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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Cocker Spaniel - female

Lady came into care with DCH after she and her friend Frankie had been totally neglected by their owners for over a year. Lady has had to have a full shave and will need an understanding family to take her own and make her apart of the family and teach her the things she needs to know.

Lady has been left outside her whole life, shes not experinced what its like to be an indoor and very loved dog. Please only enquire about lady if you think you can give her the home she deserves.

Lady will be ready for her Forever Home from the 15th of June.

Located in the Windsor area.

Lady was adopted on 14 June 2019 after 4 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Akari arrived into foster care with her 3 siblings. She has a gentle, sweet, friendly nature. Akari is looking for a loving family to adopt her and keep her safely indoors only. She would love to be adopted with her sister Nettie, but will be fine on her own as well.

Akari is desexed, litter-trained, vaccinated, microchipped, flead and wormed. Please call or text her foster carer if you are interested in meeting this adorable little girl as email enquires are not checked often. Akari is in foster care near Penrith, NSW. She is available to go to her new home now.

Akari was adopted on 13 June 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Nettie is a friendly, active, very confident girl that loves to play and wrestle with her 3 siblings. She is affectionate and likes to follow you around everywhere. Nettie is looking for an indoor-only home with responsible pet owners that will keep her safe and loved forever. She is available to go to her new home now.

Nettie is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith. Please call or text her foster carer if you would like to neet her. Nettie is microchipped, vaccinated, flead, wormed and litter-trained. Her adoption fee includes her desexing.

Nettie was adopted on 13 June 2019 after 1 month in foster care



British Bulldog - male

Bruno is getting ready for his new home and will be available in the coming few weeks. He is 4 years old and such a gorgeous friendly, happy little guy.

Bruno is good with children, cats and other dogs. He is a very sweet and easy dog to have around and its going to be a sad day when his foster carer has to say goodbye as hes been such a joy.

Bruno will require ongoing medication for the rest of his life and we are looking for a family who understand this and can manage his ongoing treatment.

If you are intetested in giving Bruno a home please contact his foster carer Jenny on

Please be aware we are volunteers and it can take a couple of days to get back to you. Bruno can only go to one home so please understand we will be taking our time and care to make sure its the right and suitable home for him

Located in Windsor NSW

Bruno was adopted on 12 June 2019 after 2 days in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Rusty, Peanut, Carrot have been surrendered into DCH foster care when they were about 3.5 - 4 weeks old. They have been bottle fed and have spent a lot of time around their foster carers. They are used to hugs and kisses and lots of attention.

These kittens have a lovely temperament and purr very quickly. They love company and enjoy a big long play. They have now reached the time for them to start their search for the new homes, They have been 1st vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, flea treated and desexed.

Please contact us if you would like any more information on these kittens.

Rusty and Peanut are currently located in the PETstock adoption enclosure at Marsden Park and Carrot will re-join them in a few days once her stitches from desexing have healed up.

Carrot was adopted on 10 June 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic - female

Sesame is a very active girl who enjoys playing with her siblings as well as cat toys.

She could spend half an hour on the teaser and chase after it till exhausted.

She also enjoys massage under the chin and around the neck. As she has very strong attachment with her siblings, it will be ideal if she could go to a forever loving home with one of her siblings.

Preferably to be an indoor cat.

Located in Hurstville

Adoption fee includes Microchipping, Vaccination, Worming and Desexing.

Sesame was adopted on 09 June 2019 after 2 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Arya was abandoned in a park with her sister, Sansa, when they were between 1 and 2 weeks old. These poor little sisters! With no human owners in sight, or their mum-cat, they both came into care and were bottlefed around the clock until they gained their strength and started putting on weight.
Now 7 weeks later, Arya is a strong, healthy and happy kitten who is ready to go to her forever home!

She is a snuggly and purry little lady, who loves playing with her foster brother, Rickon, sisters Sansa, and has been exposed to young children and older cats. She would suit a variety of homes!

