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DSH - female - 1 year and 2 months

This lovely young girl is Tabitha. She is around 14 months old, and has spent most of that time just lapping up all the love she can get from her foster carer. Tabitha is such a friendly girl, any attention she can get she will take, and so she would definitely suit a home where she will get plenty of that! She is currently in care with both dogs and other cats, and so it is likely that Tabitha would be absolutely fine in a home with other animals too! Tabitha is all up to date on her vaccinations and flea and worm treatment, she is microchipped and desexed too - as such, she is totally ready for her forever home! Please contact Rod, her foster carer, for more information on this friendly friendly girl.

Tabitha has been in foster care since 21 July 2019, for 1 day



Domestic Short Hair - female - 1 year and 5 months

Gracie is a sweet little lady who hasn’t had the greatest start to life. She started off the first year of her life on a chicken farm in a cat colony and not knowing where her next meal might come from.

But, just take a look at her video! Fast forward a few weeks and Gracie being in private care, we have found that she is a lovely smoochie girl who loves a chin rub or head pat, so much so that sometimes she will start to drool and need at the ground.

She is still fairly unsure of humans but is very interested in furry friends.

She will best suit a quiet home with a family that understands where she has come from and that she needs time to open up.

Gracie is microchipped, desexed, wormed, flea treated and has had her 1st F3 vaccination.

Sunday and Holly

Sunday and Holly

DSH - female - 8 months

Available separately or as a pair. These siblings have been around people since they were born but have mostly lived outside with their mother. I have been working really hard to socialise them and they are coming along really well, however may need some extra time to adjust to a house. They come in and stay the night and are very affectionate now.

They use a litter tray, and mostly pretty good with that.

I would love to see them go to a loving home! They are such lovely natured little ones!

Sunday and Holly each come vaccinated, microchipped and desexed.



Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 years and 4 months

Floki will be your best friend. Full of life and love he just wants to be cuddled and petted as often as possible.

He is however fine being by himself also and very well behaved.

He is a gorgeous black cat with a big personality.

Dislikes storms will hide under the bed but everything else he is fearless and his curious nature is strong! Beautiful boy who will be the happiest curled up in bed watching tv with you.

Floki will have up to date vaccinations and recent vet visit before being handed to new owner

No Medical History to Disclose

Behaviour notes:
Is very well behaved unless scared which we will try to scratch or bite to get away from the perceived threat

Is he Ok around Kids?
Hasn't really encountered them

Is he OK around other animals?
Other cats possibly. Dogs no

Litter Trained = yes

He was originally adopted through DCH in May 2017 but now needs to find a new home as the owner is moving to a place with someone with a cat allergy so unfortunately Floki needs a new home.

Audrey and Avery

Audrey and Avery

Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 months and 2 weeks

Audrey and Avery have been hand raised since 1.5 weeks old after being found in a horse stable by a lovely member of the public before giving them over to DCH to care for.

They have had lots of handling and human interaction.
They have both grown to be lovely kittens.

They love to play and explore and constantly play together. They love to explore and chase each other around. They enjoy a cuddle and will sit on your lap and sleep next to you. They are very quick to purr and love lots of pats and attention. They are ok with kids but might be a little rough for younger kids. They have lots of energy and will climb in and out of cupboards and benefit from having a tall cat tree to climb. They love playing with pipe cleaners on the floor.

We are looking for a very special home for the "AA" sisters where they can live with their new family as indoors only cats. They would love a family who can play and interact with them and give them lots of attention.
We are looking for an indoor home for these kittens.

Located at PETstock Macquarie Park Adoption Enclosure

Audrey and Avery has been in foster care since 13 April 2019, for 3 months

Jack and Jake

Jack and Jake

DSH - male - 2 years and 8 months

Loving, easy going lads💙

Jack and Jake scratch up the pole,

And lick away at their kitty bowl

They’re chill little men who love to play,

And cuddle their people night and day

Easy-going kitties who are great with folks,

It’s only snuggles and purrs from these two blokes

They’re great with dogs, big and small,

Cats, kittens, rabbits, they love them all

They’re free to go out, and get some air,

But definitely need their human there

Rest assured, they’re the best you can get,

Especially since they come as a perfect little set!

