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Animals in Care Needing Sponsorship

The following foster animals are needing sponsorship for their vet costs. Due to injury or illness their vet fees have been extensive and we are seeking donations to help us cover these costs.

All donations to DCH Animal Adoptions over $2 are fully tax deductible.

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shd - male - 3 years and 7 months

Dawson is a laid back, smoochie, playful, muscular boy. He's very verbal (chirps to you to ask for pats), loves to be brushed and enjoys sitting on the lounge with you in front of the tv. He's also expert at head butting you to encourage you to stroke him. He will come to you when you call him.

Dawson is very placid, and can be shy with new people to start off with, but he warmed to his new family quite quickly. This, despite coming into our care as a stray having been patted and fed by a soft hearted animal lover, so we suspect he has lived within a loving family in his earlier life.

He gets along fine with our resident cats, grooms and sleeps with the new scared stray kitties that come into care, is not fazed with our small dog. He has bonded with one of the kittens in care called Cheddar. I'm hoping someone will be interested in adopting them both together.

We believe Dawson would fit in a home where there's another feline friend available... It may take a little time for him to settle in, but will be well worth your patience.

Dawson is vet checked, desexed and his vaccinations are up to date. He has also tested negative for Feline Aids. So, he's now raring to find his furever family to love and spoil him in return for his smooches.

If you would like to learn more about Dawson, or visit him at his Hoxton Park foster home, please contact his carer, Karen.

  • When he came into our care, poor Dawson visited the vet several times to resolve a case of conjunctivities, and to treat swollen foot pads which have now cleared up. Any contribution towards his vet expenses would be gratefully received.
  • dawson has been in foster care since 30 August 2020, for 7 months



    Chihuahua - female - 9 years and 4 months

    Olive is a beautiful little chihuahua that we estimate to be between 10-12 years old. Olive didn’t have the best start to her foster life, as she was riddled with lumps and bumps all over but she’s feeling a lot better (and a lot lighter) now they've been removed.

    Despite Olive's rough start with us, she still proved she has a lot of love to give and would make a great companion for the right person.

    Whilst Olive has had many medical issues resolved she still has an ongoing treatment plan involving twice daily eye cleans and drops and fortnightly medicated baths as well as a joint supplement to help with her back legs.

    While Olive has been in foster care, some behavioural difficulties have been identified. She has a very high level of resource guarding, is reactive on leash, is very wary around new people and is especially sensitive to touch around her rear end.

    Due to Olive's behavioural requirements, she is not suited to a home with children under 10 years old and is best suited in a home as the primary pet with no other cats or dogs.

    Ideally we would like to see Olive in a home with previous Chihuahua experience that would be able to devote all the attention to her and is slow paced so she can enjoy her retirement.

    Olive is toilet trained, very food motivated and enjoys short strolls where she can roll in the grass and get some sun.

    If this feisty gal sounds like the perfect companion for you we would love to hear from you!

    Olive has been in foster care since 06 December 2020, for 4 months



    Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months and 3 weeks

    Echo and her brother Elvis were rescued from under a house in Macquarie Fields and were then surrendered into DCH care.

    Echo is such a sweet little Tabby who absolutely loves pats and attention. Echo came into foster care with what seemed to be cat flu but she has not responded to any antibiotics or treatment and has trouble breathing. In addition, this tiny girl is only 1kg at 5 months old.

    Echo will need an x-ray to determine the cause of her respiratory issues, and then blood tests to try and find out why she isn’t growing. The cost of this vet work is expected to be around $800

    Echo is, unfortunately, also in quarantine by herself but even after all she has been through, Echo still tries to purr with happiness whenever she gets attention.

    This gentle-natured kitten deserves the proper care and treatment so she can go on to find her forever family. Any help with her vet costs would be very much appreciated.

    Echo has been in foster care since 22 December 2020, for 3 months



    Domestic Short Hair - female

    Callie required extensive dental work and we're seeking sponsorship to help cover these extra costs. Her dental work has come to $536

    Fuss-free independent gal.

