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Jack Russel - male - 4 years

What a delightful lively bundle of joy this little fella is, (approx 60cm length, 25cm height) and in top condition. Super switched on and ready for anything. Love’s to play fetch however can be protective at times with his toys and food, so care must be taken around young children. Fully house trained, sleeps in at night and is walked daily. Henri loves his leash free runs in secure environments. He travels great in the car and gets on with most other dogs. Socialising Henri is an important part of him developing more confidence around bigger dogs. Henri is a dog that wants to be your best mate whether you fly solo or are in a family situation. Along with his big personality Henri is a ball of loving energetic fun. Easy to train and already has a few tricks up his sleeve. I can’t imagine anyone not loving this boy. Sadly his former family had to let him go due to personal circumstances. We have ensured the family that Henri’s new owners will give him all the love and care that is needed for him to have a great fun filled life. Henri does have a switch off button and relaxes nicely .
Henri is in care in Revesby NSW. Please contact Rod 0418239763. DCH Foster Carer.

Henri has been in foster care since 18 August 2017, for 4 days



DSH - male - 3 months and 2 weeks

STORM IS ON HOLD17/8/17: Poor adventurous little Storm ate some sewing thread and had to be rushed to the vet when it got caught in his intestines. He had emergency surgery which cost $700 but we are thankful he survived and will make a complete recovery

Hello, my name is Storm. I look a lot like a British Blue kitten but when you see me in the daylight I really have some stripes. However, I am told that I am still very beautiful with my dark grey coat and my brown eyes. When I first came to my foster home I was very scared. I didn’t want anyone to come near me or to touch me. If I was caught & picked up I went very still hoping that they would not hurt me. It took me about a week before someone picked up a brush and brushed me. It felt really nice and so I purred. Now I am happy to be picked up and I purr a lot. I am still very scared of strangers so I would like someone to take me home with them who would spend the time to get to know me until I feel safe with them too. I also get on well with all the other cats in the house.

Storm has been in foster care since 13 August 2017, for 1 weeks



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 7 months

Izzie is a beautiful but independent cat. She is mostly white with beautiful brown and orange markings with a tint of black around one of her eyes which makes her look like she is wearing eyeliner.

Izzie loves a good scratch on the back and sides and is especially affectionate of a night time when your in bed. However she is mostly a solitary cat and spends most of the day asleep on her own. She does not like visitors or strange noises and will run and hide. She is in foster care with kids however she would prefer a home without kids or another animals. She typically comes out into the living rooms and interacts more once the kids are in bed and the house is quiet. She is generally a quite cat who sleeps a lot but she loves pats at night to help keep her warm.

She needs to be an indoors only home where she is the only cat and has an owner who can provide lots of love. She would take several weeks to adjust to a new home and owner so she would need someone with patience and understanding.

Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

Izzie has been in foster care since 19 February 2016, for 1.5 years

Ochie and Luckie

Ochie and Luckie

JRT and Terrier x - male - 10 years

This lovely older couple have come into care after being surrendered to the pound when their elderly owner could no longer look after them. They must be rehomed together as Ochie particularly is very bonded and stressed without Luckie.

Ochie is 10.5 years and Luckie is 11 years old so we are seeking a loving retirement home for these two lovely dogs.

Both are used to indoor living, they love men, women and children. They show no signs of digging, jumping etc and are just very happy dogs with ever wagging tails. They have never lived with cats before so probably a cat free home is the best.

Both dogs come up to date with all vet work, including recent dental treatment.

Ochie and Luckie has been in foster care since 20 August 2017, for 2 days



Domestic Short Hair - female - 4 years and 9 months

UPDATED 14 July 2017:

Alina is a beautiful girl who was Rescued from Death Row with her 6 kittens. She came into care extremely underweight but has now gained back her condition and is looking great!

Alina needs a home with no dogs as she is scared of mine, she is a nice girl who would also like to have an indoor / outdoor home. She is available to go to her home now so if you think she would fit in with you please email us.

Located in Windsor NSW area.

Alina has been in foster care since 16 November 2013, for 3.8 years



DSH - female - 7 months and 2 weeks

Lucy came into care with her siblings Cody and Toby.

She is a sweetheart with a lot of love to give, she is confident, friendly, and playful with her both her siblings and humans.

