Rehomed and Stories

The dogs, cats and horses featured below were fostered through DCH Animal Adoptions and have now found permanent loving new homes.



Pomeranian x chihuahua - female

Roxy is a small 8 year old Chihuahua X Pomeranian
She is a happy and friendly dog and gets along with kids and has been with an 18 month old and a 7 year old and they all got along.

Roxy has been vaccinated 11/3/17 and has been given a vet checkup.

She likes walks and playing in the backyard.

She is not toilet trained and so she is currently an outside dog and will need training and time to help improve her toileting. She can be let in the house but when let outside to go to the toilet she will hold off until she gets back inside.

She makes a good watch dog. She will Bark if anyone is near the gate or will bark if someone knocks on door.

She is not fussy on food and will eat tinned, dry and fresh food.
She is looking for a new home after being surrendered by his owner.

Roxy was adopted on 26 March 2017 after 1 weeks in foster care



My furever owner tells me that he was very very lucky when he found me on the DCH website.
It took me about a month of hiding behind the water system in the pantry before i could ge the courage to come outside. Since then i have spent every possible minute i can close by my human. I sleep curled up next to his chest and neck to keep him warm every night and like to headbutt his nose to remind him i am there. For fun i like to dribble as soon as my purr kicks in just to see how much i can grosse him out.
I love my furry brothers and sisters but i am way to human like to be their real brother.
The first picture is the one that i found on DCH site and i instantly knew he was to be my cat.
He is my best friend and i was super lucky to get such an amazing little furbuddy. He is a very large cat (not fat he gets sensitive about that!) runs across the wooden floors like a herd of small elephants, isnt the most agile of cats tho he thinks he is and is the most caring pet i have ever had. I thank DCH every day for giving me my best friend and urge others to find a best friend here as well