Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Domestic Short Hair - female

Maddie is a beautiful Black and white girl who is approx 12 months of age. She has given birth to a litter of 5 kittens, and is now looking for her forever home.
This loving young mum deserves to have a home and family to call her own where she can be spoiled and loved as she has done for her own kittens. At just on 12mths herself she is still as playful as her kittens, she loves nothing more than to race up to greet you and snuggle in your lap for cuddles and an ear scratch.
Maddie will be desexed and be available for adoption in February once her kittens are independent, but you are most welcome to come and meet her and see for yourself just how beautiful and lovely she is.

Maddie was adopted on 11 February 2015 after 2 months in foster care



Maltese x Dachshund - male

Please meet the most delightful Dougal, a lovely little approximately 2 to 3 year old Dachshund cross Maltese. He is a very affectionate little dog and really enjoys getting and giving cuddles. His gorgeous face just melts your heart when he looks at you and he will give someone a lot of love and pleasure, he does like being with his owner and doesn’t like it when he is left behind. His foster carer has a small dog and Dougal likes puppy playing with him. Dougal does bark at cats when he is walking past them. He would make a great pet for a family with children (not too young). His hair does grow quite long so he will need some clipping in hot weather, the photos are before and after a clip. If you think Dougal could very well be part of your family then please contact us.

He is located at Shell Cove in the Wollongong area.

Dougal was adopted on 11 February 2015 after 4 weeks in foster care



Domestic Shorthair - male

Hamish came into care from a local cat colony.

He has a gorgeous pale tabby coat and a dark tail and stripe down his back.
Hamish is very friendly and affectionate and loves the other kittens and older cats.

Hamish was adopted on 07 February 2015 after 1 weeks in foster care



Domestic Medium Longhair - male

Abandoned, this litter of 6 kittens was fostered by two seperate rescue groups and we have three brothers in care.

The biggest of the three, Shadow is a lovely playful and very affectionate little boy, always after cuddles and happy to purr loudly to indicate pleasure. When done playing, he climbs onto my lap for naps and is a very easy going, vocal kitten. He loves playing with his brothers and exploring the world with them.

He has been raised in a home with young kids and is not stressed about being handled by them at all. He will make a lovely addition to any family, and we will be sorry to see him go to join an amazing family that will give him the play, love and attention he needs and deserves.

He has been flea treated and wormed and will be vaccinated and microchipped prior to re homing in a couple of weeks. The cost of adoption will include desexing.

DCH Animal Adoptions relies solely on our adoption fees and the generous support of the community to continue our rescue work. Your support, however large or small, is greatly appreciated. If you would like to make a donation to support our rescue work, please go to our Donation page. All donations over $2 are tax deductible.

Shadow was adopted on 07 February 2015 after 3 weeks in foster care



Beagle - female

Marley is a lovely natured girl who is used to living with children and other dogs. She plays really well with other dogs and being young and active she does enjoy that playtime.

She is a good learner and has no anti-social behaviours. Marley has some issues with separation anxiety but she is getting better with ongoing training. Given her breed and this small issue, she would suit an experienced dog owner.

Marley was adopted on 07 February 2015 after 2 weeks in foster care



Cattle Dog x - female

This is Aysha who was found wandering the streets of Fairfield after Christmas and she is now safe in foster care. Aysha is a female Australian Cattle dog cross, her actual age is unknown but from professional advice her age is estimated to be in the range of 2-4 years. Her teeth are very good and are indicative of a young healthy dog.

Now that Aysha is in foster care she has blossomed into an attentive and affectionate dog who loves the company of people and dotes on her foster carer and will ultimately dote on her new owner. She makes friends quickly with people and other similarly playful dogs.

In her former life it is apparent that she was not on a controlled diet and was not exercised enough, consequently she is overweight and not very fit. Since being fostered she has shed one or two kilos but her diet will need to be watched. She is not an active dog and will suit a working family who can take her for short walks at least 3 or 4 times a week. She is certainly not a jumper and a fence of 1m+ will contain her easily.

In the short time of her foster care Aysha has learnt her new name and will obediently return when called and will sit when ordered to sit. Most of the time on the leash Aysha will trot along happily by your side but when tempted by a strange smell will suddenly pull off to the side, needing a strong tug to bring her back alongside.

She is happiest being with her “humans” and all she asks for is care and attention and a bit of exercise. In the car she is quiet and usually sleeps but occasionally she loves to stick her nose out the window.

Aysha has a sweet nature and gets on very well with other dogs and is becoming tolerant to cats. She rarely barks even when left alone in the house and yard for this reason she should suit a working family. In the company of her carer Aysha is placid and friendly with children.
Typical of her breed, Aysha is a very good watchdog and may behave protectively if the carer/owner is absent and a stranger attempts to enter the house or yard.

Aysha was adopted on 06 February 2015 after 2 weeks in foster care

K1 & K2

K1 & K2

DSH - female

Saved before being dumped at the pound these sisters are very friendly lovely little girls. Ideally they would go to a home together but that isn't essential.

If you'd like to meet these gorgeous girls, who will fit easily into most households, please contact us today and help us find them a home for Christmas.

K1 & K2 was adopted on 01 February 2015 after 2 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Ahhh the sweet Gwendoline. This little lady is sure to melt your heart with her stunning blue eyes and gentle nature.
Gwendoline loves to investigate her surroundings and is always on the look out for any action that may come her way.
Lady Gwendoline will be available for adoption late January.

Gwendoline was adopted on 01 February 2015 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Whyat...pronounced Why-at is one of 5 little kittens. His named Whyat due to the constant expressions on his face.... Why you at there...Why at you not here....Why at you going away....he is constantly wondering where all of his litter mates are, and travels around his play area looking for a fellow kitten to get in to mischief with.... maybe that should be his name.... Mr Whyat Mischief will be available for adoption approx. the end of January..

Whyatt was adopted on 01 February 2015 after 1 month in foster care



Thoroughbred - gelding

Rocky - Thoroughbred Gelding, 16.1hh, 19yrs

*Foster Carer Needed* - If you can offer Rocky a foster (or permanent) home we'd love to hear from you.

Rocky is a calm, kind horse. A real gentleman with good ground manners, he's good with other horses including Shetlands. Being a Thoroughbred, and older in years, he needs hard feeding and rugging. Rocky isn't rideable so is best suited to being a companion horse, or could give supervised lead rides to kids.This horse has a one in a million temperament and deserves a knowledgeable, kind home where he can have a happy retirement.

Rocky was adopted on 01 February 2015 after 7 months in foster care