Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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mini French X British Bulldog - female

Jellybean is a miniature French cross British bulldog who is playful, friendly and affectionate. Whenever you come home she will always be excited to see you. Jellybean walks well on a lead and is house trained. She is currently living with a cat and as this is the first time in her 3 years she has lived with a cat she is still adjusting.

She lives in a small apartment and can live is both an apartment or a house. Jellybean has had a problem with her spine which means she is not allowed to jump off furniture and should not jump up on people or animals. For this reason she is not suited to a household with young children. She is also not suited to a home with lots of stairs.

Jellybean is intelligent and an absolute delight to have around. She may take a little time to warm to strangers but once she forms a bond she will always want to be by your side.

Jellybean was adopted on 16 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy - female

Little Serena has recently been rescued from a regional pound and is now living in her foster carers house with her sister; they are both approximately 6-7 months old.

She was initially a little shy and whilst it was clear that Serena just loves people, she took a little while to warm up to the other dogs in the household. She is now calmly living with the other 5 dogs she is with, and so would be suited to a home with another dog as long as a meet and greet is done beforehand to see how they get along.

Serena cannot get enough love from her carer, so would be great in any family that knows big dogs and loves the love they can give!!

Serena is microchipped and vaccinated, and will be desexed this week, so will be ready for her new home in approximately 2 weeks.

Please call Rod her carer to organise meeting her in her Revesby foster home and for more information!

Serena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 1 month in foster care



great dane cross - female

Born just before Christmas last year, Cena is a young Mastiff cross who is just full of life. She is a typical puppy, wanting to play with anyone available, including the dogs and cats she currently lives with.

Cena loves everything and everyone¸ and eagerly engages with all experiences, including training.  She is house trained, and sleeps inside with her carers and her animal friends.   She enjoys her walks, strong but obedient on the leash, and is good on recall. 

At 7 months, Cena is a big puppy already and we anticipate she will grow to a 45kg size.  As such, she will benefit from a family with experience in corralling puppy enthusiasm to ensure her training is continued. While she would not deliberately hurt anyone or anything, she could well bowl over a small child, so would not be suitable for families with young children.  Otherwise, Cena would bring joy, fun and affection to any furever family.

 Cena is microchipped, vaccinated and desexed, so is ready for her new home  Please call her carer Rod, on 0418 239 763,  to say hello to this lovely young girl in her Revesby foster home.

Cena was adopted on 05 November 2019 after 8 months in foster care



Staffy - female

Little Kareen has recently been rescued from a regional pound and is now living in her foster carers house with her sister; they are both approximately 6-7 months old.

She was initially a little shy but it was clear that Kareen just loves people and affection, and was up on the couch with her carer as soon as she saw it was okay!

Kareen is living with 5 other dogs at the moment, males and females, that are larger than herself and she is absolutely fine, so should be happy going to a home that has other dogs after an introduction.

Kareen will be microchipped, vaccinated and desexed soon, so will be ready for her new home towards the end of the month.

Please call Rod her carer to organise meeting her in her Revesby foster home and for more information!

Kareen was adopted on 18 October 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Staffy X Great Dane X Border C - male

Hello everyone, my name is Cash and I am around 16 month's old. I am a crossbreed boy who is a mix of Staffy, Border Collie and Great Dane and I am approximately 50kg in weight.

We didn't know if Great Dane was true but I've grown into a big boy, so I think it must be! For reference I'm standing next to my carer in that photo, who is 1.77m tall, so I've certainly got some height when I'm on my back paws! I feel I have been in care too long, and suspect it's because I've grown so big. But I'm really gentle and love love! I'm also super loyal and super smart. I have grown up with other dogs, puppies, cats and tiny little kittens so I'm totally happy with all of them. I'm also super healthy and up-to-date on all my vet work.

I know - with big does come strong - and, although I'm almost grown up now - I do need help controlling my energy! So my new home would be best not to have young children in case I get too enthusiastic. Even better if you have another dog! It really makes me feel just next level awesome to have another dog around me, so that would be wonderful.

I'd really love to meet you if you think I could join your family! Please call Jo, my carer, on 0401 900 696 if you'd like to say hi! Bye for now, love Cash.

Cash was adopted on 16 October 2019 after 1.2 years in foster care



Jack Russell - male

Russell has been surrendered due to his owner having just sustained a very serious back injury, rendering her unable to bend, feed and bath Russell who will be taking up carer's residence in the Sutherland Shire. According to the Vet, he is a very healthy and active dog for his age and will need at least once daily walks otherwise may get bored and try and run away to meet his active outlet. Currently weighing in at 8.43kgs, his ideal weight should be around 7kgs. It is clear Russell loves company - not within eye reach but he is content as long as he knows someone is home, otherwise he becomes anxious. Russell was introduced to a friend's cat and other dogs. He was very friendly towards all of them. Russell is getting to know how to use a doggie door and is keen to please. Russell likes running along the sand at the beach on his extension lead but doesn't particularly like the water. Expressions of interest please to his carer on the above e-mail address.