    If Destiny’s Child was writing a song about a cat, Independent Woman would be Callie’s anthem - she likes things on her own terms. Happy lying around doing her own thing, Callie is a fuss-free cat looking for a peaceful home to keep her safe and warm.

    With a shy personality, Callie has been overlooked for some time - it’s hard for her to make a first impression when she’s hide-and-seek champion of the house!

    That said, Callie adores other cats and would love a home with feline company. She might not be the snuggliest when it comes to humans, but Callie loves to cuddle up to her kitty friends and purr the night away on the couch.

    With the nature of an older soul, Callie could be a great companion for an older person who is looking for some company and not necessarily a needy lap cat. Preferring to lie about in a sunny spot watching the world go by, Callie is fuss-free and low maintenance.

    Ready to move in ASAP, we’d love to hear from you if Callie could call your place home.

    Located in Quakers Hill NSW.

    Callie was adopted on 06 February 2021 after 4.9 years in foster care



    Ragdoll - female

    GREAT NEWS!: Mocha has changed dramatically since her dental treatment - she must have been suffering severe pain.

    She's now decided to try to snuggle in the childrens' beds, and has become really calm and loving. Just as you'd expect of a ragdoll kitty!
    She's absolutely ready to be spoilt in a family who'll love and cherish her. ....

    This beautiful ragdoll, Mocha, was rescued from the Pound and taken into DCH care last month. Nothing was known about her background, but she was quite underweight and rather timid. Her carer saw that her mouth was clearly bothering her, so took Mocha to the vet who immediately undertook extensive dental work to make her comfortable and able to eat properly. No wonder she was so skinny, poor girl.

    Anyway, Mocha is happily eating now, and enjoying the large and nutritious helpings she is being offered!

    She is gradually coming out of her shell, but her current environment is quite active with young children and other cats, as well as dogs and bunnies, so she tends to maintain a good distance. On the other hand, when alone with her carer, Mocha really enjoys being petted and loved, and is a gentle soul. Because of this, we believe she will thrive in a quiet home, where she can happily be the centre of attention. To keep her safe, Mocha must be an indoor-only kitty.

    Mocha is vet checked, microchipped and desexed; her vaccinations are up to date.

    If you believe you can provide the furever home that Mocha so deserves, please email her carer. Mocha is currently located in Ermington.

    MOCHA'S DENTAL BILL IS ESTIMATED TO BE $700 A big Thankyou to M.Holt for sponsoring Mocha's dental fees. These are now fully paidDCH would appreciate any amount you may be able to help us pay to this very large veterinary bill.
    Our ability to raise essential funds to cover vet expenses has been substantially reduced this year due to the cancellation of fundraising events - which are a critical source of our income.

    Mocha was adopted on 08 January 2021 after 2 months in foster care



    DSH - female

    Please don't overlook Buffy just because she is a run of the mill grey tabby ... she is divine in every way. Fabulous outgoing personality that would suit just about any household. she is cheeky , playful , affectionate and sooooo loving. I have had tradesman here and she has wanted to help (or get in the way) she really is a fantastic little girl.

    Buffy has been in care with her brother Elliot and she has been raised with the 3 resident dogs who she just loves ... she has the utmost respect for the 3 resident cats.

    Buffy loves food and is litter trained.

    Buffy's adoption fee will cover her desexing when she is old enough. She has had her first vaccination and has been micro chipped , wormed and flea treated.

    Honestly you can't go wrong with Buffy ...another kitty I would love to keep.



    DSH - female


    Jessica has experienced continual problems with her breathing following a bout of cat flu - as a result, she has been a regular visitor to her vet, and had to undergo antibiotic treatment and a couple of operations in order to try to resolve the issues. Unfortunately, her treatment is, and will be, ongoing until she is all better.
    The vet fees associated with her treatment are large, and getting larger. Any contribution towards these would be very welcome.
    Thank you

    Little Jessica wandered into our lives and we have been blessed with having her share her time with us. There was no sign of her Mum or siblings when she came up to us. She was starving. She enjoys dry food the most, but to give her a rounded diet, we get her to eat wet food as well. She's a big eater for such a little cat and doesn't seem very particular about what brand of food she eats. Currently she's on kitten food and she should be kept on this diet until she reaches an adult age. She'll probably remain looking like a young cat because of her little size.

