Horses in our Care

Please see below horses available for adoption. These horses have been rescued by volunteer Foster Carers and are still in need of a permanent new home.

Please note that descriptions of breed, age and size are given in good faith and are based on assessment of the animals features. The age and breed of a horse may be determined by tracing its brands, however, this is beyond the scope of the organisation.

Horses are rescued from pounds, sales yards or knackeries in Sydney, Australia. Many are victims of the drought, neglect or simply no longer wanted by their owners.

Foster carers in the Sydney area are needed so that more horses can be rescued.

Foster Carers in Sydney Needed!

DCH Horses urgently needs foster carers located in Sydney.

Fostering involves taking the horse/s to your home and caring for it as if it was your own, until a permanent home can be found.

Basic must haves for carers:

  • experience with a variety of horses
  • own at least one other horse
  • time & finances to support an extra horse
  • have the space available for 6 months to over a year
  • not be moving properties in the near future

Please phone 1300-88-93-40 for full details. Alternatively use our contact form.

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Welsh Pony X - gelding - 23 years and 11 months

Welsh Pony X Gelding 12.3hh, 23yrs

Kirby is a predictable and even tempered, well mannered pony. He's good to groom, trim, lead & handle.

Kirby's background is largely unknown, however he's been a riding pony in the past and has had a basic to intermediate level of education. He lunges fine, he's a bit unsure but not silly in any way.

We have test ridden him several times and he is easy to saddle up, obedient at a walk and trot and good in new surroundings, however he's not being ridden regularly.
Under experienced supervision Kirby would suit being a lead rein pony for a young child, or an independent pleasure riding pony for an older child.

Kirby has been neglected before coming to us and has some white hair along his back that may be due to untreated rain scald, however he is also a Roan Bay, so this may have always been part of his colouring.

If you can give Kirby the great forever home that he deserves, please contact us for more information about him.

* First two photos taken in mid January 2016;
* Last photo taken in early April 2015.

Kirby has been in foster care since 17 June 2016, for 11 months



Arab - mare - 21 years and 11 months

Arab Mare 13.1hh, 21yrs

Clover is a sweet older girl who has served her past owners well and is in need of a good retirement home. She's quiet and is able to be brushed, have the farrier out, be lead and handled easily.

Not a lot is known about her past, however she's had a good education at some point as she lunges beautifully, and we've been told she was a clever all-rounder / western pony who excelled at sporting in her younger years.

She had been badly neglected before coming to us, so we have not test ridden her as we've been focusing on getting her back to good health and a better weight.

She's a smart horse, and combined with her sporting past, if you intended on riding her she's unlikely to suit a beginner or intermediate rider without an assessment and/or re-training by an experienced rider.
She could be suitable for lead rides for children under supervision by an experienced adult, or she would be happy as a companion horse.

If you're interested in giving Clover a good home where she can be assured of a secure & happy future, please contact us for more information about her.

* First two photos taken in mid January 2016;
* Last photo taken in mid September 2015.

Clover has been in foster care since 17 June 2016, for 11 months