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Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Charles II

Charles II

Domestic Short Hair - male

Charles is super friendly and playful. Really good with people and loves attention. He loves other cats and plays very well with all the other cats in the house. He has such a lovely nature.

Charles II was adopted on 20 March 2018 after 3 months in foster care



Dsh - male

Super Spiro is one of Cassandra's 6 kitties... found in roadside shrubbery, aged around 2 weeks, without their mumma cat. Packed them straight into a nearby box, punched some breathing holes in it, and hurried to Petbarn to ask for advice. A DCH foster carer quickly stepped in to feed them by hand until they grew capable and brave enough to satisfy their voracious appetites by themselves. All now play tag, chase and ambush together , and climb up any person’s legs, whenever they’re awake!

Spiro, previously known as Serena (as we thought she was a female with that gorgeous face!) is a well mannered kitten, sweet and cute, loves attention from humans and animals! White paws, light coloured and one of the two kittens that has a white strip on his face.

These kitties will become available when they have reached 2 months’ old, or 1kg – whichever is the later.

They will be vet-checked, vaccinated, and flea and worm treated, prior to adoption. De-sexing is included in the adoption price.

Do come and visit Spiro, or all of them, in their foster home in Mortdale.

Spiro was adopted on 17 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care



general domestic - male

Digga is the big boy of the family, he loves a good play especially with his other siblings, and is coming around to us for cuddles. However if we have some toys, he can’t get enough and just wants to play and play! He is a such a healthy young boy who is growing well, whilst keeping himself super fit by playing with anything he can get his paws on - from boxes to pen caps! He is very playful with the other cats, but at the same time is not over dominant with the smaller ones, which is lovely to see. He has just realised also that our hands are great scratches, and now is absolutely keen for a scratch, which is a really great improvement in his social skills. In saying that, his social skills really are improving and he has never shown any signs of aggression. Digga is litter trained, and hasn’t had any accidents since settling in with us. I can’t wait to see him go to a home where someone will continue to nurture his love for toys and scratches
He will need another one vaccination in the next 4 weeks.
Digga is approx 16 weeks old and de-sexed.
If you are interested in adopting Digga, please contact Gemma on 0435939858 or Wesly on 0435939858.
Located at Petstock Penrith

Digga was adopted on 16 March 2018 after 3 months in foster care



DSH - female

Smokey is a sweet little girl that loves to play with her toys. She was rescued with her sister off the streets as a very young kitten. Smokey has a beautiful, unique charcoal tabby coat with spots and stripes throughout. She is a happy, friendly girl who is ready to go to her new home now.

Smokey is litter-trained, microchipped, and up to date with flea and worm treatments. Her desexing and 1st vaccination is included in her adoption fee. Please contact her foster carer if you would like to meet Smokey. She is located 5 mins from Penrith, NSW.

Smokey was adopted on 11 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care



short haired domestic - male

Romeo was one of 4 orphans. He is the smallest of them and might remain so (time will tell). It was hit and miss for a while and he nearly didn't make it, two other of his siblings did not. He was a bottle fed baby who had a very rough start in life. He's only just growing his whiskers and filling out now. Romeo is named aptly. Because of all the human interaction, he has become a very smoochie kitten and is one of the first to greet me in the morning. He loves being cuddled/patted/played with and will make a very lovely pet.
He loves other kittens and cats and is fully litter trained. He eats a quality kitten kibble plus a little wet food in the evening once a day.
His foster mothers are myself and Giselle.
He is now an extremely affectionate boy who climbs up onto you to get a pat. He loves being talked to.

Romeo was adopted on 11 March 2018 after 2 months in foster care



kelpie X - female

A very gorgeous and pretty girl. Dash is a little shy to begin with and has been playing hide and seek with her carer. She shows signs of some past heavy handedness and is nervous meeting men for the first time. She seems far more comfortable when meeting women. Eventually coming around to show her very affectionate cuddly side to all, she just needs to take her time. Super switched on and a intelligent girl, picks up quickly if time is given to a little training. Dash shows no interest in the cats or the chickens which share her surroundings, however enjoys the company of the carers dog. She has bursts of playtime and likes her quiet times too. Not a needy dog, happy to have her own space.
Great with small children and walks really well on the lead. She is a gentle dog but can be a little skittish, she will need time to adjust but once she feels you can be trusted she opens up and is really adoring. Dash is a grazer with her food and toilet trained. She sleeps inside at night and likes to stay close by you, during the day she is an outdoor dog. Dash has had little past training and will need understanding owner/owners who are prepared to spend time teaching her simple commands such as recall and stay. Overall Dash is improving daily and trusting her carer and environment more and more. Clearly she has experienced unkindness from a human being before. We are looking to re home Dash to an active loving and very kind family or individual who will love and care for her as much as we do. Dash would also do well paired with another socialized friendly dog.

