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Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years

Fuss-free independent gal.

If Destiny’s Child was writing a song about a cat, Independent Woman would be Callie’s anthem - she likes things on her own terms. Happy lying around doing her own thing, Callie is a fuss-free cat looking for a peaceful home to keep her safe and warm.

With a shy personality, Callie has been overlooked for some time - it’s hard for her to make a first impression when she’s hide-and-seek champion of the house!

That said, Callie adores other cats and would love a home with feline company. She might not be the snuggliest when it comes to humans, but Callie loves to cuddle up to her kitty friends and purr the night away on the couch.

With the nature of an older soul, Callie could be a great companion for an older person who is looking for some company and not necessarily a needy lap cat. Preferring to lie about in a sunny spot watching the world go by, Callie is fuss-free and low maintenance.

Ready to move in ASAP, we’d love to hear from you if Callie could call your place home.

Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

Callie has been in foster care since 19 February 2016, for 2.8 years



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years

Izzie is a beautiful but independent cat. She is mostly white with beautiful brown and orange markings with a tint of black around one of her eyes which makes her look like she is wearing eyeliner.

Izzie loves a good scratch on the back and sides and is especially affectionate of a night time when your in bed. However she is mostly a solitary cat and spends most of the day asleep on her own. She does not like visitors or strange noises and will run and hide. She is in foster care with kids however she would prefer a home without kids or another animals. She typically comes out into the living rooms and interacts more once the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. She is generally a quite cat who sleeps a lot but she loves pats at night to help keep her warm.

She needs to be indoors only where she is the only cat and has an owner who can provide lots of love. She would take several weeks to adjust to a new home so she would need someone with patience and understanding.

Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

Izzie has been in foster care since 19 February 2016, for 2.8 years



Dmh - male - 4 months and 4 weeks

Archie is one of two kitties who were surrendered to DCH at 12 weeks by their owner, who had birthed and nurtured them, but wanted us to find them a furever home...
Both are well socialised within the family, including children, and will be happy to be adopted separately,

The more high energy of the pair of brothers, Archie is always plotting some kind of mischief. Permanently curious, he likes to watch tv with you, type with you, go through your drawers, climb on your closet and sleep on your personal pillow. One part baby to two parts rascal, he uses your house as an obstacle course but then always settles down for a snuggle. A total sook, he adores being carried around while you do your chores, and has the loudest purr of any kitten I've known.

Archie is a completely ridiculous fur-ball of a kitten. With slightly longer hair, his ginger and white coat looks super cute, and he can run around like a maniac for hours. Gregarious, loquacious, and certain to let you know if he likes something (more pats) or doesn't like something (balcony prohibition), he will instantly become one of the family.

He is especially enamoured with computer and tv screens, and will be fascinated by them for hours if you let him sit on your lap while you work at your computer.

Whilst a little rascal, he also loves cuddles, grooming your hair for you (his specialty), following you around like a baby duck, and sleeping with you.

Archie would make a delightful addition to any home, and children in particular would adore him. Given his high energy, Archie could adjust to being an outdoor cat during the day (in a safe environment), provided he can share family life each night.

Archie's current carer cannot keep him beyond end January, so we are hoping he can find his furever home before then.

Archie is already microchipped and has had his first and second vaccinations; his adoption fee includes de-sexing.

Archie is awaiting your visit at his foster home in Chippendale.

Archie has been in foster care since 05 December 2018, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 months

Flash was abandoned with her siblings, Darci and Darla, when she was only 1-2 days old. She has been bottle fed and hand raised, and has a white flash of lighting on her little face. Flash was the tiny girl of the litter, initially weighing in at only 87 grams!

This beautiful kitten is eating wet and dry food very well and loves lapping fresh water. She is also friends with 2 cats and doesn't mind our 2 big dogs, as long as they don't surprise her! Flash might have been the runt but she makes up for it now, in character!

UPDATE: Flash has become a very cuddly little girl with a soft, silky coat and should be an Indoor Only cat. She comes running at the click of my fingers and likes to snuggle in for a cuddle on the lounge. Flash is very affectionate and loves people!

If you would like to meet Flash, please get in touch...

Flash has been in foster care since 25 November 2018, for 1 month



Domestic Short Hair - male - 4 months

Darci was abandoned with his kitten sisters, Darla and Flash, when he was only 1-2 days old. He has been bottle fed and hand raised and is the biggest of the litter, with lovely black markings and purrfect eyebrows!

This lovable kitten is eating wet and dry food very well and loves lapping fresh water. He is also friends with 2 big dogs and 2 cats.

UPDATE: Darci has become a very curious boy, finding new places to explore for a kitten nap, when he isn't chasing his sisters! He absolutely loves getting a head scratch and enjoys having a cuddle while sitting on my shoulder.

If you would like to meet Darci, please get in touch...

Darci has been in foster care since 25 November 2018, for 1 month



Domestic ShortHair - female - 10 months and 2 weeks

Ella came to us from a Sydney pound as a scared girl. She is currently in foster care and gaining confidence. She loves a few pats in short bursts but she will swipe you away once she has had enough. She will need a little time and attention on your social behaviours but should make for a great companion.

She has been desexed, and received 2 vaccinations.
She is microchipped, wormed and flea treated,

Located at Acacia Gardens

Ella has been in foster care since 12 September 2018, for 4 months



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 4 weeks

Popeye is a little boy rescued from a gutter in Penrith with his brother, Ninja. He has really big lovely eyes, so hence his name!

He is living with both dogs and cats, and gets along with them all, you can see him in the background behind his playmate the wolfhound!

Popeye would love a meeting with his potential new family! Please call Rod, his foster carer, to organise a meeting.

Popeye has been in foster care since 30 November 2018, for 1 month



DSH - male - 4 months and 2 weeks

Pudding was named because of his cute little round food belly. He loves to eat, purr, play and sleep.

Pudding is very affectionate, confident, and loves his humans and siblings. He is looking for a safe, indoor-only home where he will have lots of love and attention and be allowed to sleep in his human’s bed. He would be best suited to a home with older children, if any.

Pudding is microchipped, desexed, vaccinated, litter-trained and up to date with his flea and worm treatments.

He is in foster care near Penrith, NSW. Please call or text his foster carer if you would like more information, or to meet this adorable boy.

Pudding has been in foster care since 01 November 2018, for 2 months



Domestic Short Hair - female - 3 years

Rivers was living in a factory environment in Riverstone being cared for by the workers. She has had a litter of kittens and has come into foster care to raise her kittens in the safety of a home environment. Rivers is now looking for a new home.

Ideally it would be really nice to see Rivers adopted with her Daughter Minnie as she is a minnime of Rivers and looks just like her.

Rivers is wanting to live in a lovely home environment enjoying the comforts of life.

If you would like to meet Rivers please contact us.

Located in Acacia Gardens close to Parklea Markets

Rivers has been in foster care since 19 October 2018, for 2 months



shd - female - 2 months and 2 weeks

Pebbles is a pretty silver tabby female that came into care with another 8 kittens but in fact lives with 11 in her extended family. She has silver and white stripes along with spots on her tummy that looks like pebbles...
She is a spirited, confident little girl who holds her tail so straight it lays over the top of her back...

Pebbles has been in foster care since 29 December 2018, for 3 weeks