Arya has learnt how to use the litter tray, groom herself, and use a scratching post. She hasn't learnt her name though, as at her foster home she gets called all sorts of sweet nothings, and 'puss-puss-puss!' so you will be able to choose a name that suits her once you get to know her personality.

She is currently being fostered in Randwick, NSW and would be delighted to meet you!

Please note: Arya is not desexed as yet, and will be adopted with a desexing contract which will ensure she is desexed at a DCH vet when she is old enough. Please contact her carer to discuss your options.

Arya was adopted on 08 June 2019 after 6 days in foster care



DMH - female

Luna has been in care since she was a few days old. She found herself(along with her mum and 5 siblings (Bear, Magic, Misty, Bobby and Violet) at the pound. She was placed into foster care immediately and has since been raised in a loving home environment. Luna is a confident, happy, affectionate girl that would like to be rehomed with one of her siblings. She is strictly an indoor-only cat but would like an outdoor enclosure so she can send some time basking in the sun.

Please ring Karen her foster carer at any time on 0435 085 615 if you would like more information to find out if you are suitable to adopt this beautiful girl. Luna is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW. She is microchipped, had her 1st vaccination and be desexed prior to rehoming. Shee is litter-trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

Luna was adopted on 07 June 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Spoodle - female

Meet delightful Lola, a friendly ball of energy and lots of fun. Lola was surrendered into DCH care on 19 May 2019, due to her owner having to move to a Nursing Home. Thankfully she is now in care and is looking for a furever home.

Lola is currently learning how to use a doggie door and looks to be afraid of stairs. On car rides, Lola cries in anticipation that she will probably be going to a doggie park or doggie beach. Lola is friendly toward other dogs, but tends to want to chase cars when crossing the road.

Lola was put on a special Veterinary Diet (Royal Canin) to prevent crystals forming in her urine. It was also thought that Lola had a heart condition, however a very recent MRI performed by the Specialist team at SASH has dismissed this line of thought. The report is available to any serious potential owner.

Lola would thrive in a household dedicated to giving her time and love. Once comfortable with you, she will lay quietly beside your feet. Background music or noises has helped calmed her anxiety. Lola is okay on her own and was tested for the first time in her current household as she was left alone for about 3 hours. She cried as the carer left and was at the door and greeted the owner when she came home.

Originally trained but behaviour has lapsed due to condition of the previous owner. Lola is house trained and will go to the toilet outside.

Lola comes desexed and her vaccinations are up to date.

If you're in a position to want to meet and greet Lola, she's available now. E-mail enquiries are welcome from her foster carer details of which can be obtained below.

Lola was adopted on 06 June 2019 after 2 weeks in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - male

Monkey is a friendly 8 month old, handsome young boy. He came into care as a gorgeous 7 week old with his litter-mates, and was adopted once he was old enough to be desexed. Unfortunately that home didn't work out, so he is now back in care and looking for his forever home. Will this be you?

Monkey is affectionate, playful, energetic and friendly. He is so keen to play with his current foster-mates, and would blend well with any existing cats in your home. He has been exposed to lots of different noises and smells, so will likely settle with any dogs in a family with the correct introductions.

As his name sake, Monkey is a clever, cheeky boy and has proven himself to be an escape artist! For this reason, we suggest that he remain an indoor only cat, as he is likely to get into mischief in the outside world and accidentally hurt himself, or native wildlife. He has lived his whole life in an apartment and knows how to use his litter tray and scratching posts.

He eagerly climbs onto your lap for a snuggle, and doesn't mind being picked up for short periods. He is an affectionate and friendly cat, however is quite confident and wanders around his home exploring and looking for things to chase.
He is very energetic, and as he is still a young kitten, will require a home that can provide stimulation and playtime! Whether that be with other cats (he loves wrestling and playing with cats!) or if he is a solo cat, with daily, dedicated playtime. We do recommend a home with no babies or young children, as Monkey thinks that they are all play-things and will enthusiastically initiate play with them.

To see more baby photos of Monkey, check out his previous profile here:

Currently being fostered in Randwick, NSW and would be delighted to meet you!

Monkey was adopted on 04 June 2019 after 1 day in foster care