Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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British Bulldog Mix Dog - male

Griffin is a very sweet, friendly boy that has had a terrible life before coming to rescue. He had been very neglected, had a severe ear infection in both ears, untreated hematomas, no microchip and he wasnt desexed.

After weeks of care Griffin is almost ready to find his Forever Home. He is currently in foster care with other dogs of various sizes,he loves young children and is a generally well behaved boy.

He is looking for a loving retirement home where he can enjoy his final years in comfort with care and a family who genuinely want to spend time with and love him.

Medical Notes:

Due to his neglectful past Griffin will need an injection for his skin & ears which lasts anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. This is a must so if you are unable to provide this Griffin isnt the dog for you.

Located in Pitt Town, NSW

Griffin was adopted on 20 September 2019 after 6 days in foster care



Kelpie - male

This is Blaze, the lovely 2 year old Kelpie who was adopted from Bankstown Pound in February of this year. Through no fault of his own, Blaze needs a new home.

Blaze is a very friendly and loving dog who loves being with his humans. He is great with children, other dogs and cats. He is house trained and sleeps very calmly inside on his bed at night. When he's relaxing he loves to chow down on a chew toy. He loves playing with other dogs and is not aggressive in any way.

Blaze is a very active young boy, his favourite game at the moment is chasing the tennis ball. He walks very well on the lead, but does like to bark at people on bicycles!

He would be suited to a home with a good size backyard for chasing the ball, and who have lots of time to spend with him.

He is desexed, and located in Glenmore Park. Please call Gemma on 0435 939858, who will then put you in contact with his owner.



SharPei Cross - male

Bailey came into foster care in July after he was treated at the vets for poisoning from a Yesterday Today & Tomorrow plant and needed additional care for 1-2 weeks to ensure he recovered and was healthy. He has fully recovered from his ordeal and is a lovely friendly puppy. We have called him Bailey. He is super friendly with kids and loves to sit in your lap and have pats. He has happy, healthy and active. His ideal new family would have to have some kids in it as he loves all the attention.

He has been desexed and comes with his 1st C5 vaccination. He will need 2 other vaccinations to be completed over the next 2 months to be supplied by the owner owner.

Bailey had double dewclaws on his hind legs. These have been removed while he was desexed to prevent possible tearing injuries.

Bailey is looking for a forever home where he can grow up and grow old. His new owner will need to ensure he attends puppy school and that he is well socialised with other dogs and learns obedience commands. He is going to the toilet on puppy pads in his room in side and can often hold it overnight and go outside in the morning when he goes out to stretch his legs.

Bailey is learning to chase a ball and loves any attention he can get.
He is used to having attention all day so he will need to be rehomed to a family with lots of time and attention for him.

Available from the 10th August once stitches have been removed.

Located in Acacia Gardens. Not available for interstate adoptions.

Bailey was adopted on 21 August 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Dogue de Bordeaux x - female

Toast is looking for a new home!!

She is a Dogue de Bordeaux X - who needs a new home through no fault of her own. Toast has been in a care arrangement since the 15th of March.

She needs a home without other dogs or children. And an experienced dog owner would be ideal.

She has lived with another dog but appears to be reactive with dogs in the kennels. The previous owners had no children & she was reluctant to approach a (noisy) child who came with his parents to see if she would be suitable.

She needs an experienced owner who can take the time to build trust with her. She appears to be toilet trained, loves watching TV & snuggling into bed!! She has gone to cafes & sat quietly at the table. She is fine with adults approaching her. She has a sweet temperament.

Sex Desexed Female
Age 23/01/2015
Vaccinated till 19/11/2019 C5 by Struggletown Vet

Medical Notes:
She has had a rash ½ way through her stay which was treated with malaseb baths & eventually apoquel tablets. She is now off the tablets & her skin appears to be good. I spoke with the vet about could it be stress related having never had a rash in her life & the vet said yes.

For more information Call 9655 1624



rottweiler - female

This beautiful girl has a lot of love to give. She has plenty of energy and very excitable. She will require an owner who is patience and willing to help with her ongoing training and socializing.

She is in need of a new home due to changed living conditions and new work commitments and needs someone with patience & time.

She is currently located in Unanderra, near Wollongong NSW

Vaccinated: Yes
Medical History: nil

Behavioural traits:
Can be strong willed sometimes and very excitable

Ok around Kids?
she is fine with kids but does forget her size when excited and playful

Ok around other animals?
Has lived with a cat before but not other dogs

House Trained:

She has been owned by the owner since she was a puppy and has been with the 1 owner for nearly 6 years.

