Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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King Henry

King Henry

King Henry was adopted on 15/07/2010 after 2 weeks in foster care.



Hi Kris, Promise not to send daily updates...but thought you'd like to see Mitsy's first night at home. (Please see attached.) She was a very good little girl...ate some dinner, lapped up some water, used her kitty litter, played with her toys a bit and then came and joined me on the couch.

Thanks so much for taking such good care of her. Hope Corinne had a nice birthday and that your son (sorry dude, forgot your name!) isn't missing Mitsy too much. I'm sure she is missing his hugs, so I'll be sure to give her lots.

Thanks for making Mitsy's addoption so lovely!


Mitsy was adopted on 1/8/2010 after 2 weeks in foster care.



Hi Megan, I bought Yoda from you in October last year. I'm just writing to let you know that he is the absolute joy of my life! He is such a wonderful boy and I love him so much. I am so thankful that you saved his life and kept him for me to find! Thank you and take care

Warm regards


Yoda was adopted on 25/11/2009 after 11 months in foster care.



Hi Kelly

Yes picked up our new Kitty as planned he has a new name he is now Monty. He has settled in so well and is such a good boy I cant believe we have had him 2 weeks now and he is just beautiful. I have attached a picture I think you will agree he has settled in. Thanks again to you and your organisation.

Rennie and Monty x

Cyrus was adopted on 1/11/2009 after 2 weeks in foster care.



Hi Kristine, Hope alls well with you, the family and the fur kids.

Fizzy is doing well, much bigger now and almost ready to explore the great outdoors ( see photo), right now she is sitting next to me keeping warm on the modem :) She has settled easily into our routine and is the first one to bed at night, she has taken to Ryans bean bag and has recently set off the house alarm a few times by climbing up high on to cupboards ( normally she goes undetected)! Her other favourite place to hide is on top of the birdcage

doesnt seem to phase the budgie one bit so they seem to have become friends.

Hope to hear from you soon!



Fizzy was adopted on 07/06/10 after 1 month in foster care.



Hi Lesley, Just letting you know that Bindi ( KelpieXred cattle dog ) is doing very well. She is so playful and gives us much joy. Tonight Ross will take her to 'Puppy classes' and I will go on Sundays.

She has a beautiful coat and a lively nature. She is very possessive of her kennel and all her toys. She knows where her food is kept and I am training her not to go on the carpeted side of the house. We love her to bits. Thank you so much.



Harmony was adopted on 15/07/10 after 3 weeks in foster care.



Greetings All

We chose today as Maloo's birthday so it is a good day to finally check in and thank you all for the great job you do. Here is another happy ending with this great dog reaching his first b'day. We love him to bits and he has become a fine young fellow. Everyone comments on his wonderful personality at the dog parks and he often meets two other DCH dogs for a play. One lady had worked out the 3 of us had adopted around the same time

lovely outcome!?

Well done with a big hug for Cassandra!

Maloo and family

Jordie was adopted on 22/11/09 after 1 month in foster care.



Hi Megan

I'm fine and so is fluffy, he is so playful and just can't stop having fun, can't stop eating and growing, he is now toilet trained too literally, he sits on the same toilet humans do. Attached is a pic we took couple of days a go with him sitting in Jeff's boots, looking very serious.



Fluffy was adopted on 14/03/10 after 3 weeks in foster care.


Dear Megan, We adopted our dog from DCH 3 years ago and have never looked back. He is the most affectionate, intelligent, quirky and darn good looking dog I have ever had the pleasure to know and we will always be grateful to DCH for rescuing him from death row and looking after him until we could.

Thanks again.

Raewyn and Andrew

Diamond was adopted on 17/10/2007 after 2 weeks in foster care.



Hi, Just thought I would give you an update!

Billy is doing really well! He is having a great time with his new best mate Basil our other dog! They play all day long!

I took Billy for his second vaccination shot, he was so good! the vet was very impressed with him said he was very healthy and that I must feed him very well! ( Billy has got a good appetite)

The vet said we could take him for a walk around outside now as he needs to socialise. He loves a walk! I bought him a harness for walking as I find its nicer on their neck!

Billy is really becoming part of the family! he is so good at night he does his wee's on the paper and then I get up first thing to let him out! He likes exploring the backyard only if I'm out there with him. He also has a thing with my kids socks

ha ha!

Sean has built him a huge kennel outside right next to Basil!

Speak soon


Toby was adopted on 01/08/10 after 1 month in foster care.