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Mummy Blue's story

Dear Leanne, I hope that this e-mail finds you well. It has been over a year since we adopted Mummy Blue from you. While we loved the name, we ended up calling her Besty, which I think suits her quite well. I keep thinking about her little boy, I'm sure that he's grown up to be as lovely as Besty has!

My partner says that adopting Betsy was one of the best ideas that I've ever had, and I can't help but agree. She is just the most adorable little cat, full of personality, and even 'non-cat' people love her! While we were a little cautious over her description as taking a while to warm to people, it really wasn't an issue at all. She spent the first few days understandably quiet (and sometimes under the bed) she loved coming out and being the centre of attention. Whenever she needs looking after if we're away, our family loves it, and seem so excited when she shows them extra attention. Friends have made jokes about the number of photo's i have of her... until they come around and take some for themselves!

These days she tends to find the most uncomfortable places to sit, such as lying on top of a book on our bed (especially if we're reading it), or a pair of shoes or a backpack on the floor. In the heat of summer it wasn't uncommon to find her curled up in the bathroom sink! She likes clawing boxes (but thankfully not the furniture) and has a favorite pot that she'll curl up in if the plant isn't in it.

Betsy is very patient with us, and has gradually allowed us to pick her up without grunting at us... as long as it's accompanied by lots of scratching and patting... Especially if we've just come home. In the early days she would sit next to our head purring loudly while we were (trying) to sleep, or sit on our chest with her nose practically touching ours.

If we're on the couch watching telly, she'll find whichever hand is free and generally make a nuisance of herself until we pat her with it. Otherwise she'll sit next to us and if we're lucky, sometimes falls asleep on our laps. The thing we love the most is when she's extra happy, and makes little cooing sounds as well as purring very loudly.

Betsy is very good natured, and other than making a game out of clawing our feet at bed time, is an absolute joy to look after. I think she feels that she's not our pet- we're hers!

Thank you so much for looking after her so well. We're so happy to have her in our lives.

Best regards, Marnie

Mummy Blue was adopted on 17/2/09 after 4 months in foster care.

Mummy Blue was adopted on 18 February 2009 after 2 weeks in foster care

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