Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Staffy x - female

Bree came into DCH care emaciated and in urgent need of care. With some good food and TLC Bree has put on much needed weight and has become and very outgoing, vibrant friendly girl. Bree is now ready to find her Forever Home with a family that will give her all the love she can handle.

Bree is currently around 8kg and we don't expect her to get much bigger if at all. Bree is an amazing young girl and we know there is a family out there for her!

Bree was adopted on 15 April 2024 after 1 month in foster care



German Shepherd - male

Riggs is full of energy and ready to bring endless joy and love into your life! He is a sweet and affectionate companion who loves nothing more than showering his human friends with love and kisses and his playful nature ensures that there will never be a dull moment in your household. Whether it's chasing a ball, playing fetch, walks and thrives on training, Riggs is always up for an adventure. He's for a one pet house hold as he loves to soak up all the attention and will bring an extra dose of happiness and playfulness to your life.

As a pure bread German Shepherd, he has an amazing combination of intelligence and athleticism making him a one-of-a-kind companion who will steal your heart in an instant.

Riggs is not desexed but he is microchipped and vaccinated and comes with papers.



Chihiahua Cross - female

Meet Lulu: Your Cheeky and Playful Companion!

Breed: Chihuahua Cross (Possibly mixed with Foxie)

Personality: Lulu is the epitome of cheekiness and playfulness bundled into a tiny package! Her love for tummy rubs knows no bounds, and she thrives on human company, especially with kids. Lulu's lively demeanor makes her an ideal addition to any family seeking a furry companion or someone craving constant cuddles and playful antics.

Background: Lulu's journey hasn't been easy. She was discovered along with her siblings in a box during a rainy day in the park, suffering from hyperthermia. Thankfully, she received prompt medical care at an animal welfare vet and was later taken into rescue from the council shelter.

Health: Lulu has been desexed and received her first round of vaccinations, ensuring she's ready to embark on her new adventure with you.

Currently approx 1.8kg.

Ideal Home: Lulu is looking for a loving home where she can enjoy both indoor and outdoor activities. She adores exploring the outdoors during the day and snuggling up indoors at night. Since she's still a young pup, she'll benefit from training sessions and attending puppy school to help her develop into a well-behaved and socialized dog.

Requirements: Lulu's future family should be committed to providing her with a safe and nurturing environment. Regular exercise, mental stimulation, and lots of love are essential for this bubbly pup to thrive.

If you're ready to welcome a playful, affectionate, and endlessly charming companion into your life, Lulu is eagerly waiting to meet you! Contact us to arrange a meet-and-greet and give Lulu the forever home she deserves.

Note1: A vet appointment for her siblings on 27/3 reveals that they might be 3-4 weeks older than what was originally assessed.

Note2: From a vet visit for Lulu on the 26th, the vet identified 2 possible hernias that will need to be kept an eye on. It might just be soft fatty tissue but just calling it out as the vets identified it and it may need future treatment.

Located in Woy Woy, NSW

Lulu was adopted on 07 April 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Chihuahua Cross - female

Meet Fawny: Your New Furry Companion

Are you looking for a gentle-natured and loving addition to your family? Look no further than Fawny, the adorable Chihuahua Cross with what's believed to be hint of Foxie in her genes. Fawny may be a bit shy at first, but her loving and gentle nature shines through once she feels comfortable.

Fawny's journey to finding her forever home has been quite the adventure. She was found in a park, nestled in a box with her siblings during a rainstorm. Thankfully, she was rescued and received medical care for hypothermia. Now, she's thriving and ready to bring joy to a loving family or someone seeking a loyal companion.

Despite her rough start, Fawny has a heart full of love to give. She adores human company and will eagerly cuddle up with you and loves tummy rubs. Whether you're looking for a furry friend to join your family or a companion to share your days with, Fawny is the perfect match.

It's important to note that Fawny is currently a bit food-aggressive and can be a fussy eater. However, with patience and proper training, she's sure to overcome these challenges. She has been desexed and has received her first and second vaccinations, ensuring she's healthy and ready for her new home.

Fawny is used to both indoor and outdoor living. She enjoys exploring the outdoors during the day and snuggling up indoors at night. If you have a loving home where Fawny can be both an inside and outside dog, she will thrive in your care. With her white colour, care needs to be taken with her limiting her outdoor time.

