Rehomed and Stories

The dogs, cats and horses featured below were fostered through DCH Animal Adoptions and have now found permanent loving new homes.



Domestic Medium Haired - female

Pancake, Maple (Syrup) and Juice are fun breakfast names given to a trio of orphan kittens who came into care around the same time. While at home with their foster carer, they are called 'kitties!' and 'puss-puss-puss!' as well as a bunch of sweet nothings, as they snuggle up for cuddles. So never-fear, you do not need to keep their name.

Maple is just the sweetest, snuggliest, purry little thing. While she doesn't tend to meow, she always purrs when coming up to you. She adores cuddles and pats, and her favourite spot to snuggle on you is on your chest. She is a curious, young kitten and will investigate what you're up to, and follow you around the house. She is a gentle little girl who will likely grow into a fluffy, snuggly young lady.

She is available for adoption to a home that either has someone home for parts of the day, or with an existing cat/pet, as she is likely to be very lonely when taken away from her litter mates.

Available to meet at Randwick, NSW.

Maple uses the litter trays, and is used to eating a variety of can food, kibble and fresh chicken necks, chicken hearts and chicken wings (raw meaty bones are fantastic for their teeth!). She has also been flea treated, wormed, and has been bathed a few times as well as having had her claws trimmed.

Maple was adopted on 22 September 2019 after 3 months in foster care



Matisse (adopted 2011)

Matisse is still with us and doing very well! He now has a little 10 month old brother! Thank you so much! We love him to bits!

I love remote control cars! Chasing them is the best and im quite good at it!

Love my new bed!

Big fan of doggy parks! Love meeting new friends here!

My family! ❤️ Jacques & Matisse