    Jessica has the most pretty sweet face. It's so petite.

    Jessica has long little legs, and is a very small cat. She has grown since she's been with us, but I don't think that she will ever reach the size of an average cat.

    She loves playing with other cats in our household, and because she is so tiny she's able to win most games of hide and seek because she knows she can slip into areas that others have no chance of ever fitting into. She's definitely got that game down to a fine art.

    Although not currently a lap cat, it's probably only because she always seems to be on the move. She purrs and purrs when patted or picked up.

    She is used to large dogs around her and isn't fazed at all by their presence.

    Toys like a stick with a ribbon tied on the end is the sort of toy she loves the best. Plus she's highly excited with trying to catch a lazer light that is moved across the floor.

    Jessica comes with her own designer cat carrier. I don't think I'll ever have the privilege of fostering such a tiny cat again so we've decided we should send the little girl off to her new home with her own classy cat carrier.

    Jessica is microchipped, desexed and up to date with her vaccinations.



    Great Dane X - female

    Rosie is a stunning Great Dane cross puppy who is just a bundle of love! She immediately settled right in with her current foster home, and can't get enough cuddles. She is currently living with many other foster dogs and gets along with all of them no problems!

    Rosie will grow into a very large girl, she already has the feet to show she has a lot to grow into! Rosie will be vaccinated and microchipped soon, but will be desexed in a few months and then will be ready for her new home!

    Please note that Rosie is not available for adoption for several weeks.

    *Sponsorship Required*
    Poor Miss Rosie suffered a badly broken leg during a playtime accident. She should make a full recovery but her vet bills have come in at $1695. If you can assist with a donation towards Rosie's costs we'd be very thankful



    English Staffy - male

    Meet Mac, the most chilled out, loveable English staff you ever could meet! Mac was recently rescued from a pound, after he was surrendered there by his previous owners. His age is estimated to be around 5.

    Sadly his previous life wasn't so amazing, where he was on a chain for a while, and has some dental issues as a result of trying to chew the chain off.

    However, you truly wouldn't know it. Mac is so incredibly friendly and easy going. He has lived with a lot of dogs previously, and is now living with other foster dogs and they get along really well, so a home with dogs is not a problem for Mac at all, in fact probably a preference as he would love the company! He can't do enough for people too, and hasn't put a foot wrong in his current foster house.

    Mac has a lump on his back that the vets recommend be removed, so that lump removal and his dental work has just been done, as you can see. He will then be available to go to his forever home in about 2 weeks. Mac's vet work has come to over $1,500 if you would like to sponsor Mac and help cover some of these additional costs please see below.

    We are no longer accepting adoption applications for Mac at this time time.

    Mac was adopted on 02 May 2020 after 1 month in foster care



    Cavalier King Charles Spaniel - female

    Charlie has come into DCH care via a Western Sydney Animal Shelter.
    She is 8 years old and is a Cavalier around 6.5 kg. We don't know much about her background other than she found herself at the pound.

    Charlie came into care with a damaged eye. She was treated with Antibiotics for a week and had surgery on 6/12 to remove the eye.

    She has been diagnosed with a Mild Heart Murmur which is common with the breed. No management is needed for it at this time. She has an Umbilical hernia which will be remove when she is desexed after recovering from the eye removal

    Charlie does suffer from Anxiety and has issues with separation. She longs to be with you and having pats and licking you. She is very people focused and friendly and just wants to be loved and to be a spoilt companion dog.

    When left alone she will bark and will carry on until she has company. She is currently on medication to help reduce the anxiety.

    Charlie won't be ready for adoption until sometime in January.

    **Sponsorship required. Due to her additional medical needs including Eye removal and Anxiety medications we are seeking additional sponsorship of Charlie to help cover her medical costs.**

    **22/2/2020 - On Hold. Currently on a 2 week trial adoption period**