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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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dsh - male

Emmet...the sweetest of the sweet.This little man is beyond adorable.

Emmet is super affectionate and loves a good rumble

His adoption fee will cover his desexing when old enough

Emmet was adopted on 11 April 2020 after 1 week in foster care



dsh - female

Crystal ...this little kitten is just divine loves to play and is very friendly .

Crystal has had her first vaccination and is flea and worm treated.

Her adoption fee will cover her de sexing when old enough

Crystal was adopted on 11 April 2020 after 1 weeks in foster care



dsh - female

Stormy ...possibly one of the most confident kittens i have ever had in care.

Super friendly and playful.

Stormy has been microchipped flea and worm treated and her $200 adoption fee covers her de sexing when old enough

Stormy was adopted on 11 April 2020 after 1 weeks in foster care



DMH - male

Five little kitties have just come into our care, having been nurtured by a Good Samaritan who found them with their stray mum. Their rescuer has done an excellent job of socialising them, and they are all healthy and happy.

Oreo is a curious little kitty, who loves to play and explore. He is not only very active, but a real sweety.

These kitties have had their flea and worming treatments, and will be vet checked, microchipped, vaccinated and desexed prior to adoption. Not yet 1kg, we estimate they will be available for adoption around Easter time. However, enquiries are welcome now. They are located in Milsons Point.
They are available to indoor only homes.

Oreo was adopted on 10 April 2020 after 3 weeks in foster care



DLH - female

"O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?" what Juliet is thinking as she wistfully gazes out the window of her foster carer's home.

Born on Valentine's Day, Juliet is a charming young lady, who is soon coming up to her 3rd birthday.

She is a super fluffy lady who adores attention from adults, regularly being brushed and regular neck scratches and pats.
While she has been in foster carer with several other cats and kittens, she periodically bats away any kitten who tries to entice her to play. She's a regal lady, this Juliet! For this reason, she would suit being the only cat in her new home, or sharing with an older cat who isn't interested in playing together.

She is confident, and knows what she wants... And that's regular love and affection from her humans, on her terms. She often flops down near you and rolls around exposing her fluffy tummy. She also loves sitting by (or on!) your feet, and would love to have the option of sleeping on your bed at night.

She isn't a fan of being picked up, or having her nails trimmed, but absolutely LOVES neck scratches and will regularly come up to you with a head butt.

Juliet has proven herself to be safe with dogs, as she confidently lies near them. Its almost as if she views canines as her royal subjects, and watches them to observe them.

While Juliet adored the children at her previous home before being surrended to DCH, we recommend no children under 5yrs old. She did use to follow the children around at her previous home, sleeping on their beds at night and sitting by them as they had their baths, but otherwise Juliet appreciates her space, and prefers to spend her days being adored and loved by adults.

Juliet doesn’t demand a lot of attention, and is used to keeping herself company throughout the day, so will suit full time workers who enjoy being around cats, without them being ‘in your face’.

If you would like to meet this pretty girl at her foster home in Lithgow, please contact her carer via email.

Juliet is microchipped, desexed and fully up to date with her vaccinations, flea and worming treatments. She is also lifetime registered with council (saving her new owners $53!).

Juliet was adopted on 10 April 2020 after 6 months in foster care



dsh - male

Julian the pretty boy .....what can i say he is a stunning looking little man.

Julian has a lovely nature he is friendly and playful and very cheeky. Julian was born at the local nursing home and was rescued by the residents who wanted to see Julian and his siblings have a better life.Well now he is ready to find the perfect family who will love and cherish this divine little guy.

Julian has been raised with 3 dogs and 3 adult cats ...he gets on well with them all. He loves a good rumble with his brother and 2 sisters.

Julian has had his first vaccination , is micro chipped and has been flea and worm treated.

Julian's adoption fee covers his de sexing when he is old enough at one of DCH's approved vets

Julian was adopted on 10 April 2020 after 2 weeks in foster care

Sunday and Olly

Sunday and Olly

DSH - male

Sunday and Olly were rescued as teeny tabby kitties, when their mum was found suckling them nearby. Initially, of course, they were left outside with their mum, who was kept fed and warm while she weaned them. Over time, they were socialised to their foster home and people, and have become very affectionate.

