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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Cattle - female

Gentle, very shy and thankful Cleopatra arrived from a Country pound, starving for food and affection. You may have seen UTube posts of dogs looking lovingly into their new owners (or foster carer's) eyes after having been adopted. Well this was Cleopatra (Cleo). The name Cleopatra was chosen because she has what looks like black eye-liner extending outward from her eyes. Within hours and after a solid meal, Cleopatra found herself sleeping whilst sitting up with her paws on her carer's lap and head nestled on her paws. Cleo sits patiently by her carer's side whilst she is on her computer and gets on well with her carer's much older dogs. A true sweetheart, her personality will shine the more she gets used to a jacket, bed in a warm location and lots of love. Cleo is not used to walking on a lead and has only ventured outside the front gate twice, only walking slowly and warily around the block each time. Cleo has just come into season and will be desexed as soon as practicable as she is underweight and will be available for adoption about mid October 2019. 2 days into the foster I noticed Cleo wanted all the attention and got jealous and growled at my 13 year old toothless dog so it is thought she would best be suited to a single dog, mature household. Two weeks on, Cleo now walks a wide birth from the 13 year old male, and is still happy to sniff my 16 year old female. Cleo will need a family with patience as she learns to curb her very shy persona. In the last 2 days, she has actually made a happy whimper, now wags her tail, greets with excitement rather than crawling along the ground, and loves rolling on the grass in the sunshine. I will update this space as I get to know Cleopatra as she develops and blossoms. Thanks for your interest so far. For initial enquiries, please e-mail Cleo's carer.

Cleopatra was adopted on 06 October 2019 after 1 month in foster care



DMH - female

Juno and her two siblings, Jasper and Jaz were born in a street drain in Schofields, both their parents are street cats (mumcat is to be caught and desexed).

A lovely couple provided food and a warm bed outside for mumcat and kittens but could not catch the young family, so called DCH for assistance. Armed with torch and gloves, these kittens were a tricky threesome to catch, as they fought, scratched and bit.

However after 4 weeks in foster care, the change in these kittens is amazing and they will be looking for a Forever Home very soon, now they are tame enough to be microchipped and vaccinated.

Juno is very affectionate and will now meow to get your attention. She is also becoming a big fan of cuddles and being picked up, although she may still hiss if startled.

Juno is the more adventurous of the litter, and would probably adapt to most people and families, if introduced gradually so she felt safe. Juno’s new family will need to be patient and give her time to learn she can trust them but they will be rewarded with lots of love and purrs!

Juno will need regular (probably daily), brushing which she enjoys, and she should also be an Inside Only cat now, as she will roam/run if allowed out. So far, she is curious but not confident with dogs!

Please contact me if you would like to meet Juno.

Juno was adopted on 04 October 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Maltlier (Maltese x Cavalier) - male

UPDATE: Spotty is on trial in his new home

Hi, I'm Spot. Initially purchased for a 5 year old child who is now 13, I found myself the victim of a bitter marriage separation and they want me 'out as soon as possible' through no fault of my own. So I've been rescued by DCH and am now looking for a true furever home. I get along with my carers dog and we go for walks together. I like barking at visiting birds and dogs that bark at me first when I go for a walk. Whilst I am a really good house dog, I need some training in regards to walks I do pull on the lead and I like to bark at dogs when I am out.
I am good with kids. I sit still through grooming and enjoy my food. I don't know what to do with a hard biscuit though.
I am a happy-go-lucky affectionate boy who loves company. My previous household sent me to my carer with some Anxiety treats issued by the Vet but I hope I won't need to use them. I am looking for a home with another small dog so I have company at home and someone to play with and go on walks with and with a family who is familiar with my breed. I also like to be indoors next to my foster carer
And lay next to her as much as possible.
If you would like to meet me, please contact my carer, Jeanette by e-mail to schedule an introduction and find out If your home would be suitable for me.
Spot is desexed, chipped, vaccinated and wormed.

Spotty was adopted on 27 September 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care



Domestic Medium Haired - female

Pancake, Maple (Syrup) and Juice are fun breakfast names given to a trio of orphan kittens who came into care around the same time. While at home with their foster carer, they are called 'kitties!' and 'puss-puss-puss!' as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name.

Maple is just the sweetest, snuggliest, purry little thing. While she doesn't tend to meow, she always purrs when coming up to you. She adores cuddles and pats, and her favourite spot to snuggle on you is on your chest. She is a curious, young kitten and will investigate what you're up to, and follow you around the house. She is a gentle little girl who will likely grow into a fluffy, snuggly young lady.