Medical notes
Due to ingrown lashes, they both require someone who can commit to cleaning their eyes and adding moisturising eye drops twice a day to keep them comfortable.

However, this is a super easy task, and since they are both totally relaxed and used to this routine, it shouldn’t take longer than a minute or two.

With their current care routine, the boys have been improving exponentially and if kept up, we don't currently foresee any further treatment or concerns.

They have already been de-sexed, microchipped, and their vaccinations are up to date.

If you think you are the special loving person/s to provide a furever home to these two lovely boys, please contact Jake and Jack’s carer, Jasmin - on 0424 738 236 - to arrange a meet and greet at their foster home.

***many thanks go to David and Michael who have helped contribute to Jacks additional vet fees, we have still spent an additional $900 on vet fees and sponsorship help would be very appreciated.***

Jack and Jake has been in foster care since 15 January 2017, for 2.5 years

Dark Princess

Dark Princess

Bengal - female - 3 years and 5 months

Dark Princess is a nice natured female purebred Bengal who isn't overly vocal but will let you know when she wants your attention.

She is active and confident but does enjoy a cuddle and smooch with her owners too. She is very easy to handle but has better things to do than be petted all day!

Dark Princess gets along with some cats and not others and doesn't seem phased by dogs. She will need a home with room for her to play and explore and is used to life in a very large outdoor cattery. Due to the adventurous nature and hunting abilities of her breed she isn't suitable to be allowed to free roam outside.

She is a lovely adult cat who will be perfect for a home without very young children and who isn't after a lapcat but wants an active companion to share their life and enjoy a game with.

Please email ( for more information.

Dark Princess has been in foster care since 18 June 2019, for 1 month



Bengal - female - 3 years and 10 months

Asia is a delightful, interesting young character. She is confident, friendly, vocal, and enjoys a cuddle but it's playing and exploring that really take her fancy.

Asia lives up to the typical Bengal character, loves a game and I'm pretty sure she loves playing with water if her water bowl is anything to go by ;-)

Asia will suit a home without very young children who are after an energetic, more dog like cat and who has the space to let her explore and play. A home with an outdoor cattery as well as indoors would be ideal.

Asia is ok with some cats and not others, she is ok with dogs although hasn't lived with one directly.

For more information about Asia please email

Asia has been in foster care since 18 June 2019, for 1 month



DSH - female - 4 months

Harriet has 3 x sisters and a brother and has lovely dark markings on her mainly white coat, with a little black smudge on her nose and mouth.

Harriet likes to perch high on the cat tower and loves to play with anything that moves, including her own shadow! She is very sociable and cuddly and once she starts, her purr sounds like a little engine. Tummy rubbs are also a definite favourite.

Harriet and her siblings are very playful but they all have a very gentle nature and none of them bite or scratch, unless by accident. All 5 of these kittens, are friendly with other foster kittens and cats, and have made friends with the resident dogs as well!

Harriet should be an Inside Only cat as she has no outdoor experience or survival skills.

Harriet is microchipped, wormed, vaccinated and desexed. She is also litter trained

Harriet is now at Petstock Penrith if you would like to meet her!

9 / 72-82 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown
02 4761 0536

Harriet has been in foster care since 13 June 2019, for 1 month



DSH - male - 4 months

Hendrix has 4 x sisters and a very confident attitude for such a little kitty! He is quite the foodie as well and loves his tucker! He looks right at you and has started making a little mieow to be picked up.

Hendrix is very well socialised and will easily become a lap cat if given half the chance. He is a very cute boy, mainly white in colour with a tabby grey patch on his ears and around his eyes, and a grey and black tail.

Hendrix and his sisters are very playful but they all have a very gentle nature and none of them bite or scratch, unless by accident. All 5 of these kittens, are friendly with other foster kittens and cats, and have made friends with the resident dogs as well!

Hendrix should be an Inside Only cat as he has no outdoor experience or survival skills.

Hendrix is microchipped, wormed and vaccinated and desexed. He is also litter trained

Hendrix is now at Petstock Penrith if you would like to meet him!

9 / 72-82 Mulgoa Rd, Jamisontown
02 4761 0536

Hendrix has been in foster care since 13 June 2019, for 1 month