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Rehomed Dogs

The dogs listed below have now found permanent loving new homes.

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Staffy X - female

Leelahs Puppy born in care

Matilda was adopted on 18 December 2021 after 6 days in foster care



Staffy X - male

Leelahs puppy born in care

Toby was adopted on 18 December 2021 after 1 day in foster care



Staffy X - female

Leelahs puppy born in care

Kalise was adopted on 18 December 2021 after 1 day in foster care



Staffy x - female

Smudge will be available for adoption from 19/12/21 once all her vet work is completed and she is weaned from her mum
Expressions of interest are being taken now so if interested, please email through your details and you will be contacted

Riley was adopted on 18 December 2021 after 4 weeks in foster care



Staffy x - female

Hayley is a staffy cross puppy who is extremely friendly. She will be available for adoption from 19/12/21 once all her vet work is completed and she is weaned from her mum
Expressions of interest are being taken now
Please email through details and you will be contacted as soon as possible

Koda was adopted on 16 December 2021 after 4 weeks in foster care



Wheaten Terrier - male

Theo is a sweet and compassionate fur baby!

Still only young, he has great energy and loves a a good walk.

He can also be quite shy as he went through some difficult times as a puppy with the original owners.

Theo does bark quite a bit, but is currently being trained to only have him bark in moderation.

He will require a home that can provide him with sufficient attention, love and a bed inside the house (especially of a night time) as he is not a huge fan of being outside alone for extended periods of time.

Theo would be best suited with another well behaved dog to provide some companionship for those long days when nobody is around.

Great with kids, other dogs (except Huskies).

He is weary of loud noises which seem to startle him.

At first he will bark to alert the owner of a new presence (in their general nature) and barking is can be overwhelming, but he does not mean any harm - we believe it is just because he feels insecure, but once he gets to know you, he is fine. He generally is scared of males, but has taken to my husband quite well and they are great friends that do a lot of things together - when he trusts you, he is a fantastic companion.

Your patience, support and on-going training will be required to see him become one of the best dogs you could hope for.

Feel free to come and meet him, you will require a good hour due to his first reaction upon meeting new people, need to give him 20 minutes or so to settle and trust you.

Theo was adopted on 15 December 2021 after 2 weeks in foster care



Cattle Dog X - female

Roxy is a beautiful Cattle Dog X that gets on well with the foster carers three dogs

Roxy was adopted on 29 November 2021 after 1 day in foster care



Australian Cattle Dog (Blue) - female

Oreo has come into care from a Western Sydney pound.
Oreo is a lovely young and energetic female Australian Cattle Dog (Blue) and is looking for a new loving forever family.

Oreo was adopted on 08 November 2021 after 2 months in foster care



Jack Russell X - male

Boss has been surrendered into foster care due to changes to life circumstances with the owner and his current living situation was not conducive to happy life for him. Boss is now looking for a loving new family. He was originally from the litter of a family friend of the previous owner and he had him for five years so has not had much change in his life so will need some time to adjust.

Boss is Microchipped as a Jack Russell Terrier but his owner advises he is a Jack Russell X Chihuahua Mix.

Male, Desexed
5 Years 7 Months old.
Brown and white, small to medium size

Boss is very excitable. When new people are introduced or visit, he will still uncontrollably urinate out of excitement. If interacting with other animals, they may dislike his high energy and he is used to being the only dog in the home.

Boss has been currently, living indoors with his previous owner. He is used to live in his old house with a backyard for 5 years but preferred to be inside. He lived inside at night.

His previous exercise routine was 30 minutes to an hour walk a couple times a week.

He eats three meals a day. Dry food for breakfast and lunch, wet food for dinner.

He appears to be ok with another animas and kids but his excitement level might be too much for some dogs to handle.

He has some separation anxiety. Will sometimes bark loudly if left alone and if the previous owner leaves view when leaving home. He can be very excited about other people and dogs, may jump on hind legs.

He is desexed and his vaccinations are currently up to date.

Expressions of interest are welcome and will arrange for the most suitable application or two to have a meet and greet with him at a local park outdoors. If your interested in Boss please supply as much detail as you can in your initial enquiry explaining why he would be a food fit for your home.

Currently Located in the Parklea, Quakers Hill area however location may change depending on our foster carers arrangements.

He is not available for interstate adoptions.

Boss was adopted on 05 November 2021 after 1 weeks in foster care



German Shepherd - male

Busta is a beautiful, big fluff ball who loves to hang out with his foster carer and family. He's so gentle and loves a scratch or a cuddle.

Busta is a senior dog who takes one tablet a day to deal with a hip problem. He will be on that medication for the rest of his life.

Busta is great with people, children and other dogs. He is never lived with a cat and is probably not suited for a household with a dog.

He is and indoor dog and is looking for someone who will give him the care and love he needs in his senior years.

Thanks to Carmen, David, Jon, Michael, Nikita and Rosemary for their generous donations towards Busta's additional vet bills. His costs have now been fully covered.

Busta was adopted on 05 November 2021 after 2 months in foster care