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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Zyzz (private)

Zyzz (private)

Ragdoll - male

Zyzz is funny, cheeky and energetic when he is comfortable. He's loving but he is not a lapcat as he is independent and he likes to explorer. He loves toys and loves food.

He is a Purebred 2 year old Ragdoll who came from a Registered Breeder at 10 weeks of age.

He is litter Trained.
He is Ok around dogs but does not like other cats. He needs to be in a single cat home. He does seem to be ok with Kids but gets a little nervous around new people.

He has not had any past medical issues. He is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated and is due again for the next vaccination in November 2016.

Zyzz is looking for the right home where he will be the king cat of the home and will get lots of love but be able to be independent and do his own thing in the home. As he is a Ragdoll he needs daily grooming and requires on-going maintenance.

He is located in Prestons, NSW

Snowflake and Beau

Snowflake and Beau

Domestic Short Hair - male

Beau and Snowflake are brothers and a bonded pair and will be adopted out together. They were surrendered into DCH Foster care due to a change of circumstances and are now looking for a new home together.

They are very inquisitive, active and alert. The boys love each other’s company and sleep curled up together. Beau loves to play, especially fetch. Snowflake likes to play as well, but sometimes doesn't get a chance with Beau's enthusiasm. Beau would probably love a boy or girl to play with as he has as much energy as they do.

Snowflake is bigger with massive beautiful eyes and Beau is the lean athletic and sometimes cheeky one.

They don’t like to be picked up too much. However, Snowflake does like a cuddle and head butts especially while he helps you make the bed. Beau likes kisses on his head and will ask to be patted many times throughout the day. They both sing and dance when it is time for breakfast and dinner and will sit for treats.

As they are white in colour they are kept indoors only, but bird watching is a favourite pastime.

Beau and Snow were desexed in December 2015 and have received their vaccinations.

Snowflake and Beau was adopted on 24 September 2016 after 8 months in foster care

Lap Cat Larry

Lap Cat Larry

DMH - male

Larry is a sweet, affectionate little kitten who has just entered care from the local pound where he was found dumped, scared and alone. He is a snuggly little boy who would be a perfect companion for someone after a little lap cat as he loves to sit on laps and soak up all the love and pats while he purrs his little heart away. Larry is one chilled out kitten, and he has the softest fur you could stroke for hours. He is a gentle, friendly boy who is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated and ready to go to his new furever home now. He gets along great with other cats, has the cutest miaow, and loves his little belly rubs and chin scratches. Come and meet Larry and he will win your heart over💕

Lap Cat Larry was adopted on 19 September 2016 after 3 weeks in foster care

Mister Pickles

Mister Pickles

Staffy x Kelpie - male

Mister Pickles is a lovely little man. He is a great all rounder who loves his people, including children and is great with other dogs and cats. He loves the dog park and he's looking for a loving family home that can provide him with more companionship than he has now.

Mister Pickles ideally will go to a home with another dog or someone home much of the time as he does fret when left alone.

Mister Pickles is desexed, microchipped and vaccinated. Please call today and maybe he'll be the special, gentle, new dog you've been looking for.

Mister Pickles was adopted on 19 September 2016 after 3 months in foster care



DSH - female

Poor Suicre's owner died suddenly and she is now in foster care awaiting a new home

My name is Suicre (pronounced Sook-rah) and I am a very pretty tortoise shell with tabby patterns that makes me a tabby-tortie or torbie. I have lovely green eyes and a beautiful white chest which I love you to pat when I am in the mood. I will let you know cos I will simply come and lie in front of you!

I am an active and curious cat but not a very courageous one. I like my chin and cheeks stroked more than my head and I don't like being carried.

I have a good appetite but I prefer to eat in portions like before I go out and play and leave a snack to finish afterwards. On nice sunny days I spend most of my time outside and sleep inside. I am a fun little companion to have around.

In addition to Suicre, I also respond to 'Suki' and also 'Susu'. I have a sweet voice and can be talkative.

She is located about a 10 min drive from the Penrith area

Suicre was adopted on 18 September 2016 after 4.1 years in foster care

Red Panda

Red Panda

DSH - male

Red Panda is one very lovable kitten. He is playful, his fur is soft he loves a pat and is always up for a game. Red Panda loves to cuddle up and will fall asleep in your arms. He is litter trained, desexed, vaccinated, flea treated and microchipped.

Red Panda was adopted on 18 September 2016 after 8 months in foster care



Maltese x Shih Tzu - male

Cody was surrendered by their owner who was no longer able to take care of the dogs due to medical issues.Cody was previously adopted through us however has now been returned as is again looking for a forever home.

Cody is approx 8 years old. Cody is very affectionate and friendly. He will roll over for a tummy rub and enjoys a good pat.

He gets along well with people and has generates attention and pats from those who meet him.

Cody needs to be in a home that does not have cats or chickens or small animals to chase as he does get excited by them

Cody is currently training to sit with food rewards and walks well around the the neighbour hood but does pull on the lead.

Cody is a Brown with Black Shihtzu X Maltese.
Sex: Male
DOB 3/12/2008
He has had a vet checkup 27/5 and again on 25/8
Weight: 8kg
He has been treated for fleas and worming 27/5.
His vaccinations are up to date.

Update 31/8. Cody has been to the groomer today and has been given a full clip. His profile picture shows his new look.

Located in Quakers Hill NSW

Cody was adopted on 14 September 2016 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Name: Lilly
Age: 3 Years Old
Sex: Female
Microchip: Yes.
Desexed: Yes, Certificate will be provided
Vaccinated: Up to Date, Certificates will be provided
Colour: White with 2 blue eyes
Temperament: OK with Dog and Kids. She does Not get along with other cats.
Medical History: full medical file and all her medical certificates.
Previous Vet Clinic: Details Provided.
Food: She has one tin of canned food and one cup of biscuits per day
Living Arrangements: She is happy inside and outside.
Lilly's owner got her at the age of one from a lady that couldn't look after her any more due to health reasons.

She loves snuggling in bed. She gets put her in the bathroom to sleep at night. She is quite vocal when let her out. The reason she has been surrendered and is looking for a foster home is the previous owner's parents are shortly coming to live with them and one of them is very allergic to cats

Located in Lurnea NSW 2170

Lilly was adopted on 12 September 2016 after 3 months in foster care



Maltese x Shih Tzu - female

Molly was surrendered by their owner who was no longer able to take care of the dogs due to medical issues. Molly was previously adopted through us however has now been returned as is again looking for a forever home.

Molly is approx 2 years old.

Molly is a little timid and it takes here a little while longer to warm up to you but she is young and should adapt.

She is a very playful and happy dog and DCH has received her past medical history.

Molly is a white/tan Shihtzu X Maltese
Sex: Female
DOB: 31/3/2014
She has had a vet checkup 27/5 & 25/8
Weight: 5.5kg
She has been treated for fleas and worming 27/5.
Her vaccinations are up to date.

Both Molly and Cody are available together

Located in Quakers Hill NSW

Molly was adopted on 03 September 2016 after 1 weeks in foster care



DSH - female

Kenzi is a super friendly and playful kitten.
She is a real explorer with an abundance of energy, she loves chasing the shadows you cast with your hands, and playing with anything that moves.
Kenzi also loves a good cuddle, she loves climbing under the blankets and sleeping right next you, she has an adorably loud purr that lulls you to sleep.
She has a very healthy appetite, and i recommend not leaving your bacon and egg breakfast unattended as she has no issues with stealing it from you.
If you can offer Kenzi a forever home please call or email to arrange a meeting at Kingswood.

Kenzi was adopted on 24 August 2016 after 2 months in foster care