They are such exceptionally well natured little ones! They are now indoor/outdoor cats and should be kept inside at night. Now over a year old, they are not so dependent on each other, and are happy to give and take affection from their human family. So they can be adopted as a pair, or separately would suit as they need lots of love and attention.

Both Olly and Sunday are microchipped and desexed. I am asking only for the cost of their desexing operation as an adoption fee.

Please contact me if you would like to visit Sunday or Olly at their Hornsby home.



Domestic Short Hair - female

Marti was a super scared and fearful kitten when she came into foster care with her 7 other foster siblings, Shadi, Billi, Lotti, TinTin, Butters, Milli, and Tippi.

She has come a long way since those first few weeks, and while she is still wary of new people, she is super affectionate and funny little kitten once she gets to know you. Marti has come to know the enjoyment of chin rubs and belly scrubs.

Even at her most scared Marti is demanding at food time, and quite often climbs the back of her foster carers legs if she is too slow with the food (regular nail clipping is recommended).

While Marti has come along way since that original scared kitten, she is going to need a family that understands her need to take time to settle in to her new home, but the family that gives her the time will get a funny, chatty and sweet little cat in the end.

Marti is the old soul kitten of her group, and has unsual markings with a ginger nose and ear tips, while the rest of her body is a dark torti colouring.

Marti has been fostered alongside her 7 siblings, 2 dogs, and multiple adult cats and is more comfortable with them, and in fact adores doggy baths.

Marti is litter trained, has been microchipped and had both her kitten vaccinations, and will be up to date with her worm and flea treatments.

Marti is ready to meet her potential forever family; she is now located at PetStock @ Rouse Hill.

Marti was adopted on 08 April 2020 after 3 months in foster care



Domestic Medium Hair - female

When Lotti came into foster care at about 5 weeks old, she was very scared and timid but after a week in a safe home with her 7 other foster siblings, Shadi, Billi, Butters, TinTin, Marti, Milli, and Tippi she quickly opened up and has become a little snuggly bug.

Lotti is a beautify fluffy white and with black and tortie markings, with cool little markings on her face. If Lotti hears your voice she will come over to you for a little love and attention, and sleeps of a night on her foster mothers bed.

Lotti has been fostered alongside her siblings, 2 dogs, and multiple adult cats and is comfortable with them all and regularly has a nap alongside her doggy housemates.

Lotti is litter trained, has been microchipped, and desexed, and has had her second kitten vaccination; she will be up to date with her worm and flea treatments.

Lotti is ready to meet her potential forever family, and a visit can be arranged at PETstock @ Rouse Hill

Lotti was adopted on 07 April 2020 after 3 months in foster care

Gizmo (now Frankie)

Gizmo (now Frankie)

Domestic Short Hair - female

Gizmo is a beautiful black and white, 6 month old kitty, with a gorgeously sleek and shiny coat! This pretty girl gives a funny little meow when she gets a pat or is picked up, and she can be quite the “talker”.

Although very wary of other foster kittens initially, after only a week of socialising, she is now a lot more confident to be around them and is not aggressive at all. However Gizmo would definitely prefer to be an only cat as she adores people and demands all the attention.

Gizmo is an affectionate lap-cat in the making, once she knows and trusts you.

In her original foster home, Gizmo received lots of cuddles from a 5 year old, and was also used to being best friends with a toy poodle. Gizmo has now been introduced to our Golden Retrievers, and is fine with them.

UPDATE 5/4/20
Gizmo was surprisingly very shy on her first meet and greet, so I have to assume it will take her a week or so to get to know and trust her new owner and become as affectionate as she is with me, her foster Carer.

The $200 adoption fee includes microchipping, worming, first vaccination and desexing. Gizmo is also litter-trained.

Please contact me if you have any questions or if you would like to come and meet Gizmo. You and your family/friends are most welcome to organise a time to visit.

PLEASE NOTE: Social distancing protocols are currently in place and visits are restricted to only one person via appointment.

You must be over 18yrs old and an Australian citizen or Permanent Resident to adopt these kittens from DCH

Gizmo (now Frankie) was adopted on 05 April 2020 after 4 months in foster care