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DSH - male - 4 months and 3 weeks

Ansett as a kittie, is like a single-person light aircraft... little runt out of the litter, but still has a loud purr (like the engine) when you get some cuddles.
Born in care (his brother is Qantas) to a lovely and friendly mother, Ansett always uses his litter tray, his scratching post and loves snuggling up with his foster brothers and sisters.

He is a petite little boy, and while he does enjoy playing with his toys and other kitties, Ansett is more of a quiet and introverted sweet little fella that will prefer to keep to his own and watch the action.

Ansett will suit a home either as a solo cat or one with other pet-friends... Preferably indoors as like his name-sake, he is a little flighty and will likely scare from the big wide world out there. He's managed to have baths at his foster carers home and have his nails clipped, and has lovely manners with his food.

He is a sweet little thing that will turn into a lovely lap cat and is waiting for a family to bring him home!

Ansett has been in foster care since 21 March 2017, for 2 months



DSH - female - 3 years and 1 month

Hi People! Let me introduce myself, my name is Karyna, I once had people who loved me because they put a beautiful pink collar on me to wear - but then they never came to save me when I ended up at the pound. I was just abandoned. So I’m rather sad at the moment.

Luckily, I have found myself a temporary home with a lovely DCH foster mum. I am about 3 years old and a lovely laid back lady who loves cuddles and pats and I have gorgeous semi long fur. My foster mum says she’ll take some more photos so that you can really appreciate my beauty, as the one I arrived with doesn’t really do me justice!

I get on well with non-aggressive cats, eat well and use the kitty litter, I am quite experienced with life’s sounds and goings on, so nothing phases me.

I am waiting patiently for someone to love me, and adopt me and give me a forever indoor home where I will always be safe. I will make it worth your while with lots of love in return.

If you think you would like to offer your home to share, please call my foster mum to meet me at my temporary home in Seven Hills.

The adoption fee for Karyna includes de-sexing, mircrochipping, and up to date vaccinations and worm treatments.

Karyna has been in foster care since 01 April 2017, for 1 month



DSH - male - 4 months and 2 weeks

Toby came into care with his siblings Cody and Lucy.

He is the peace keeper amongst his foster housemates, whenever there is a squabble over who gets what bed or toy, Toby is the one who walks right in between the bickering parties and gently turns it into play time and makes everyone friends again.

He has a gentle but playful soul, more than happy to lounge around or nap up high in the cat tower.
He loves playing hide n seek in the cat tunnel or chasing his own tail.

He really is such an easy going kitten, he would make a great friend for children or other cats.

He is also quite talkative, he has these little moments where he just chats away to himself, rambling on telling great stories to anyone who will listen.

Toby is an absolute pleasure to care for, he likes his cuddles and pats, but doesn’t need your constant attention to know he is loved.

He would be the perfect companion for those seeking a low maintenance forever friend.

Toby is looking for an indoors home and has been treated for fleas/worms and is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated, he is located in Kingswood (near Penrith)

Toby has been in foster care since 08 May 2017, for 2 weeks



DSH - female - 4 months and 2 weeks

Lucy came into care with her siblings Cody and Toby.
She is a sweetheart with a lot of love to give, she is confident, friendly, and playful with her both her siblings and humans.

Lucy is very inquisitive, she likes to follow us around the house and check everything out.
She also has a sneaky side, as soon as you open a door she is quick to slide in, sometimes without you knowing, more than once I have closed a door behind me and 10 minutes later, i hear her having a ball with all the new things to play with.

She is full of character, likes getting into everything and mostly a great entertainer.
She is also very aware when she is doing something she isn’t supposed to do, as you will see in one of her photos.
Sometimes her attitude seems very much like my teenage daughters haha.

Lucy is a big fan of toys on rope and things that roll or move, and absolutely loves the cat tower.
She would love to be in a home with other younger cats or kittens, but would be happy with a human family to play with too.

Lucy is looking for an indoors home and has been treated for fleas/worms and is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated, she is located in Kingswood (near Penrith)

Lucy has been in foster care since 08 May 2017, for 2 weeks



DSH - male - 4 months and 2 weeks

Cody came into care with his siblings Lucy and Toby.
He is a quiet, thoughtful boy, he likes napping and getting lost in thought while staring out the window.
Cody is looking for a caring and compassionate home that will help build his confidence and understand that he is a bit shy at first.

His fur is so soft and beautiful to touch.
He is very fond of food, after his bowl is empty he gives you a look that says where did it go, it was there a second ago.
He has even turned in a circle looking for it, such a character.
You might need to keep any tasty treats off bench tops, just in case an curious Cody decides to help himself.

Once he knows you, Cody can be very affectionate, he loves rubbing against your legs wrapping his tail around them while you do the dishes or cook.
he is especially helpful if you drop any food.
He enjoys keeping your lap warm while you watch a movie together.

Cody is looking for an indoors home.
He is happy to share his home with other pets and gentle children.

Cody has been treated for fleas/worms and is microchipped, desexed and vaccinated, he is located in Kingswood (near Penrith)

Cody has been in foster care since 08 May 2017, for 2 weeks



German Shepard cross Boxer - male - 2 years

Boof is a 2 yr old German Shepard cross boxer. He is up to date on all vaccinations, worming and flea treatments.