She is available for adoption to a home that either has someone home for parts of the day, or with an existing cat/pet, as she is likely to be very lonely when taken away from her litter mates.

Available to meet at Randwick, NSW.

Maple uses the litter trays, and is used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). She has also been flea treated, wormed, and has been bathed a few times as well as having had her claws trimmed.

Maple was adopted on 22 September 2019 after 3 months in foster care



Domestic Medium Haired - male

Pancake, Maple (Syrup) and Juice are fun breakfast names given to this trio of delicious kittens! While at home with their foster carer, they are called 'kitties!' and 'puss-puss-puss!' as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name!

They have all grown up together after being found as strays, with no mum to care for them. All were bottlefed in care, and have grown up being exposed to different noises and smells, children and other cats.
They all use their litter trays, are used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). They also have been flea treated, wormed, and have been bathed a few times as well as have had their claws trimmed.

Juice is a fluffy little lad who enjoys snuggling on the couch with you. He is the most timid out of the trio, and sometimes rushes to hide if he gets startled.
He is a friendly fellow however, and is outgoing and playful.

Available for meet-and-greets at Randwick, NSW.

Juice was adopted on 22 September 2019 after 3 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Floki will be your best friend. Full of life and love he just wants to be cuddled and petted as often as possible.

He is however fine being by himself also and very well behaved.

He is a gorgeous black cat with a big personality.

Dislikes storms will hide under the bed but everything else he is fearless and his curious nature is strong! Beautiful boy who will be the happiest curled up in bed watching tv with you.

Floki will have up to date vaccinations and recent vet visit before being handed to new owner

No Medical History to Disclose

Behaviour notes:
Is very well behaved unless scared which we will try to scratch or bite to get away from the perceived threat

Is he Ok around Kids?
Hasn't really encountered them

Is he OK around other animals?
Other cats possibly. Dogs no

Litter Trained = yes

He was originally adopted through DCH in May 2017 but now needs to find a new home as the owner is moving to a place with someone with a cat allergy so unfortunately Floki needs a new home.



DSH - male

Hi. I am the beautiful pure black boy, Sooty! I was born, along with my brother Lashes at my foster mum’s home.

I live inside at night but roam the back garden during the day where I love to go on adventures. I am a great mouser and also find moths and lizards very interesting to play with, although I’m not sure they are so keen….
I particularly enjoy being with my foster mum’s grandchildren, who give me lots of pats, and I get on very well with my canine companion. Oh, and the other foster cats and kitties.
I can be a little shy when I meet new people, but I am a fun guy once you get to know me. I’m told I would fit in well with any family, and I’d love to return your care with lots of love.

Sooty is microchipped, de-sexed and vaccinations are up to date.

Located in Glenorie



British Bulldog Mix Dog - male

Griffin is a very sweet, friendly boy that has had a terrible life before coming to rescue. He had been very neglected, had a severe ear infection in both ears, untreated hematomas, no microchip and he wasnt desexed.

After weeks of care Griffin is almost ready to find his Forever Home. He is currently in foster care with other dogs of various sizes,he loves young children and is a generally well behaved boy.

He is looking for a loving retirement home where he can enjoy his final years in comfort with care and a family who genuinely want to spend time with and love him.

Medical Notes:

Due to his neglectful past Griffin will need an injection for his skin & ears which lasts anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. This is a must so if you are unable to provide this Griffin isnt the dog for you.

Located in Pitt Town, NSW

Griffin was adopted on 20 September 2019 after 6 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Karen is a beautiful and friendly cat who is looking for a new home.

She can be very talkative and likes attention.

She has come through the pound system and was adopted by someone and was unfortunately then surrendered to a vet clinic.
Karen is now back in foster care looking for a new indoor home.

Karen is looking for an indoor home.

She has received all 3 vaccinations and is desexed and is ready to find her permanent home.

Located at North Ryde

Karen was adopted on 10 September 2019 after 3 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

O.J found her self surrendered at a vet clinic with her kittens and no home.
She has been living at a clinic for a few months. Her kittens all found homes but O.J has been waiting patiently for the right home for her.

She Is a beautiful cat and loves company and attention.
She loves to play and is very smoochy once she knows you.
O.J would like a home where she can be an indoor cat and have lots of attention and love.

O.J enjoys playing with toys but does tend to damage them quickly.

O.J. is all up to date on her vaccinations, flea and worm treatment, she is microchipped and desexed .

OJ was adopted on 08 September 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care