Russell was adopted on 07 October 2019 after 2 weeks in foster care



Cattle - female

Gentle, very shy and thankful Cleopatra arrived from a Country pound, starving for food and affection. You may have seen UTube posts of dogs looking lovingly into their new owners (or foster carer's) eyes after having been adopted. Well this was Cleopatra (Cleo). The name Cleopatra was chosen because she has what looks like black eye-liner extending outward from her eyes. Within hours and after a solid meal, Cleopatra found herself sleeping whilst sitting up with her paws on her carer's lap and head nestled on her paws. Cleo sits patiently by her carer's side whilst she is on her computer and gets on well with her carer's much older dogs. A true sweetheart, her personality will shine the more she gets used to a jacket, bed in a warm location and lots of love. Cleo is not used to walking on a lead and has only ventured outside the front gate twice, only walking slowly and warily around the block each time. Cleo has just come into season and will be desexed as soon as practicable as she is underweight and will be available for adoption about mid October 2019. 2 days into the foster I noticed Cleo wanted all the attention and got jealous and growled at my 13 year old toothless dog so it is thought she would best be suited to a single dog, mature household. Two weeks on, Cleo now walks a wide birth from the 13 year old male, and is still happy to sniff my 16 year old female. Cleo will need a family with patience as she learns to curb her very shy persona. In the last 2 days, she has actually made a happy whimper, now wags her tail, greets with excitement rather than crawling along the ground, and loves rolling on the grass in the sunshine. I will update this space as I get to know Cleopatra as she develops and blossoms. Thanks for your interest so far. For initial enquiries, please e-mail Cleo's carer.

Cleopatra was adopted on 06 October 2019 after 1 month in foster care



Maltlier (Maltese x Cavalier) - male

UPDATE: Spotty is on trial in his new home

Hi, I'm Spot. Initially purchased for a 5 year old child who is now 13, I found myself the victim of a bitter marriage separation and they want me 'out as soon as possible' through no fault of my own. So I've been rescued by DCH and am now looking for a true furever home. I get along with my carers dog and we go for walks together. I like barking at visiting birds and dogs that bark at me first when I go for a walk. Whilst I am a really good house dog, I need some training in regards to walks I do pull on the lead and I like to bark at dogs when I am out.
I am good with kids. I sit still through grooming and enjoy my food. I don't know what to do with a hard biscuit though.
I am a happy-go-lucky affectionate boy who loves company. My previous household sent me to my carer with some Anxiety treats issued by the Vet but I hope I won't need to use them. I am looking for a home with another small dog so I have company at home and someone to play with and go on walks with and with a family who is familiar with my breed. I also like to be indoors next to my foster carer
And lay next to her as much as possible.
If you would like to meet me, please contact my carer, Jeanette by e-mail to schedule an introduction and find out If your home would be suitable for me.
Spot is desexed, chipped, vaccinated and wormed.

Spotty was adopted on 27 September 2019 after 3 weeks in foster care



British Bulldog Mix Dog - male

Griffin is a very sweet, friendly boy that has had a terrible life before coming to rescue. He had been very neglected, had a severe ear infection in both ears, untreated hematomas, no microchip and he wasnt desexed.

After weeks of care Griffin is almost ready to find his Forever Home. He is currently in foster care with other dogs of various sizes,he loves young children and is a generally well behaved boy.

He is looking for a loving retirement home where he can enjoy his final years in comfort with care and a family who genuinely want to spend time with and love him.

Medical Notes:

Due to his neglectful past Griffin will need an injection for his skin & ears which lasts anywhere from 4 - 8 weeks. This is a must so if you are unable to provide this Griffin isnt the dog for you.

Located in Pitt Town, NSW

Griffin was adopted on 20 September 2019 after 6 days in foster care



Kelpie - male

This is Blaze, the lovely 2 year old Kelpie who was adopted from Bankstown Pound in February of this year. Through no fault of his own, Blaze needs a new home.

Blaze is a very friendly and loving dog who loves being with his humans. He is great with children, other dogs and cats. He is house trained and sleeps very calmly inside on his bed at night. When he's relaxing he loves to chow down on a chew toy. He loves playing with other dogs and is not aggressive in any way.

Blaze is a very active young boy, his favourite game at the moment is chasing the tennis ball. He walks very well on the lead, but does like to bark at people on bicycles!

He would be suited to a home with a good size backyard for chasing the ball, and who have lots of time to spend with him.

He is desexed, and located in Glenmore Park. Please call Gemma on 0435 939858, who will then put you in contact with his owner.