Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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I adopted Tilley a 6-9 month old cat who had a litter

She is beautiful, here is some pic


Oscar and Lexie

Oscar and Lexie

Hi Judie,

We adopted brother and sister Oscar and Lexie in 2005. They are both alive and well and still almost as energetic as they were back then, being cross Border Collie Labs, they've always enjoyed the outdoor activities.




Hi, I adopted Mocca (now Mocco) October 2007.

I just wanted to say, what a gorgeous dog he turned out to be. Has always been a bit if a handful, maybe the mix of his breed (Jack Russell x ridgeback). But we love him dearly & is an adored member of the family.

Well fine for doing such amazing work!!!

Pic: Mocco with his best friend Lucky (another rescue who was badly a used), see what a beautiful boy he turned out!!!




Dear Judy,

Bindi was adopted in Jan. 2004.

First photo taken with Austin and Bindi May, 2004; second - Oct. 2013 - the other two are Shelter photoshoots.


Orlando Leonardo

Orlando Leonardo

Hi Megan

We adopted Leo the Pomeranian (renamed Orlando Leonardo) in 2009! BTW, he's doing great.

We were told he was 1 hour away from being put down. Now he leads a pretty good life with us...

Here are two recent shots.....

Regards, Anne

Kinjiro and Sakura-Ko

Kinjiro and Sakura-Ko

Hi DCH Staff,

We adopted two kittens from you in December 2006 from Riverstone, and collected them in January 2007 as they were too young to be weaned the month before. This may be a bit out of your time frame, but I wondered if they might be okay for your calendar. Their cat foster mum, Martha, featured in last year's calendar. They are brother and sister and there is quite a story with the boy who disappeared at almost two years of age but, thank God, was found and returned to us 4 years and 4 months later! Photos attached.

Kind Regards,

Jason and Fabian

Jason and Fabian

Hi Judy

We adopted two of our boys in 2004, from what I believe is the "old" DCH.

Jason, our first adoptee, is sadly now fighting a valiant battle against liver cancer. We lost Fabian, our second adoptee, to an undiagnosed clot in 2009, after Fabian had heroically triumphed over viral meningitis in late 2004-early 2005.

Please find attached a photo of, from left to right, Jason, Fabian and Tristan (we found Tristan abandoned in a car park, losing him to a heart attack in 2012).

Kind regards

Little Bit

Little Bit

We did adopt a dog, I think it was in 2005. He was a black Lab/Kelpie with the great name of Little Bit.

Unfortunately he developed a spine tumour and we had to put him down last year. Attached are a couple of pictures of him, one at his best and one at his worst.

Hope this is of help.

Regards and keep up the good work.



Chiko the Chihuahua!

Well sort of. He's actually a pomchi but don't tell him that. Or is he a chiranian? Either way he's our little Prince!

We take him camping because he is lazy & likes to sit around and do nothing and he's our son's best buddy.

Thanks DCH.




Thumbelina is doing great she is an inside cat and spoilt.