Success Stories

Below are some stories from people who've adopted a rescue pet from DCH Animal Adoptions.

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Hi Danielle, Thanks for the email. Maximus has been doing very well since we first got him, he has settled really well into our home and has become quite mischievous, but that's the way cats are.

He appears to enjoy things we don't want him to do such as hiding in the garage, scratching the carpet and being very noisy at night, running up and down the corridors.

We have been letting him out into the garden under close supervision as when we first got him, he jumped over the fence and could not come back. Maximus appears to be enjoying life to its fullest and we're very grateful to have adopted him.

Attached are a few pictures we have taken.

Thanks, Jonathan

Maximus was

adopted on 08/02/2009 after 4 months in foster care.



just wanted to say that i think this service is great and u do a spectacular job. i have 5 cats and 4 1 week old kittens. i was reading your newsletter and saw your carer that u have in the profile. i was hoping u could pass on a message to her as i adopted my first cat from her about a year and a half ago. he is a cross russian blue and has turned into the most beautiful loving cat a person could ever want. i just wanted anne to know that one of her cats is in a great home and is doin very well. he sleeps next to me near on every night and wakes me each morning by standing on my head for breakfast. I hope that u can pass this message onto anne for me

yours sincerely


Blue was

adopted on 19/07/2008 after 1 month in foster care.



Hi Lauren, just a quick note to let you know Haydee is setteling in fine. We stopped in Bathurst on the way home and bought the biggest dog bed in stock! She happily slept in it in the boot the whole way home.

Once here she decided she liked the look of hopes bed better and even though she doesn't fit has claimed it as her own. You can see her big bed in the photo........hope loves it she stetches out to her full length and still doesn't touch the sides. So they are both happy with the arrangement.

She has one every ones heart and has fitted in so well. As for men, i agree it was a man that beat her. That said she looks constantly to my husband for praise, she follows him everywhere. If he tells her to sit, move, on her bed she does it!

Hope you and all your other charges are well


Haydee was

adopted on 04/09/2009 after 1 month in foster care.



Hi, My name is Brodie and was adopted from Lesley at Mascot, I was 10 Weeks old then but now I am 5 months old. This is my new Friend Sean he feeds me washes me and also takes me for walks.

I love my new home I also have another new friend his name is Tiger, he is 6 months old and he is a staffie x.

My new family love me very much and take me to dog training once a week where I have lots of fun with other dogs.

I can be a bit naughty sometimes especially when Tiger and I dug a big hole under the fence and escaped.. We were in so much trouble when mum and dad got home, I still had fun though.

Bye for now. ( thank you for my new family)

Brodie was

adopted on 30/06/2009 after 1 month in foster care.



Hi, Me and my partner adopted Dennis nearly a month ago now and I would just like to say a big thank you to everyone at DCH and especially Cathy his carer for making it possible for us to adopt him. He is the most amazing dog and he has brought so much happieness, fun and laughter into our lives! I have attached a photo of Dennis realising he doesn't like lemons and a photo of him being the little doofus that he is and trying to help me with the washing!

He has passed every test with flying colours, the funniest of which was seeing how he would go with little children; we took him to a football game and a little girl, who would have been maybe two or three, fell in love with him and was busily trying to pat his eyeballs while denny just sat there trying to kiss her hands!

Thank you so much again we couldn't be happier.

Yours in faith

Rebecca, Josh and Dennis

Dennis was

adopted on 8/08/2009 after 1 month in foster care.


Hi Amanda, Kaye here, just wanting to let you know about Sunny ( now Scruffy) and Pia ( now Chewy). Both settled really well and seem really happy. Discovered Scruffy has food issues but are easily dealt with. Chewy is always looking cute and gets lots of attention when we go out. Scruffy just wants to be loved. We are all so happy and I wonder what we did before we had them. Thank you all so much for the wonderful work that you do and we wish you all the best.

Kind reagards Kaye.

Sunny was

adopted on 21/8/2009 after 1 months in foster care.



Hi Megan

Got a call from Lucky's new 'dad'. They are up now in their home in Lake Cathie (by Port Macquarie). Lucky's new name is Mac and Luke said he was really great in the car travelling that distance.

He sent me a picture of Mac sleeping with his blanket wrapped.



Lucky was

adopted on 10/08/2009 after 2 months in foster care.



Hi David

Some Tammy photos attached.

Tammy is doing well. Making herself at home. No sign of aggression with Elly. No sign of wandering or separation anxiety. Appetite like a horse, but not gaining weight.She is enjoying her walks in the morning.



Tammy was adopted on 1/06/2009 after 2 months in foster care.

Mr Snuffy

Mr Snuffy

Some pics.....

By the way, I was totally going to name him Roger or Frank but Mr Snuffy is just perfect....I call him my Snuffle Duster cos you could put him on the end of a stick and dust with him!


Mr Snuffy was adopted on 4/12/2008 after 2 months in foster care.



my name is Eileen I thought I'd just send you this email to say thank you for letting me adopt such a beautiful cat called terra I just love and adore her I don't think I could have chosen a more sutiable and beautiful cat as she is,all cats are lovely but to me she is so special I spoil her to death

I love the funny little things she does she seems to send you as much love as you give her she is so happy her, just incase you don't remember which one I mean her id is date of birth 1/10/2006 shes a black and white two and a half years old very oriental looking shes my baby.



Terra was adopted on 12/7/09 after 9 months in foster care.