Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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English Staffy - male

"My name is Jax, I'm a friendly, obedient, and VERY affectionate. My owner died and I miss him a lot.

I'm 11 years old, but not much slower than when I was young! I am bouncy and LOVE walks even with my touch of arthritis.
The humans here love me but I'd love a home with a human of my own. (No cats though, I just can't stand them.)

Would you like to share my enthusiastic cuddles, happy walks, slobbery kisses and devoted attention? Those are my best talents!"

We have had him for a month or so and Jax is great with my teenagers and dogs. I would not recommend him with younger kids because if startled or touched on a sensitive spot he can growl (he is starting to lose a bit of peripheral vision). He is relatively well trained, he knows Sit, Lay Down, Back, On your bed. We have taught him a new skill, lying down before eating, and not eating until the command "OK!".

We are home a lot which is good, he needs a fair bit of company. Best suited to a home with another dog/s, and/or someone around the house a lot. We did not know his previous owner so not sure what his life was like before. He is still suffering a little anxiety from all the upheaval in his life but he is SUCH a loving and sweet dog, just a darling to have around, he deserves lots of walks and a great loving home.

If you can offer Jax the retirement home he deserves please contact us.



kelpie X - female

A very gorgeous and pretty girl. Dash is a little shy to begin with and has been playing hide and seek with her carer. She shows signs of some past heavy handedness and is nervous meeting men for the first time. She seems far more comfortable when meeting women. Eventually coming around to show her very affectionate cuddly side to all, she just needs to take her time. Super switched on and a intelligent girl, picks up quickly if time is given to a little training. Dash shows no interest in the cats or the chickens which share her surroundings, however enjoys the company of the carers dog. She has bursts of playtime and likes her quiet times too. Not a needy dog, happy to have her own space.
Great with small children and walks really well on the lead. She is a gentle dog but can be a little skittish, she will need time to adjust but once she feels you can be trusted she opens up and is really adoring. Dash is a grazer with her food and toilet trained. She sleeps inside at night and likes to stay close by you, during the day she is an outdoor dog. Dash has had little past training and will need understanding owner/owners who are prepared to spend time teaching her simple commands such as recall and stay. Overall Dash is improving daily and trusting her carer and environment more and more. Clearly she has experienced unkindness from a human being before. We are looking to re home Dash to an active loving and very kind family or individual who will love and care for her as much as we do. Dash would also do well paired with another socialized friendly dog.

Dash was adopted on 11 March 2018 after 3 months in foster care



Maltese Shiatsu x - female

Hello everyone, I’m Nala.

I’ve been in foster care for just a few days.

I was originally purchased from Gumtree to be a personal assistant and good company for Simba.

Whilst living with Simba, I had an incident where a 5 year old boy dropped me on the ground hence breaking my elbow. I have a plate inserted there now but it doesn’t stop me walking up stairs and running along.

When Simba went into foster care, I missed him terribly so much that my owner suggested that I be put into foster care with him. It was a very happy reunion and we love each others’ company.

The trip from my previous owner to my foster mum took about 1 ¼ hours. I was a good girl in the back seat and travelled well. I have a good appetite eating a mix of dry food and My Dog. I’ve tried raw meat and that’s tasty too. I like to try and catch the printed bone on the bottom of the water dish.

What you see is what you get. I’m cute and I like my belly rubs. I can use a doggy door, however on one occasion on the first afternoon in my foster home I did a wee on the tiles and was told ‘no’ so I just laid on my back and looked so cute I didn’t get into trouble.

I’m not walking on the lead at my foster home yet because I’ve just come into my first and only season. Once that’s over with, I will be desexed and ready to move to my furever home. Will it be yours? Nala xx
Nala is incare at Sutherland NSW. Please contact Fiona if you wish to meet her on 0403320606 or Geoff 0414498829

Nala was adopted on 08 March 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Mastiff x - male

Taco was the result of an unwanted litter. Dumped at the pound but he's ready to settle into a forever home that will always look after him.

He's a typical friendly, playful little man who we suspect will grow to be a mastiff type dog but it's really a bit of a guess what his parents were or how big he'll be.

Taco is fine with other dogs and is ready to start his journey of learning basic puppy manners.

If you think you are ready for the time and commitment of a young pup joining your family then Taco might be the one for you.

Taco was adopted on 04 March 2018 after 3 weeks in foster care



Cross Breed - female

Goldie is chipped as a mastiff x but at 6 months old already not sure she'll get quite that big, she looks a bit like a miniature ridgeback. But whatever she is, she's a real find!

Besides her cheekily sweet good looks she has a delightful nature. Very friendly and playful (yet gentle) with people, kids and other dogs, she'll fit easily into any dog loving home.

She's not had any training but is proving a quick leaner and with continued basic training she should excel and I believe she'll grow to be a very obedient dog. She's learnt not to jump on the lounge, not to be scared of the lead and we're working on not jumping up and sit. She is very responsive and wants to please.