To help Fawny reach her full potential, she will benefit from training and attending puppy school. This will not only help her with her food aggression but also ensure she grows into a well-mannered and happy dog.

If you're ready to open your heart and home to Fawny, please consider adopting her and giving her the loving family she deserves. Get in touch with us today.

Note1: A vet appointment on 27/3 reveals that they might be 3-4 weeks older than what was originally assessed.

Location: In a foster home in the Quakers Hill area.

Fawny was adopted on 06 April 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - male


Teddy was adopted on 12 March 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - male


Jimmy was adopted on 12 March 2024 after 1 month in foster care



Cairn terrier x - female

Brandy is a very sweet little dog who was surrendered to the rescue after the owners could no longer keep her
When first coming into care, Brandy was scared and very unsure of her surroundings but once settled she is a bright, intelligent and very friendly dog
She is still a bit tentative when meeting strangers however once she feels comfortable she is happy to sit on the lounge or your lap
Brandy is house and crate trained and loves her dinner
If you would like to meet her then please contact her carer

Brandy was adopted on 23 February 2024 after 2 months in foster care



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - male

Basil is a very sweet, gentle puppy who is just looking for a lap to sit on
He loves people and is always up for a cuddle
His tail goes into overdrive as soon as he sees you
Basil is extremely smart and loves his breakfast, lunch and dinner
He will be available for adoption once all his vet work has been completed
If you are able to give basil the loving home he deserves then please contact us

Basil was adopted on 16 February 2024 after 3 weeks in foster care



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - male

Dennis is a very confident puppy who loves being the centre of attention
He loves cuddles, food, people and life
Dennis loves playing with his toys and can’t wait to become a part of someone’s family
He will be available for adoption once all of his vet work has been completed
If you would like to arrange to meet Dennis then please contact his carer

Dennis was adopted on 15 February 2024 after 3 weeks in foster care



Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russel - female

Hello there, prospective pet parents! We'd like to introduce you to these bundles of joy. These delightful female puppies are a charming mix of Maltese Shih Tzu cross Jack Russell Terrier, creating a unique and lovable combination.

These puppies have been surrendered into DCH foster care. They are from a litter of 6 with 2 females and 4 males. The females are located in a volunteer foster home in Quakers Hill NSW and the males are located in a volunteer foster home in Wilton NSW.
These cute and friendly little pups are ready to embark on a new chapter in their lives filled with love, playfulness, and wagging tails.

Breed Information:
Maltese Shih Tzu X Jack Russell Terrier
Mum is a Malteste X Shih Tzu
Dad is a Jack Russell Terrier

Maltese Shih Tzu: Known for their affectionate nature, the Maltese Shih Tzu mix is a small-sized breed with a big heart. They are gentle, friendly, and make excellent companions.

Jack Russell Terrier: Renowned for their intelligence and boundless energy, Jack Russell Terriers are spirited and adventurous. They thrive on physical activity and are quick learners, making them a delightful addition to active households.

Availability for Adoption:
These adorable puppies will be available for adoption after approximately 7th February, pending completion of their required vet work.

Personality Traits:
The girls are full of life and love to explore the world around them. They are playful, and curious but can be a little shy to start with, and have an infectious enthusiasm for everything they do. Their sweet and affectionate nature makes them perfect for families, singles, or couples looking to add some joy to their lives.

Requirements for Adoption:
We are seeking loving families or individuals who can provide a safe and nurturing environment for them. As responsible pet parents, you should be committed to continuing their socialization, and puppy training, and providing the love and care they deserve. They will require 2 additional vaccinations to be fully vaccinated to be completed by the new owner. They have currently had 1 vaccination at this sage.
They come microchipped, 1st vaccinated, desexed, wormed and flea treated.

Adoption Details:

Date Available: Available for adoption around the 10th February. Date to be confirmed.

How to Apply:
If you are ready to open your heart and home to a bundle of joy, please send an email enquiry via the links on this page.
Please provide details about yourself, your home, what your looking for in a dog etc and what you can provide for the dog. We will be looking to match the pups with the most suitable homes from the applications received. Meet and Greets will be arranged at the discretion of the foster carer for selected applications.
Interstate Applications are not possible.

Thank you for considering adoption. Your decision will make a significant difference in the lives of these precious souls. 🐾💕

Zoey was adopted on 14 February 2024 after 3 weeks in foster care