He is desexed and has no known health problems, he deserves a wonderful home.

He is very obedient and responds well with hand signals , clicks and words .

Although he is very well living with a house cat he will still chase neighborhood cats, if he is left for long periods of time he may dig.

He loves fetch and the water but hates showers, he is good on the lead and is very loyal, he has never had any aggression towards me or other people but it is advised to new people being introduced to be weary as he may bark and slow actions really help. Once you chuck a stick for him he will be friends with u for life, he has been protective in the past and becomes slightly agitated as his current owner saved him from abuse from a male handler from a previous owner.

**This is an assisted private rehoming. Boof is looking for an Urgent new home can can provide a loving home for him. Inquiries welcome through to Ben who will put you in touch with the current owner.**

**If anyone is willing to foster this dog, please also contact Ben**



DSH - male - 1 year and 3 months

Beautiful Bowie! A lovely young man, with a dappled dark coat, and beautiful golden eyes.

Only ever known an outside life, and that of an "unimportant cat", Bowie came into care frightened, angry and stressed.

Wandering alone, he was rescued from a bin as a kitten, and then as he was moved from home-to-home he survived by hiding away from the world, and keeping his head in the corner of his hidey-hole.

Ignoring the world, and wanting to melt away, Bowie is a definite introvert and prefers to move around when no one is watching him - feline or human variety!

Experiencing home-life is new and scary for Bowie, but the feeling of him relaxing in your lap as you give him a cuddle is very rewarding, and just the first step in this young chap's story!

Facts about Bowie:

  • Just over a year old - still young enough to learn how to "cat" properly
  • expert ninja skills and will slink away silently to hide if put out in the living room in a cat bed
  • completely ignores his foster brothers and sisters, but is suitable for a home with other cats
  • non-fussy eater and will eat anything - but only when no one is watching because he's still scared
  • desexed, vaccinated, vet-checked and a healthy boy
  • always uses his litter tray
  • makes a great lapwarmer or a study buddy if you pick him up and place him on your lap
  • As Bowie settles into his new foster carer's home, his true personality will come out more and more as he learns that house-hold noises are not really that scary, and he starts to copy what the other kitties are doing at home.
    If you are patient and willing to give a rescue cat a chance, then Bowie is the man for you, as once he has bonded with his family, he will likely imprint on you and reward you with all the loving purrs and headbutts that he can muster.

    Bowie has been in foster care since 31 March 2017, for 1 month



    domestic medium hair - female - 3 years and 6 months

    Update May 2017: Sox is still looking for her forever family. An intriguing mix between shy cat and lap cat, if you're after a cat with personality (and a keen interest in piano playing) then look no further! Sox prefers being allowed outside during the day where she doesn't go far from home and comes in dutifully each afternoon. She is a beautiful looking and natured girl ready for that special home to call her own.

    Sox and her brother Boots were rescued as only young kittens and raised in a home environment, but Sox has still had a rough life and has spent the several months at a time living it rough in the bush. She is now so relieved to be back in a home situation, she can't get enough pats and is becoming more and more affectionate as she settles back in.

    Sox came into care with a very damaged tail, most likely from a break while living it rough, and most of the tail had to be amputated. But she is recovering nicely and it certainly doesn't detract from her stunning good looks!!

    A medium hair cat, Sox is a very beautiful girl, but she will need a home who is willing to give her the time needed to settle in. After only 2 weeks in care she is already so hungry for pats and attention that I think given a few months to settle in to her new home you will find a loving lapcat!

    Sox is good with other cats and dogs and if you are willing to take a chance on Sox you should be rewarded with a grateful, super affectionate, feline friend for life.

    The adoption fee for Sox includes de-sexing, microchipping, and up to date vaccinations and worm treatments.

    Sox has been in foster care since 14 February 2014, for 3.3 years



    DSH - female - 2 months

    Nashira is a beautiful playful kitten who was dumped with her brother. She enjoys playing with her brother. Nashira is very affectionate and loves nothing more than sitting with you and having a nap and pats. She is a lap cat.

    Nashira is litter trained and is socialised with other kittens, the resident dog and children. She is a fantastic indoor kitten.

    The adoption fee of $200 covers desexing and 1st injections. All kittens in my care receive flea and worming treatment plus lots of cuddles.

    Nashira is great all round kitten who would suit most homes.

    Nashira has been in foster care since 30 April 2017, for 3 weeks



    DSH - female - 2 months

    Snowy was found all alone by a Good Samaritan and handed into the vets when she was five weeks old. She has been in foster care since and is a super-friendly, affectionate little girl with the sweetest purr. Snowy loves to snuggle up to you after an energetic playtime session. She would be great in a home with young children as she loves everyone. Snowy is looking for a strictly indoor-only home due to the risk of skin cancer because of her colour. She has two different coloured eyes, one blue and one green. She is litter-trained, flea and worm treated, and comes microchipped, vaccinated, and desexed. If you would like to meet Snowy please contact her foster carer for a meet and greet.

    Snowy has been in foster care since 03 May 2017, for 3 weeks