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DSH - female - 3 months and 1 weeks


Georgie was unwell and very tiny at 4 weeks, when she came into DCH care with her brother, Gage, but she is now very healthy (and wormed, vaccinated & desexed), and ready to find her Forever Family.

This little girl has loads of personality once she gets to know you but is still a bit shy when you first meet her. Georgie is a tiny little black beauty with intense, big golden eyes.

In just over a month, Georgie has changed into such an affectionate girl who enjoys being picked up for cuddles and seeks out my lap anytime I sit down. Georgie is also very playful and enjoys chasing the toy mouse and ambushing her brother Gage in the cat tunnel. She gets on well with other cats and foster kittens and happily curls up with them to sleep.

Georgie will be a lovely little companion and will only become more and more affectionate as she gets to know you.

Please drop in to the store or contact PETSTOCK PENRITH 02 4761 0536, if you would like to meet Georgie!

Georgie has been in foster care since 30 April 2019, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 3 weeks

Gregory is extremely soft and a medium floofy. He has very big eyes that like to stare at you all day and call at so you when your having a shower all just been in the room. He is talkative and likes to just hang around you and do what ever you doing. He His buddy is very attached to him so adopting them together would be awesome. Two is better than one, Gregory has a loud purr and he makes cute noises when playing with Timon.

Gregory has been in foster care since 14 June 2019, for 2 days



cat - male - 3 months

My name is Timon. I have very short fur that is soft, smooth and brown. I am a tabby cat with a very cute cheeky face with little cheek puffs where my whiskers are. I'm very fast and love to play with my best buddy Gregory. I love him so much that I cried all day when he went to the vet with out me. When I was younger I had a nasty cough and I got really sick. But my foster carers took really good care of me and now I am super fit and healthy with a barrel for a tummy. Will you be my new family? Can Gregory come with us?

Timon has been in foster care since 14 June 2019, for 2 days



cat - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

Daisy is the most gorgeous little girl I have ever fostered. She is so affectionate and loving. She came into care when she was 10 days old along with her brother Erik. She has a special sibling bond with him so it would be ideal to keep them together, 2 cats are always better than 1! Daisy will come up to great you when you enter the room and want to rub on you and will talk to you. She loves to snuggle up on you getting belly rubs with her brother. She will look up at you with gazing eyes full of love, slow blink and then fall asleep. Daisy has very cute and unique special features. She has a white mohawk down her back that continues into two racing stripes down her back to her little tail. Daisy and Erik would be the most beautiful addition to a loving family.

Daisy has been in foster care since 14 June 2019, for 2 days



domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 3 weeks

Erick is a very smoochy boy who loves to cuddle up on your lap and stretch out and have a nap. He likes to show off his belly and loves a gentle belly rub. Erik will come to you as soon as you open the door, unless he is sleeping. He has a very loud purr when he snuggles into your neck. He loves his little sister Daisy and hopefully will be adopted with her so they can stay together in their new home. It is such a pleasure to watch them play and love each other. Two cats are always better than one, they keep each other company and don't get lonely.

Erik has been in foster care since 13 June 2019, for 3 days



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 months and 3 weeks

Whoopie has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with her siblings Kingston, Smudge, Oreo, Monte and TicToc. Whoopie is the runt of the litter, but as they say, she is tiny but mighty.

Being the runt of the litter Whoopie has taken a little longer than her siblings to grow, but that hasn't stopped her making her presence know. Whoopie is happy to rampage with her siblings or the much larger foster cats in the home and is even happy to take on the resident dog when she is in the mood. Whoopie loves a cuddle, belly rub or chin scratch and sleeps on her foster mums pillow of a night – she is also a great little eater.

Whoopie is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside her 5 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Whoopie’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and her vaccinations while in care and she will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Whoopie is available for adoption and she is available to meet now at her foster home in Bligh Park.

Whoopie has been in foster care since 25 April 2019, for 1 month



DSH - male - 8 months

Heeeeey, hello? HELLOOO!

I'm Fergus! I am currently in care, looking for a home that will have me forever! I'm told I am a beautiful black kitty, although if you look closely, you'll see I have rather elegant stripes through my coat;my tail is also very special... I'd also like to point out that lus black cats are considered to be very lucky in many cultures.

I live happily with a German Shepherd doggie, other kitties, and a rabbit
.. and our human carers, of course. What more can you want in a multicultural pet!

I'm an inquisitive cat, I love to play and explore. I like dogs especially, I live with a GSD as well as a Frenchie and we sleep, play and snack together. I've learned to love snuggles and now I love being picked up and smooched! I purr pretty loudly for a little guy like me but my foster mum assures me that someone out there will adore it.

My vet work is up to date, I am desexed (WHAT THE HECK?!), I'm microchipped and have had my first vaccinations. They wormed me too and I've been flea treated, so I'm ready to come and live with you now!

Please contact my foster mum, Jasmin, for any questions and to arrange our meet and greet in her home in Ebenezer. Hopefully I'll meet you soon!

Fergus has been in foster care since 12 December 2018, for 6 months



Mastiff cross - female - 5 months and 3 weeks

Cena is a young Mastiff cross who is just full of life. She is a typical puppy, wanting to play with everyone who is available, including dogs! She has recently been rescued from a regional pound, and so is enjoying all the love she can get with her new carer and the 4 dogs she is surrounded by.
Whilst Cena is not yet vaccinated or desexed so can't be adopted, she is absolutely available to meet, so call her foster carer Rod to say hello!

Cena has been in foster care since 03 March 2019, for 3 months



Staffy X - female - 6 months

Pennywise loves everybody, loves to run, play fetch with a stick, cuddles.

Name - PennyWise
Staffy X
DOB 13/12/2018
Female, (Desexing Procedure to be completed)

Originally obtained from a "breeder" and around 8 weeks of age. Has been surrendered into DCH care 4/5 to be rehomed due to neighbourhood issues at home and unfortunately Pennywise needs a new home.

No health or Behaviour issues disclosed by the previous owner who describes her as okay with kids and other animals.

While Penny (for short) has been in foster care she has been living with four other dogs and gets on great with those dogs. She is super friendly with everyone she meets and with other dogs.

Although only 5 months old she is already a medium size dog and I expect she will be slightly bigger than a labrador when fully grown but only half the weight.

She is a quick learner and bonds very quickly with her human family. She comes when called and sits for her meals. Of course she is still a puppy so she has all the traits of a puppy and needs ongoing training.

She is a wonderfully dog, easy going and very loving and would make a great family pet or a companion for another dog. Because she is such a large puppy I would not recommend her for anyone with very young children.

Not available for rehoming until June but expressions of interest are welcome.

Pennywise has been in foster care since 04 May 2019, for 1 month

Audrey and Avery

Audrey and Avery

Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 months and 1 weeks

Audrey and Avery have been hand raised since being found by a lovely member of the public who took them home and fed and loved them before giving them over to DCH to care for.

They have had lots of handling and human interaction.
They have both grown to be lovely kittens. They are small in size for their age due to being hand raised but will catch up.

They love to play and explore and constantly play together.

The "AA" sisters were found at approx 1.5 weeks of age without a mother in a horse stable. One of their siblings was eaten by something and 2 other siblings were found dead so these 2 are the survivors from the litter. These two are to be rehomed together as a bonded pair as they deserve to stay together.

We are looking for a very special home for the "AA" sisters where they can live with their new family as indoors only cats. They would love a family who can play and interact with them and give them lots of attention.

Located in Acacia Gardens near the Parklea area.

Audrey and Avery has been in foster care since 13 April 2019, for 2 months