Lucy is very inquisitive, she likes to follow us around the house and check everything out. She also has a sneaky side, as soon as you open a door she is quick to slide in, sometimes without you knowing, more than once I have closed a door behind me and 10 minutes later, i hear her having a ball with all the new things to play with.

She is full of character, likes getting into everything and mostly a great entertainer.

She is also very aware when she is doing something she isn’t supposed to do, as you will see in one of her photos. She could battle my teenage daughter in an eye rolling competition haha

Lucy is a big fan of toys on rope and things that roll or move, and absolutely loves the cat tower.

She would love to be in a home with other younger cats or kittens, but would be happy with a human family to play with too. She would really love a family that lets her snuggle up in bed, or on the lounge with you, she is a purr machine when she is sharing your warmth.

Lucy is litter trained and looking for an indoors home.

She has been treated for fleas/worms and is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated, she is located in Kingswood

Lucy is currently being treated for ringworm, she is still available for adoption if you are comfortable with continuing treatment.

Lucy has been in foster care since 08 May 2017, for 3 months



DSH - female - 3 years and 10 months

Gorgeous placid girl who is quite happy just being around people. She is very unassuming and would make a wonderful playmate for an existing pet. Extremely low maintenance and with such a beautiful face she will fit into any home.She has been raised with other cats and young children.

23/8/14: Unfortunately 2 weeks ago Olivia broke her hip. Thankfully the vets say she will make a full recovery after surgery, however she needs about 6 weeks for rehabilitation. So far Olivia's vet bills have come to $1,114. If you can help sponsor Olivia's additional expenses please contact us.

Oct 2015: Olivia is still looking for her forever family and remains in foster care. If you can help sponsor Olivia's additional expenses from her broken hip then please contact us.

Olivia has been in foster care since 19 December 2013, for 3.7 years



tabby - female - 3 years

Luscious and hugely affectionate, Raven has the temperament of Nivarna and the body of Monroe. Forget sleek and minimal, this lady is curvaceous and generous with all she has to offer. Raven moves gracefully and quietly around the house in a sort of peaceful limbo. Finds her way to your side then waits patiently for your touch and caress, she snuggles in, you’ll find it all too hard to resist her loving open nature....this cat is incredibly loving and relaxed.
Raven’s weakness is the gentle stroking of her nose tip up to her beautifully marked forehead and her belly rubs. Those eyes, have you ever seem such big yellow eyes, her gaze warm and meaningful, truly, words cannot describe how openly vulnerable and trusting this cats nature is.
At the moment she is being loved and cared for in a family situation where she has adapted extremely well to moderate background noise and movement. Raven can be startled by yelling and loud noises, this being an unfavourable environment for all animals. Raven lives indoors and loves gazing out of windows, just lazily watching life go by. Fully house trained and prefers the use of flushable paper litter for her deposits. We are looking to re home Raven to a very caring and loving family or persons. She is a cat that needs just that bit more love and attention than most as she has such a giving capacity of herself. I cannot imagine any person who is looking for the loving companionship of a feline species not to be in awe of this cat’s generosity to love and be loved.
Raven is being cared for in Silverwater NSW. Contact is Traudy 0415539984 DCH Foster Co Ordinatior.

Raven has been in foster care since 19 August 2017, for 3 days



Domestic Short Hair - female - 7 years

Thorne is a beautiful looking, super affectionate cat. She loves all types of people, especially children, the more the meerier! Thorne is definetly the boss of the cat crew here and likes to hang with people more than her cat buddies. She enjoys lazing around both inside and out and looks forward to her meals. I would have to say her most favourite thing above all is lots and lots of pats and cuddles.

Thorne has been in foster care since 18 August 2017, for 4 days



Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 years and 10 months

Billie has come into foster care after the people who were looking after her moved away. She was living in the street and being fed scraps by the neighbours before becoming pregnant. Billie delivered 5 kittens in care on the 5/10/16 and proving to be a loving and gentle mother. Her kittens has all found loving homes and now it's Billie's turn!

Billie is very friendly, she loves rubbing on your legs, being close to you and you can hear her purr from metres away!. She is used to being an outdoor cat, but enjoys hanging out with the family inside as well. Billie can be a little shy at first but once she gets to know you she will follow you around like a puppy. Her estimated age is 2 years.

Billie has been vet checked, had her vaccinations vaccinated and desexed. She is ready to find her perfect family to love and take care of her for the rest of her life.

Billie has been in foster care since 03 October 2016, for 10 months