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Domestic short hair - male - 1 month and 3 weeks

Marlow has arrived - complete with a beautiful grey and white coat and chocolate-speckled freckles on his nose! Marlow and his siblings were found in a plastic bag by the side of the road at 2.5 weeks of age. Under DCH foster care, Marlow (as well as his siblings) have transformed into healthy, strong kittens who are very friendly to humans and get along with other cats and dogs.

Marlow is a playful, cheeky and independent kitten who loves to play with cat toys with humans (as well as on his own), climb cat trees and explore his surroundings. He will also seek cuddles with his human family when he wants to chill. He loves wet and dry kitten food, is litter-trained and will meow softly when waiting for his food. He is also up-to-date with his flea and worm preventative treatment.

Marlow is microchipped and has received his 1st vaccination. If you are looking for a sweet, fun kitten with a keen sense of adventure, then Marlow would love to meet you.

Marlow has been in foster care since 28 May 2022, for 1 month

Little Miss Puggy

Little Miss Puggy

Pug - female - 5 years and 10 months

Update 1st July

Little Miss Puggy has had her surgery and now Is ready to find her forever home. She has a mild laryngeal collapse and will need to lead a fairly quiet life. Her breathing is fine when she is quiet but she still struggles a little when too exerted.

Miss Puggy wants to be very close to Her human so she will need a home where someone is home most of the time. She also likes to sit close
By or on your lap and at night likes to sleep right next to you on the bed.

She is desexed, microchipped, vaccinated and flea and worm treated.

Little Miss Puggy has come into care from the local Shelter suffering from severe breathing issues due to Brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome. She also has an ear infection.

Little Miss Puggy is being treated now for her ear infection but requires urgent surgery to help open up her airways.

Her total vets costs to cover this were $980.

We are seeking sponsorship for Little Miss Puggy to assist with the urgent surgery she requires.

Little Miss Puggy has been in foster care since 11 June 2022, for 3 weeks



Shih-Tzu - female - 10 years and 6 months

Sweet Gypsy is an unclaimed stray and was rescued from the Pound by DCH. Gypsy is a tiny 2kg package, cute as a button and a very easy going lady who loves just doing her own thing. Currently on a foster to adopt basis.

Gypsy has been in foster care since 17 June 2012, for 10 years



Maltese x Shih-tzu - female - 9 years and 6 months

Hi all, I'm Chelsea. I was a puppy when given to my human for companionship, however my human will be moving to a Nursing Home next month so I'm on the lookout for a home that will look after me. I am a very healthy 9kg 9 year old placid girl. I'm not used to visitors so will bark for awhile but I'm okay once I'm used to them.

I do have a few kilos to lose before my beach body is exposed and I'm hoping my new owner can take me for plenty of adventures to burn off my curvaceous waist. I had not been walked on a lead for a few years, however the carer who picked me up walked me for a block or so and I did famously. I saw a dog but didn't react then I saw another one and wanted to go the other way because it barked at me.

I am developing cataracts but who doesn't at my age? I am allergic to flea bites so a monthly flea tablet is needed to keep my sensitive skin at bay. I can be left alone for short period of time but as you can appreciate, I was with my human all the time so life is strange to me at present and I'll need time to adjust.

As you can see, I'm a bit like Marilyn Munroe so will need a groom soon, however I have never been to a groomer, however I have been shaved twice by my Vet. I tolerate a bath. I love belly rubs and will sit on your lap. I love to play with my toy and like to be chased as I will not bring it back to you. **I have a meet and greet on 6th July**

I travelled well in the car for an hour, had a break then travelled well again for another 20 minutes until I got to my carer at Wollongong. Thanks for taking the time to get to know me. Should you wish to meet me, please contact my carer and we can arrange a meeting. Mid-week would suit best as my carer works every 2nd weekend.