Dash was adopted on 11 March 2018 after 3 months in foster care

Little Miss Cheeky

Little Miss Cheeky

DSH - female

If you're looking for a kitten with a larger than life personality Little Miss Cheeky is the one for you! She is super playful, affectionate, confident and has the most cheekiest, sneakiest personality I've ever seen! She is such a happy girl that LOVES attention from humans. She purrs her heart away as soon as she sees you and cuddles right into you and gives you the cutest little nose kisses. After her energetic dose of play she happily turns into a lap cat and curls up in your lap for her sleep.

Little Miss Cheeky is litter-trained, microchipped and up to date with flea and worm treatments. She has received her 1st vaccination and her desexing fee is included in the adoption price. If you would like to meet Little Miss Cheeky please contact her foster carer. She is located 5 mins from Penrith, NSW, and will be rehomed to an indoor-only home with access to outdoors through a cat run/cat enclosure.

Little Miss Cheeky was adopted on 09 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Thoroughbred - female

Mia has a lovely temperament and is very friendly. Mia loves being with people and will follow you around the paddock.

Mia's studbook entry indicates that she was never raced. She was started under saddle but there has been no follow-up with this. She can be saddled and bridled but will need to be re-started in her new home. Mia is good to worm, trim and lead. She has recently had her teeth done

Mia will make a lovely ridden horse in an experienced home where she will be educated or sent to the trainers. Alternatively she would be a great companion horse, Mia is not dominant in a paddock or with other horses.

Poor Mia was neglected by her previous owners. She was extremely skinny and had a large flesh wound on a hind leg from going through a fence. The injury has healed completely but has left some surface scarring. According to the vet it will not cause soundness issues.

Mia is located in the Goulburn area.

If you're interested in giving Mia a good home where she can be assured of a secure & happy future, please email Kristy for more information.



Maltese Shiatsu x - female

Hello everyone, I’m Nala.

I’ve been in foster care for just a few days.

I was originally purchased from Gumtree to be a personal assistant and good company for Simba.

Whilst living with Simba, I had an incident where a 5 year old boy dropped me on the ground hence breaking my elbow. I have a plate inserted there now but it doesn’t stop me walking up stairs and running along.

When Simba went into foster care, I missed him terribly so much that my owner suggested that I be put into foster care with him. It was a very happy reunion and we love each others’ company.

The trip from my previous owner to my foster mum took about 1 ¼ hours. I was a good girl in the back seat and travelled well. I have a good appetite eating a mix of dry food and My Dog. I’ve tried raw meat and that’s tasty too. I like to try and catch the printed bone on the bottom of the water dish.

What you see is what you get. I’m cute and I like my belly rubs. I can use a doggy door, however on one occasion on the first afternoon in my foster home I did a wee on the tiles and was told ‘no’ so I just laid on my back and looked so cute I didn’t get into trouble.

I’m not walking on the lead at my foster home yet because I’ve just come into my first and only season. Once that’s over with, I will be desexed and ready to move to my furever home. Will it be yours? Nala xx
Nala is incare at Sutherland NSW. Please contact Fiona if you wish to meet her on 0403320606 or Geoff 0414498829

Nala was adopted on 08 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Molly was taken into care after finding herself abandoned with her brothers. She is a beautiful natured, affectionate kitten with gorgeous markings. Molly is playful and affectionate, she enjoys pats and being held. She is quite petite compared to her brothers and is such a little lady!

Molly gets on well with other cats and loves children of all ages.

She will come vet checked, microchipped, desexed and vaccinated (first f3)

Molly is available for adoption now and is keen to be part of loving family.

Molly was adopted on 06 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care