Saphire's story

Hi Megan

Dont know if you remember me and my sweet little Sapphire Rose aka Waccy Sapphy as she is known on CW! She was the little DMH

blue girl that needed to go in for another desexing op to see what had been missed! Carolyn down south was her foster mum.

Well I thought you might like to know just how she is doing. On Sunday my sweet bubby girl becamse a SHOW CAT!!!!! I got all teary the first time she came out to be judged just as I am now. She was shown at a CFA show and in Top 5 got a 4th, 2nd and FIRST !!!!!!

Thought you might like to see some pics.


Trish and Sapphy

Sapphy was adopted on 26/5/08 after 6 months in foster care.

Saphire was adopted on 27 May 2008 after 4 months in foster care

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