratching post, gets along well with the other foster cats/kittens and is accustomed to wearing a harness and/collar.

Radish was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 3 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Milo is like a cat without a go slow button. He eventually decides it time to have a sleep at night, but probably just to recharge his batteries so he can enjoy his adventures the next day.

He is always up to something whether it is greeting the dogs, climbing on the roof, playing with other cats or just meowing to his humans wanting a reply back.

He is a very amusing cat as he is always doing something to make you laugh.

Milo gets along very well with our large dogs, and also gets along well with other cats and kittens although I'm sure they must get fed up with him constantly hassling them to play with him.

If you are after a cat that is always on the go and will keep you laughing with his antics then Milo might be the one for you.

Located in The Hills District in Sydney

Milo was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 1.7 years in foster care



DSH - male

Just look at my tail! Aren’t I the cutest yet???

My name is Munchkin and I am told I’m a sooky little man. I certainly have plenty of love and affection to share - perhaps with a family including children and other (kitty-friendly!) animals?

Before coming into foster care with my siblings I grew up in a house with other cats and dogs. When we had to move, it didn’t take me long at all to love my foster house and all the toys to play with.

Since I’m still a young boy, I absolutely love to play like crazy, either with my siblings, toys or foster mum. Then, when its time for a nap - and if my foster mum is around - I like to get cuddles from her until I fall asleep.

One admission. Although I’m very sweet, I do like to ask for your undivided attention during play and cuddles - no concentrating on your phone during My Time!!!!!

So, my foster mum says that I will pretty much fit right in with any family, big or small. I do hope that you will come to check me out at my Carringbah foster home. I’m looking forward to meeting you.

Munchkin is already microchipped and vaccinations and worm treatment are up to date. The adoption fee also includes de-sexing when he’s old enough.

Munchkin was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 4 months in foster care

Naughty Torti

Naughty Torti

DSH - female

Hi there, my name is Naughty Torti and I am a sweet little lady. I have purrs enough to share with a family, however big or small!

Before coming into foster care with my siblings I grew up in a house with other cats and dogs. As soon as I walked in to my foster mum's place, I was at home and ready to play and explore, so we think it’ll take no time for me to settle at my furever home.

I am a bit of a sook, and admit I love attention. I purr like crazy in the hope that will make me irresistible, and when I see anybody I just have to come over for some more love. Best of all is when my foster mum carries me around like a baby. It’s fortunate I’m such a cute little kitty….. I also adore belly rubs, and I do rather prefer to sleep on my family.

I also enjoy a good play between cuddles and naps – with toys, my siblings and people. My foster mum says I can be a bit cheeky because I nibbled on fingers when I arrived – but, now I know it hurts a bit, I’m doing my best to remember to lick and kiss instead. I’m a quick learner.

I am certain I will fit in as a member of any loving family. Because I’ve been around people and other cats and dogs, my foster mum says I will also be very comfortable in a family with animals as well as children.
Of course, if you were looking to adopt more than one kitty, I’m sure I could persuade one or more of my brothers to join us!
In any event, please come to visit me at my Carringbah foster home soon.

Naughty Torti is already microchipped and vaccinations and worm treatment are up to date. The adoption fee also includes de-sexing when she’s old enough.

Naughty Torti was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 4 months in foster care



DSH x Russian Blue - female

Bluebell loves playing with toys and chasing her sisters. She is sweet, cuddly, affectionate, friendly and playful! Bluebell is secretly her foster mum's favourite as she is the first one to run up to her and greet her in the mornings and she loves climbing her leg for attention. She is very bonded to her sisters and it would be great if she could go to her new home with one of them. If not possible then a home where she has other cat/s to keep her company and/or a family that has the time, commitment and love to spend with her as she is a very outgoing and social kitten that loves to be with people.

If you would like to meet this precious little girl please contact her foster carer. She is located in Glenmore Park, NSW and is looking for a safe, loving, indoor-only home. Bluebell will be ready for adoption once she reaches 1kg at around ten weeks old. Her adoption fee of $250 includes her 1st and 2nd vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. She is litter-trained, flea and worm treated.

Bluebelle was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 4 weeks in foster care



DSH x Russian Blue - female

Sweetpea is a gorgeous little kitten that is looking for a safe, loving, indoor-only home. She is playful, friendly, affectionate and loves snuggling up to her sisters in her cat igloo during the cold winter months. She has a great appetite and is a little purr machine when held. Sweetpea is very bonded to her sister Bluebell and it will be great if they could find a home together. She is a social kitten so she is looking for a home where there is another cat/s to keep her company and/or one where her new family have the time to spend with her.

Sweetpea's adoption fee of $250 includes her 1st and 2nd vaccinations, microchipping and desexing. She is litter-trained, flea and worm treated and will be ready for her new home once she reaches 1kg in July. If you would like more information on Sweetpea or to arrange to meet her please contact her foster carer. Located in Glenmore Park, NSW.

Sweetpea was adopted on 01 July 2017 after 4 weeks in foster care