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Just thought I would update you on the most sensational dog on the planet. Radar continues to grow and is now about 32.25kg. The vet reckons he will fill out a bit more, but it near his full height

He plays with virtually every dog at the local dog park every day, but has a best friend, Seamus the black labrador. We have dogsat Seamus over a weekend and the 2 of them played non-stop for most of the weekend. They both slept pretty soundly on the Sunday night at the end of it all. We are about to go on holiday along the Great Ocean Rd, the Grampians and Ballarat and will send some photos from that trip. I have attached a few photos of him. He has started guarding our house by barking at strangers in the street from our front window. He goes to the window throughout the day just to have a look and see what's going on. It is kind of his watch tower. Thankfully, he only barks when there is someone unfamiliar there which is only once a day or so. The other day, Andrew surprised him on the other side of the window and he loved it! A friend at my job last year insisted on sketching him and we finally got it framed (I know, we're pathetic!). Have a look at the photo for a great likeness. He doesn't look impressed, but he was just curious about my camera and what the heck I was doing with it.

Love Raewyn and Andrew

Diamond was adopted on 17/10/07 after 2 weeks in foster care.

Diamond was adopted on 18 October 2007 after 1 weeks in foster care

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