Rehomed Animals

The animals listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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mini French X British Bulldog - female

Jellybean is a miniature French cross British bulldog who is playful, friendly and affectionate. Whenever you come home she will always be excited to see you. Jellybean walks well on a lead and is house trained. She is currently living with a cat and as this is the first time in her 3 years she has lived with a cat she is still adjusting.

She lives in a small apartment and can live is both an apartment or a house. Jellybean has had a problem with her spine which means she is not allowed to jump off furniture and should not jump up on people or animals. For this reason she is not suited to a household with young children. She is also not suited to a home with lots of stairs.

Jellybean is intelligent and an absolute delight to have around. She may take a little time to warm to strangers but once she forms a bond she will always want to be by your side.

Jellybean was adopted on 16 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care

Miss FluffyButt

Miss FluffyButt

Domestic Medium Hair - mixed

Miss FluffyButt is a beautiful kitten, but is of timid and shy nature, so she is looking for a home without young children as she can startle easily around loud noises and sharp/quick movements in the house. Miss FluffyButt will need a family that can give her the space and time to get comfortable with her surroundings and her new humans.

Miss FluffyButt is not a fan of being picked up and cuddled, but if you can give Miss FluffyButt the time and gentle encouragement she needs, it is a pure joy to watch her come out of her shell as she becomes more comfortable to cuddle with you and get a chin scratch (on her terms). The photo's provide show her comfortably sitting and sleeping on her foster mums lap and couch while watching television of an evening.

Miss FluffyButt sleeps on her foster mums bed each night and cuddles up against her, which proves that given time and love she has a lot of love to give in return.

Miss FluffyButt has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with her siblings Mooshu, Moonpie and Sir Meowsalot. Miss FluffyButt is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside her 3 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Miss FluffyButt may do better with another cat in the house to show her the ropes and give her the extra confidence she needs.

Miss FluffyButt’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and vaccinations while in care and she will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Miss FluffyButt is available available to meet now at her foster home in Bligh Park, and will be ready for her new home the weekend of the 8th November.

Miss FluffyButt was adopted on 12 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Domestic Medium Hair - mixed

Mooshu has been raised in foster care from a very young age, with his siblings Moonpie, Mr Meowsalot and Miss Fluffybut. Mooshu is the runt of the litter, but as they say, he is tiny but mighty.

Being the runt of the litter Mooshu has taken a little longer than his siblings to grow, but that hasn't stopped him during meal or play times. Mooshu is happy to rampage with his siblings or the much larger foster cats in the home and is even happy to take on the resident dog when he is in the mood. Mooshu will tolerate, cuddle, but loves a belly rub or chin scratch and sleeps on his foster mums pillow of a night. Too say Mooshu loves his food is an understatement, if you are in the kitchen, Mooshu is in the kitchen looking for his next meal, even if he has just finished eating.

Mooshu is fully litter trained and has been fostered alongside his 3 siblings, 2 dogs and multiple older cats, and is comfortable with them all.

Mooshu’s adoption includes desexing, microchipping and vaccinations while in care and he will be up to date with both worm and flea treatments when adopted.

Mooshu is available available to meet now at his foster home in Bligh Park, and will be ready for his new home the weekend of the 8th November.

Mooshu was adopted on 12 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Dsh - male

Sammy was surrendered to DCH at the age of 4 just before Christmas last year. He is a very friendly and smoochy cat with his humans, but also loves dogs and is brilliant with his permanent and foster feline friends, too.

He has proven to be a very adaptable cat, and would no doubt love to find a family with other kitties or cat-friendly dogs to play with if possible. Sammy is also used to being an indoor/outdoor cat to date.

Sammy particularly loves to rub up against members of his foster carer family, but generally prefers to sit beside them rather than on them, which is a bonus in summer time! Like many cats, he’s not that keen on being picked up. But he hasn’t a mean bone in his body, so will always point that out very politely.

If you have room in your heart and home for Sammy, he would love to meet you at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all his vet requirements. His adoption fee is $125.

He looks forward to meeting you soon at his Glenhaven foster home.

Sammy was adopted on 11 November 2019 after 1.9 years in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Sage was found with an injured back leg and, upon vetinerary examination, it was determined the leg needed to be amputated. Even though she was just a little kitten, it had been fractured already and then had re-fractured. The decision to amputate the leg was the right choice. As you can see from her video, she has recovered well and gets around just fine!
She’s not required to take any other medicines than any other kitten would.

