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DSH - male - 5 months and 1 week

Lovely little Tigger has the best markings, stripes all down his body and his little tummy actually has a mix of spots and stripes! He has grown into such a lovely and friendly young boy, who loves a play but especially loves a cuddle. He meows when he would like more attention! And he is just beyond handsome. He LOVED his sister Ruby, and they sleep together always. As a result, Tigger would be best suited to a home that has another cat, as he really loves that company. In saying that, it isn't a deal breaker and if you're home and willing to give him plenty of loving, he will learn that the love comes from people too! Ruby has since been adopted - happy for her but scary for Tigger! - but within a day he now dotes on us now, and loves to have a cuddle and a play even more than he did before!

Tigger is desexed, vaccinated, microchipped, flea-treated and wormed, so is ready for adoption! For the coolest little man, give Gemma a call to come and meet him on 0435 939858.

Tigger has been in foster care since 28 February 2019, for 3 months



DSH - female - 5 months

Ruby is the prettiest, smartest and most loving little girl. She can't get enough of being around us, and meows until she finds you, wherever that may be in the house! She curls up in the funniest of places just to be with you. She LOVES to play, and has now realised we are the best place to find the best play time! When she gets tired she starts to be around you even more, and comes right up around you legs and will chase your hands so you keep stroking her. She falls asleep on your lap and in your arms, most usually trying that route before resorting to the bed with her brother!

She gets along well with her foster brother, Tigger, but also isn't afraid to tell him if she wants her food all to herself, or if its her toy at that point! But she is very calm and so I think would integrate well into a family that has other cats as she loves playing and sleeping with Tigger also. Ruby is now desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated - so she is totally ready to be all yours! If you'd like the cuddliest kitten out to be part of your family, please call Gemma on 0435 939858.

Ruby has been in foster care since 28 February 2019, for 3 months



American Staffordshire Terrier - female - 3 months and 3 weeks

Daenerys is a very sweet little girl who came into care after the most terrible start in life possible. We weren't always sure that she was going to make it but here she is fitting fit and almost ready for her Forever Home.

Daenery's has lived with her brother John Snow, another adult dog, children ( as young as 18 months ) and a rabbit. She is a very chill dog that would make a loyal and loving companion for the right family.

Daenery's will be ready for her home after the 18th of June.

Located near Windsor NSW

Daenerys has been in foster care since 10 June 2019, for 1 week

John Snow

John Snow

American Staffordshire Terrier - male - 3 months and 3 weeks


Well JS is your typical puppy, it’s eat, sleep and play! But he is also a love bug that loves attention and affection, and will happily Netflix and chill while snoozing in your lap. JS loves company of other dogs, and is learning to play nicely and not steal all of the toys and pinch others food. He knows how to sit nicely and is slowly learning to toilet outside, but will need to continue his training. He is also learning to walk on a lead and slowly learning it’s not a chew toy!

To enquire about JS please email Renee on

Located near Windsor NSW

John Snow has been in foster care since 10 June 2019, for 1 week



Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months

When Suri came Into care from the pound she was very afraid. She quickly settled very happily into her foster home in Glenmore Park with lots of cuddles and TLC. She has proven an adaptable kitty, living with two children, as well as getting along well with 2 adult cats and a dog. She is now like part of the family.

She is a sweet little girl who follows her foster mum everywhere, and she loves to play. We named her Suri (meaning beautiful) because of her nature, as well as her looks which you can see in her photo. When she has finished playing she loves nothing more than to sleep on your lap and purr and meow whilst you pat her. She is very affectionate. Suri loves hanging out with the resident cats and would most likely love a House with another cat for company.

Suri is looking for an indoor-only home. Suri would be too timid to be out of her home where she has learnt to feel confident. With the same love and attention in her new home Suri should settle in and be happy and confident like she is in her foster home. She will need a home with someone who has the patience to spend lots of time with her as she will most likely take some time to adjust to Her new surroundings.

Suri is already microchipped, vaccinated and de-sexed. Her adoption fee is $200. She is ready to adopt now.

Suri is in foster care in Glenmore Park (near Penrith), NSW.
If you'd like to meet Suri, contact her foster carer on the details below.

Suri has been in foster care since 15 March 2019, for 3 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 months

Mittens is a very lucky girl as she was found wandering around on the road at only a mere 5 weeks old by a concerned motorist. She is super friendly and affectionate and is so full of energy. Mittens has a quirky personality, she is an absolute joy to have in foster care. She is very confident and gets along well with everyone, humans and animals alike.

Mittens is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW. Her adoption fee includes her desexing, microchipping and vaccination. Mittens is litter trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments. Please only text or call her foster mum if you would like to meet Mittens. She is to be rehomed to an indoor only home which is able to give her the love and attention she deserves. She will not suit a home where she will be on her own most of the week, unless there is another friendly feline to keep her company.

Mittens has been in foster care since 25 May 2019, for 3 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 4 weeks

Socksie has just arrived into foster care after finding himself handed into the pound as a stray. He's very friendly, affectionate and settling in well with his foster friend, Mittens.

Socksie is microchipped, vaccinated, litter-trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments. He will be desexed prior to rehoming. Please call or text his foster mum if you'd like to meet Socksie (e-mail enquiries are not regularly checked). He is on foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW.

Socksie has been in foster care since 25 May 2019, for 3 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - female - 10 months

This is Charlotte: she is a striking Tortoiseshell little girl who loves affection and is beautiful inside and out. Initially, shy with new people, she’ll come running over to be near her humans once she has warmed to them.

She has been living with a vet nurse as her foster carer, so is in tip top condition… and has happily been around children of 5 and 2 years old. Charlotte does enjoy playing with her toys with them all, which also has helped to gain her trust. Oh, and she loves her food.

Charlotte would fit very comfortably with a family with children who are not too boisterous, but equally could share her love with singles or couples since she is quite independent and can find things to keep her occupied (like the laundry basket in the photo!). Charlotte has been raised as an indoor only kitty, so her furever home needs to be indoor only too. She is untested with other animals as yet.

Charlotte is microchipped, de-sexed and up to date with her vaccinations. Please contact her carer, Heather, to arrange a meet and greet in her Castle Hill foster home.

Charlotte has been in foster care since 16 March 2019, for 3 months



Domestic Short hair - female - 2 years and 7 months

Beautiful Polly was found in the roof of a horse supply building together with her young kittens just before Christmas last year, and fortunately was surrendered to DCH to allow her to raise them in a safe environment.

Polly has proven to be a sweet and affectionate feline companion who loves spending time with her human family, and lives very happily alongside the resident dog .

Polly just demands you give her love and affection; she will great you at the door with plenty of rubs and purrs. She loves cuddles, and a good chat with her humans….. and, although now over two years old, she very proudly shows of her tricks!

After motherhood, she now wants to be spoilt and loved by her very own furever human family in return for her enduring love. She is an indoor/outdoor cat, but is always taken indoors at night so she can cuddle up.

Polly is microchipped, vaccinated and already de-sexed.

If you’d like to arrange to meet the lovely Polly at her foster home near Windsor, please contact her carer, Debbie.

Polly has been in foster care since 15 December 2018, for 6 months

Sunday and Holly

Sunday and Holly

DSH - female - 6 months and 4 weeks

Available separately or as a pair. These siblings have been around people since they were born but have mostly lived outside with their mother. I have been working really hard to socialise them and they are coming along really well, however may need some extra time to adjust to a house. They come in and stay the night and are very affectionate now.

They use a litter tray, and mostly pretty good with that.

I would love to see them go to a loving home! They are such lovely natured little ones!

Sunday and Holly each come vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.