Chedda and Brie's story

Dear Judy and Megan

Thanks so much for our lovely girls Chedda and Brie - now renamed Bella The Beautiful (Bella for short) and Brianna The Brave (Bri).

They have fit right into our family and are giving us hours of amusement. Each kitten has already worked out who it belongs to and have been napping with their new owners (Kate and Bella, Michael and Bri). Bri is a real livewire and very inquisitive and brave - she loves our Christmas tree!! Bella is very conscious of her good looks and is a little more restrained and ladylike. They both have been tearing around their new house - liking the extra space probably - and amusing us with their antics.

We will take some Christmas photos and send them to you soon.

Anyway, thanks for making everything so easy. We will certainly recommend you to anyone who would like a rescued pet.

Merry Christmas!


Chedda and Brie were adopted on 6/12/2008 after 2 months in foster care

Chedda and Brie was adopted on 15 December 2008 after 1 month in foster care

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