Sage loves to sleep on your lap and begins to purr the second she gets a pat. She use to be very cautious of her environment and the people in it but now will run up to you the second she’s about to be feed. She lives in the same house as two dogs but is kept in a separate room.

Sage is microchipped, desexed and up to date with her vaccinations, so is ready and raring to go to her furever family.

DCH is grateful to Kellyville Ridge Veterinary Hospital for doing the surgery at a discounted rate to give Sage a chance at a good life.
We are very thankful to the following people who have all helped and donated $582 for Sage's surgery. She cannot say Thank you herself but we say a big Thank you on her behalf.
Nadine, Leesa, Nick, Lauren, Debbie, Laura, Nabila, Gabby, Em, Jan, Steven, Anne-Marie and Georgia

Sage was adopted on 07 November 2019 after 3 months in foster care



Domestic Short Hair - female

Doris found herself lost and homeless after recently having a litter of kittens..
Her kittens have found new homes and now its time for Doris to find a loving new home.

She is a very friendly cat and loves attention and pats. She is good with kids and will sit in your lap when encouraged. She has beautiful tabby with ginger colours.

She would be suited as an indoor cat and would love a home where she can get lots of attention.

She has been 1st F3 vaccinated, desexed, wormed and microchipped.

Located in Penrith.

Doris was adopted on 07 November 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care



DLH - female

Lovely young Jedda is everything you need in a kitten! Not only does she love people, especially cuddles and playing, she absolutely loves her surrounding furry friends. In terms of people, when you pick Jedda she just melts into your arms, and will be happy to cuddle as long as you do! Her favourite other friend at the moment is her 7-month old Mastiff cross foster sibling Cena. Jedda took big dogs into her stride and Cena returns the love, they play consistently and love to cuddle down at night with each other.
If you are looking for an allrounder type kitten, who is dog, cat and people friendly, then you can't go further than Jedda. Jedda has had her first vaccination and is microchipped, and is around 9 weeks old, so is ready to go! Please call her carer Rod on 0418 239763 to get to meet little Jedda.

Jedda was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 2 months in foster care



Staffy - female

Little Serena has recently been rescued from a regional pound and is now living in her foster carers house with her sister; they are both approximately 6-7 months old.

She was initially a little shy and whilst it was clear that Serena just loves people, she took a little while to warm up to the other dogs in the household. She is now calmly living with the other 5 dogs she is with, and so would be suited to a home with another dog as long as a meet and greet is done beforehand to see how they get along.

Serena cannot get enough love from her carer, so would be great in any family that knows big dogs and loves the love they can give!!

Serena is microchipped and vaccinated, and will be desexed this week, so will be ready for her new home in approximately 2 weeks.

Please call Rod her carer to organise meeting her in her Revesby foster home and for more information!

Serena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



great dane cross - female

Born just before Christmas last year, Cena is a young Mastiff cross who is just full of life. She is a typical puppy, wanting to play with anyone available, including the dogs and cats she currently lives with.

Cena loves everything and everyone¸ and eagerly engages with all experiences, including training.  She is house trained, and sleeps inside with her carers and her animal friends.   She enjoys her walks, strong but obedient on the leash, and is good on recall. 

At 7 months, Cena is a big puppy already and we anticipate she will grow to a 45kg size.  As such, she will benefit from a family with experience in corralling puppy enthusiasm to ensure her training is continued. While she would not deliberately hurt anyone or anything, she could well bowl over a small child, so would not be suitable for families with young children.  Otherwise, Cena would bring joy, fun and affection to any furever family.

 Cena is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed, so is ready for her new home  Please call her carer Rod, on 0418 239 763,  to say hello to this lovely young girl in her Revesby foster home.

Cena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 8 months in foster care



Rabbit - male

I am looking to find my bun - Henry a new loving home.

As much as it pains me to let him go, I want him to have a better life. One where he has more time outside his cage (currently 2-4 hours a day), one with more grass or even friends! He is a delightful and affectionate bun - he loves his cuddles especially during winter! Hoping to rehome Henry to a lovely and welcoming home with grass and possibly another bunny friend.

I have all of his original paperwork and have been keeping up with his vaccinations every 6 months. He was born in January 2018 and I originally adopted him in July 2018 when he was 6 months old.

I'm based in Sydenham, NSW. The ultimate solution would be an open adoption as I'd love to receive updates and pictures every now and again if that was possible.