Chelsea has been in foster care since 28 June 2022, for 6 days



Staffy x - female - 2 months and 2 weeks

Don’t let this innocent face fool you
Lily is a very cheeky and lovely puppy who just loves to be around people
Cuddling in your lap or playing with toys are lily’s favourite pastimes
She loves to be around kids and other pets
Because of her breed she is only suited to a house with a fully fenced backyard and definitely not suited to a unit or apartment
If you are able to give Lily a life long home then please contact her carer

Lily has been in foster care since 26 June 2022, for 1 weeks



Staffy x - female - 2 months and 2 weeks

Scarlet is a staffy x puppy looking for a great home
She loves people and other dogs and loves playing with her toys and would be suitable for a home with kids and other pets
Scarlet would only be suited to a house with a fully fenced backyard but would not be suited to an apartment
If you think you can give scarlet a great home then please contact her carer

Scarlet has been in foster care since 26 June 2022, for 1 weeks



Staffy x - female - 2 months and 2 weeks

Alice is a lively and very friendly puppy. She loves people and other dogs and is looking for her life long home
She is suited to a house and not a unit and the backyard must be fully fenced
A home with other pets and kids would be considered
If you think you can give Alice a great home then please contact her carer

Alice has been in foster care since 26 June 2022, for 1 weeks



DSH - male - 6 months and 3 weeks

Poor Flash came into care after being found during a storm in an industrial site. He arrived extremely skinny and sopping wet. He was found after meowing at strangers for help and so he found his way into care and he's blossomed into a healthy young man, full of beans and ready for his forever home to come along.

Flash took about 24hrs to trust his foster family but he is the sort that will be a bit spooked by visitors. Once he gets to know you however his true, super friendly nature comes to the fore. He is an affectionate boy who is easy to handle but is generally more interested in playing than getting cuddles (although he will settle on your lap when it suits him so he's not always on the go). He isn't noisy unless he thinks his dinner is late and then he'll greet you with a little meow. He has a SUPER soft lovely tabby coat with spotted belly and he's quite the purrer when he's in a calmer mood.

Flash is a go-getter so not suitable for small apartment living and while he currently lives with primary school age kids and is absolutely fine, it's the adults he tends to bond with most.

Flash gets along really well with other cats and would probably enjoy another young cat to rumble with. He should be ok with dogs once he gets to know them too. He is a great all rounder and will make a wonderful addition to any family after a playful, sweet natured cat who is willing to allow him that initial period to settle into his new home.

Flash has been in foster care since 19 March 2022, for 3 months



Pug - female - 4 years and 3 months

Vegemite has been surrendered by her owner via a vet clinic due to an eye ulcer injury that needed medical attention. The eye ulcer has been treated with medications & surgery over the course of several weeks. Due to the treatments her eye has been saved. Her eye has a permanent scar however its been saved.

Vegemite is a lovely friendly dog who seems very confident. She is currently 7.8 kg.

She is best suited to a home without other dogs are she does not like to share resources. She is best suited to a home where the owner is home more often than not and where she can be the centre of attention of the home.

She is well toilet trained to use the yard and enjoys access to a backyard.

She is very active and likes her freedom to roam around and explore.
She is a heavy and noisy breather and does snore when asleep.

Vegemite has been desexed and will be available for adoption from around the 28th June.

Sponsorship Needed:
Vegemite has has multiple vet visits and surgery and medications to save her eye. Any help towards her medical bills would be appreciated.

Vegemite has been in foster care since 29 April 2022, for 2 months



DSH - female - 4 months and 2 weeks

Olivia is now Desexed and all ready to find her Forever Family!

Olivia and her sister Ophelia came into DCH care on 3rd May 2022 after they were found living outside.

Olivia is a sweetie with beautiful eyes, who is initially a bit shy with strangers but will fight for your attention once she knows you. She is a gorgeous girl with a lovely personality, and a rather loud meow when she's hungry!

Olivia is litter-trained and socialised with other kittens.

Olivia is currently eating Royal Canin Kitten wet and dry food, and also Advance Kitten wet food, with lots of clean water always available.

The $225 adoption fee includes:

  • Microchipping,
  • Worming/flea-treatment,
  • Vaccination (1st of 3),
  • Desexing
  • So she lives her best and longest life, Olivia MUST also be an INDOOR ONLY cat. Please indicate if you are willing to do this in your email.

    Please use the "Send enquiry email" link below, if you have any questions or if you are interested in meeting or adopting. PLEASE INCLUDE INFORMATION such as whether you own other pets, if you have a quieter or more chaotic household and any other relevant details.

    If you are renting, please ensure that you have approval for a cat BEFORE you lodge interest.

    You must be over 18 years old to adopt an animal, and, for a kitten, also be prepared to look after it for up to 20years! 😻

    Olivia has been in foster care since 03 May 2022, for 2 months