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DSH - female - 4 months

Ruby is the prettiest, smartest and most loving little girl. She can't get enough of being around us, and meows until she finds you, wherever that may be in the house! She curls up in the funniest of places just to be with you. She LOVES to play, and has now realised we are the best place to find the best play time! When she gets tired she starts to be around you even more, and comes right up around you legs and will chase your hands so you keep stroking her. She falls asleep on your lap and in your arms, most usually trying that route before resorting to the bed with her brother!

She gets along well with her foster brother, Tigger, but also isn't afraid to tell him if she wants her food all to herself, or if its her toy at that point! But she is very calm and so I think would integrate well into a family that has other cats as she loves playing and sleeping with Tigger also. Ruby is now desexed, microchipped, vaccinated, wormed and flea-treated - so she is totally ready to be all yours! If you'd like the cuddliest kitten out to be part of your family, please call Gemma on 0435 939858.

Ruby has been in foster care since 28 February 2019, for 2 months



DSH - female - 1 year and 7 months

  • Despite her striking looks and loving nature, Pixie has not yet been adopted into a furever home. She is rather shy with visitors, so you might wish to take some time when you meet her - but we can see no other reason at all for her being overlooked. We are, though, very aware that older kitties are often passed by in favour of cute little kittens! Pixie is not old, of course, and maturity brings many benefits; she would make a loving addition to your family.

    Pixie was fostered together with her teenage mum and 3 siblings, all of whom have found homes.

    Pixie has a unique personality; she enjoys exploring, as well as standing at your feet meowing at you and sitting next to you on the lounge. She’s used to being handled by young children, although she does take a little time to adjust initially.

    She can be a little skittish if there is too much loud noise and sudden movement so a family with older children would be best, and equally, of course, singles and couples.

    When happy, Pixie can get ecstatic - not only purring loudly, but sticking her rear in the air, and rolling over to expose her belly to you …. And is known to drool with bliss!

    Pixie is already de-sexed and microchipped, and is up to date on all her vet requirements.

    She’s currently homed with two other cats.

    If you’d like to arrange to meet Pixie at her Campbelltown foster home, please contact her carer, Imaan.

  • Pixie has been in foster care since 13 November 2017, for 1.5 years



    Spoodle - female - 5 years

    Meet delightful Lola, a friendly ball of energy and lots of fun. Lola was surrendered into DCH care on 19 May 2019, due to her owner having to move to a Nursing Home. Thankfully she is now in care and is looking for a furever home.

    Lola is currently learning how to use a doggie door and looks to be afraid of stairs. On car rides, Lola cries in anticipation that she will probably be going to a doggie park or doggie beach.

    Lola was put on a special Veterinary Diet (Royal Canin) to prevent crystals forming in her urine. It was also thought that Lola had a heart condition, however a very recent MRI performed by the Specialist team at SASH has dismissed this line of thought. The report is available to any serious potential owner.

    Lola would thrive in a household dedicated to giving her time and love. Once comfortable with you, she will lay quietly beside your feet. Background music or noises has helped calmed her anxiety. Lola is okay on her own and this will be tested for the first time in her current household tonight as she will be left alone for about 3 hours then again tomorrow evening for 2 hours.

    Originally trained but behaviour has lapsed due to condition of the previous owner. Lola is house trained and will go to the toilet outside.

    Lola comes desexed and her vaccinations are up to date.

    Lola is currently on trial with a potential new owner for 2 weeks but e-mail enquiries are welcome from the foster carer in the meantime, details of which can be obtained below.

    Lola has been in foster care since 20 May 2019, for 2 days



    Domestic Short Hair - male - 2 months and 3 weeks

    Tango was surrendered by his owner into DCH care to find him a new home. He comes from a litter of 4 and is currently in care at Cranebrook. Tango is very inquisitive and cheeky, he likes to explore and play. He's very affectionate and will push your hands out of the way to climb into your lap if he wants a snuggle.

    Tango is a lovely kitten and he has a beautiful, warm temperament.

    This kitten has been desexed, 1st F3 vaccination, wormed & flea treated and microchipped.

    Located at Cranebrook.
    Please contact us for more information.

    Tango has been in foster care since 06 May 2019, for 2 weeks



    Domestic Short Hair - female - 2 months and 3 weeks

    Sierra was surrendered by her owner into DCH care to find her a new home. Sierra comes from a litter of 4 and is currently in the cat enclosure at PetStock Penrith. She is very outgoing and inquisitive, she loves to play rough with her brothers and is fond of climbing.

    Sierra is such a sweet kitty and she would love to find a forever home.

    This kitten has been desexed, 1st F3 vaccination, wormed & flea treated and microchipped.

    Located at PetStock Penrith, NSW.
    Please contact us for more information.