Goldie was adopted on 25 February 2018 after 2 weeks in foster care



Maltese Cross Poodle - male

Simba is a Maltese Cross Poodle.

He came into foster care in 2016 and has been with a new family but is now looking for a new home again.

He is obedient and will sit in your lap. He loves a good pat and a scratch.

He hates big dogs and is best in a home without another dog.
He has started to have issues with young kids so a home without young kids is required.

Currently located at Sutherland.

For more information please contact Fiona on 0403320606.

Simba was adopted on 21 February 2018 after 3 weeks in foster care



Shepard mix - female

What a gorgeous loving girl Jess is. Very sweet and friendly with a beautiful gentle and playful nature. Good with children and cats, supervision with toddlers is always advised. Jess is in care with another Shepard X male and they get on tremendously well, however were separated by a fence for a few days before being introduced personally. Jess can be a barker when faced with a reactive dog thus being the neighbors dog. At the moment we are working on training her to stop with the water spray, further training and socializing Jess will be important for her confidence and well being. Loves to ride in the car and plays fetch and returning the ball. This affectionate girl has had some training and is a quick learner. She is good on recall and walks well on the lead, however pulls strongly if trying to approach another dog, can be unpredictable with her approach, sometimes defensive. Jess will need to be walked a least once a day to use up her energy and keep her fit. Playing fetch can be a good alternative when a walk is not available. We would recommend Jess be a single dog in her forever home. Sleeps in at night and fully toilet trained, loves her out door time and her down time alike. Jess was found wandering the streets of Hornsby and was a pound dog for a month before coming into DCH care.
We are looking for an active caring family or individual who will love Jess and give her the forever home she so deserves.
Jess will be ready for adoption in the first week of the 2018 after she has been vaccinated, heart wormed, chipped and de-sexed.
If your interested in meeting Jess please contact Rod on 0418239763. Jess is in care at Revesby NSW.

Jess was adopted on 07 February 2018 after 1 month in foster care



Australian Bulldog - female

*1st Sept 2016: Sasha has had previous surgeries prior to coming into care for a prolapsed bowl. She had a very complex desexing operation as a result, luckily she has recovered ok but we are seeking extra sponsorship to help cover the additional costs of this complex surgery and her teeth cleaning too. Costs will be approx. $250*

Sasha is a friendly and happy girl that likes cuddles and would be happy in most homes. Sasha is ok with my 2 dogs but has never lived with cats.

Sasha has already found a new family.

Located in Freemans Reach NSW

Sasha was adopted on 13 January 2018 after 1.3 years in foster care



Cavalier King Charles spaniel - female

Missy is a beautiful Cavalier King Charles spaniel. She is approx 7.5 years old and is a desexed female. She is an indoors dog and is toilet trained. She has lived with 3 children and has been with the owner since a puppy. She was housed with a collie dog and was with a cat at the mother in laws house.

Missy has been surrendered to DCH to find her a new loving home.

She just loves being around people. She was fine with commands 18 months ago when placed with temporary care. She has become a little spoilt and she seems to think she can get away with not listening sometimes. She comes when called etc.

She is scared of thunderstorms and loud noises

She doesn’t growl or bark at animals she doesn’t know but is stand offish. Just stays away from them if she doesn’t know them.

She just barks when someone knocks on the door. She is usually just quiet and lays with people.

She is used to one walk per day
Food twice a day. Dried food in morning and wet food at night.

Missy has arrived into foster care 5/1/18 and will be available to rehome in a week or two.

Currently located in Springwood, NSW (Lower Blue Mountains)

**Listing placed on Hold to give us time to review the multiple enquiries received**

Missy was adopted on 13 January 2018 after 1 weeks in foster care



American staffy x - female

Foster Carer Required: Mara is in temporary accommodation right now, if you can assist by providing her a forever or a foster home please let us know. Her Accommodation runs out at Christmas and we have no back up kennels this time of year. She urgently needs a temporary or permanent home NOW.

Mara is a young girl who is in need of a bigger yard to burn off some energy. She loves water and she's very active and could do with some continued training to curb her enthusiasm for life.

She's ok with some dogs and has lived with dogs in the past, but some dogs she takes a dislike to.

But what a complete sweetheart! This big darling girl is a total sook, and her natural position is on her back so you can scratch her belly. She wants to follow you all over the house and keep you in sight.

She is still a pup and doesn't really know her size. She has not really been trained, so loves to jump on you. We are working on this behaviour at the moment. She seems willing to learn, and is picking up commands quickly. I suspect she will require a firm hand with any new owner. UPDATE: She is now not jumping so much. She is learning to drop and roll over. She loves her treats! But takes them gently, no snatching at all. She waits patiently when her food is down to be told she can eat.

Mara is one of the sweetest-natured dogs I have met. So eager and willing to please, and just wants to be loved. She wants you to be her boss and tell her what is expected of her, and will require a firm hand until she learns her place.

Mara was adopted on 06 January 2018 after 2 months in foster care