The owner maybe able to assist with travel to help rehome Emma.



Staffy X - female

Initially adopted at 8 weeks old, Pennywise unfortunately had to be surrendered into our foster care due to home circumstance after only a short time.

Now six months old, beautiful Pennywise very quickly adapted to her new environment and has proved to be super friendly with any people she meets; in fact she seems to love everybody! She is now also living with four other dogs and gets along with them famously. She had experience of living happily with her original owner’s children as well.

Penny (for short) is a quick learner and bonded very quickly with her human family. She comes when called and sits for her meals. Her training, of course, is a work in progress and she still has all her lovely puppy traits; she particularly loves to run, play fetch with a stick and she enjoys lots of cuddles.

Penny is a wonderful dog, easy going and very loving and would make a great family pet as well as a companion for another dog. A Staffy cross, she is already a medium size dog and we anticipate she will turn out to be slightly bigger than a Labrador (although half the weight) when fully grown. Because she is such a large puppy, she would not suit a family with very young children.

Pennywise is microchipped and vaccinated, and will shortly be de-sexed.

Pennywise is looking forward to being welcomed into a furever home, with lots of walks and the opportunity learn new training tricks in return for her loving devotion. If you would like to meet this special girl, please text or call her carer, Margaret, on 0418 208 583, to arrange a visit at her foster home in Leichhardt.

Pennywise was adopted on 06 July 2019 after 2 months in foster care



Cocker Spaniel - male

Sponsorship Required

Poor Frankie came into care so heavily matted he required a complete full body shave. He also had an terrible ear infection and polyps that required surgery to remove as well as dental work. His vet fees have come to $863.

Frankie was introduced to possibly his furever home family this afternoon (23/06/2019). A deposit was taken. Following a vet check, he will be on a two week trial.

Frankie was adopted on 01 July 2019 after 4 weeks in foster care



Great Dane X Doberman - female

Asher (previously called Darcey) is a beautiful little Doberman X Great Dane but she won't be little for long. She was surrendered into care after she was adopted and has since had 3 foster carers through no fault of her own. It would be ideal if her next home could be her forever home.

Asher is 12 weeks old and busy learning how to be a dog. She has bursts of puppy energy but tends to prefer cosying up with a human on the couch. Her basic training has begun with simple commands as well as toileting and being on lead. She is progressing but would benefit from being in a home with established dog/s or an experienced dog owner who is able to dedicate time to her care. She is good with young children but gets very excited which can be overwhelming for children who aren't comfortable with dogs.

She was very timid at first but with time and attention she felt more comfortable and was able to show her cheeky, adventurous side. She's been on a few outings and walks and is slowly getting used to sights and sounds of the world around her. One thing she's never had a problem with is getting attention. People fall in love with her everywhere she goes.

It's important to note that although she will be a large dog, Great Danes prefer being indoors and need plenty of room so a large house and/or yard would be a must.

She comes microchipped, desexed, wormed and with first two vaccinations.

Asher was adopted on 23 June 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care

John Snow

John Snow

American Staffordshire Terrier - male


Well JS is your typical puppy, it’s eat, sleep and play! But he is also a love bug that loves attention and affection, and will happily Netflix and chill while snoozing in your lap. JS loves company of other dogs, and is learning to play nicely and not steal all of the toys and pinch others food. He knows how to sit nicely and is slowly learning to toilet outside, but will need to continue his training. He is also learning to walk on a lead and slowly learning it’s not a chew toy!

To enquire about JS please email Renee on

Located near Windsor NSW

John Snow was adopted on 16 June 2019 after 6 days in foster care



American Staffordshire Terrier - female

Daenerys is a very sweet little girl who came into care after the most terrible start in life possible. We weren't always sure that she was going to make it but here she is fitting fit and almost ready for her Forever Home.

Daenerys has lived with her brother John Snow, another adult dog, children (as young as 18 months) and a rabbit. She is a very chill dog that would make a loyal and loving companion for the right family.

Daenerys is now ready for her furever home. She is vaccinated and will be de-sexed prior to adoption.

To visit this beautiful family-friendly puppy in her foster home near Windsor, please contact her carer, Renee.

Daenerys was adopted on 16 June 2019 after 6 days in foster care