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dear dch animal adoptions, i adopted a male kitten from you back in march this year and wanted to let you know how well he is doing. he is still extreamly shy to new people but loves me unconditionally, he is my best friend. he goes a little spastic everyday but its all apart of being a kitten. his name was scar but i renamed him lancelott. he is so cheaky but always follows me around for cuddles and sleeps with me at night. it only took him about 2 hrs to warm up to me after we took him home it was a big change from him trying to run away with me at kiralees house lol.i just wanted to thank you so much for him i couldnt see life with out him now.

kind regards


ps i attached a couple of pics one is lancelott sleeping with our other cat guss who he picks on so much lol

Scar was adopted on 10/04/09 after 2 months in foster care.

Scar was adopted on 03 May 2009 after 2 months in foster care

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