    Sierra has been in foster care since 06 May 2019, for 2 weeks

    Bella and Jersey

    Bella and Jersey

    Smooth and Rough Collies - female - 13 years and 4 months

    These two girls were originally adopted through DCH in 2006 and with great sadness, the owner is now surrendering the pair back to us due to health complications. Bella and Jersey 13yo bonded pair, rough and smooth collies
    Bella and Jersey grew up together and share a very deep and special connection. They are very supportive of one another and a loving pair. They have different personalities that compliment each other. Both dogs are rather oblivious to other dogs, their socialising days are behind them. A "hello" sniff will suffice. They like bothering the cats, although, they'll never catch them! These two are very easy to look after as long as you give them love, attention and daily walks. They are smart and wise and a simple request will have them go to bed, finish their food or respect the house rules. They are house trained and will hold it until they are outside.
    They have adapted really well and fast to their foster carer's home and never have been moody, upset nor unpleasant.

    Jersey (the ginger one) is the most active of the 2. She loves going for walks (with or without Bella) and is particularly caring. She will come check on all family members to make sure they are ok and obviously, get cuddles. She is not a big eater but enjoys treats and sits on command. Very good on the lead and gentle. She will bury her head in your elbow and make funny happiness noises when joyful! The vet was impressed with her health and general state: she does not look her age! She might have issues seeing well in the dark and is cautious of dark places such as building entrances or underground passages - but who isn't!!!

    Bella (the grey/white one) is in charge and her hip arthritis will not stop her chasing the cats! Although she has to take it easy and slow (very slow!), she loves going for short walks and rolling herself in the grass! She enjoys a good meal... and needs to pay attention to her waistline! Bella's condition does not affect her personality. She is a loving dog, enjoying retirement and giving all the love she has.

    Bella and Jersey only want a little haven to enjoy their retirement together and be part of the family. Their adoption fee together is $250. If you'd like to meet these lovely old girls, please contact Jo on 0401 900 696‬.

    Bella and Jersey has been in foster care since 23 January 2019, for 3 months



    DMH - female - 2 months

    Luna has been in care since she was a few days old. She found herself(along with her mum and 5 siblings (Bear, Magic, Misty, Bobby and Violet) at the pound. She was placed into foster care immediately and has since been raised in a loving home environment. Luna is a confident, happy, affectionate girl that would like to be rehomed with one of her siblings. She is strictly an indoor-only cat but would like an outdoor enclosure so she can send some time basking in the sun.

    Please ring Karen her foster carer at any time on 0435 085 615 if you would like more information to find out if you are suitable to adopt this beautiful girl. Luna is in foster care 5 mins from Penrith, NSW. She is microchipped, had her 1st vaccination and be desexed prior to rehoming. Shee is litter-trained and up to date with flea and worm treatments.

    Luna has been in foster care since 05 May 2019, for 2 weeks



    Domestic Medium Hair - female - 2 months

    Magic is the smartest of the litter. She may have started out as the runt but she was the first to reach each milestone. She is super friendly, playful and has gorgeous flecks of grey throughout her coat.

    Magic is to be rehomed to an indoor-only home with responsible pet owners. She is looking for a family that will spoil her rotten! Magic is litter-trained, vaccinated, flead, wormed and microchipped. She will be desexed prior to rehoming. Please call or text her foster carer if you would like to meet this sweet girl.

    Magic has been in foster care since 05 May 2019, for 2 weeks



    Domestic Short Hair x - male - 2 months

    Bobby is sweet, affectionate, cuddly and confident. He was fostered and raised in a home environment with his mother and 5 siblings. Bobby is secretly his foster mum's favourite kitten. He is just adorable!

    Bobby is in foster care near Penrith, NSW. Please ring or text his foster carer if you would like to meet this gorgeous boy. He is microchipped, litter-trained, vaccinated and will be desexed prior to rehoming.

    Bobby has been in foster care since 05 May 2019, for 2 weeks



    Domestic Short Hair - female - 5 years and 7 months

    Zohey is a BIG cuddley girl who is 5 years old. She was adopted from DCH when she was a kitten with her foster-brother Mango, and has been in a very loving home her whole life. So much so, that she has been overfed and is the size of a pumpkin! She is currently on a diet, and enjoying the neck scratches from her new foster carer.

    Mango is her companion and brother who is 6 years old. They both enjoy sleeping on their mats on the bed with their human, snoozing on window sills, and of course, eating snacks!

    Zohey and Mango are both friendly, affectionate, sweet and chilled out. They enjoy grooming each other, sharing food bowls and sharing snuggle-spots together. If at all possible, they would love a home that would welcome them both with love and care.

    Zohey (and Mango) is de-sexed, vet-checked and up to date with treatments. They come with lots of their favourite food, beds, bowls and toys.

    If you'd like to meet these lovely cats at their temporary home in Randwick, please contact their carer, Tatiana.

    FOSTER CARERS NEEDED: If you are unable to commit to a long-term pet, then you may be a perfect foster carer! Please contact us to discuss your options. All vet bills are covered by the organisation, and full training and support is provided for those who join the ranks of a volunteer foster carer.

    Zohey has been in foster care since 02 April 2019, for 1 month