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Hi Megan

Here is a photo of Bella in her bed, she was about to snooze but got a rude awakening by the flash! A little bit about how Bella and I met. Bella was due to be euthenaised on the last Friday in October last year, my friend Heather who fosters for DCH asked me if I would foster her as she already had a foster dog at her place. The ranger there, Kiralee, had gotten to know Bella over her time there and said she was so loving and friendly and wanted hugs all the time!

I straight away said I would go down and get her out as soon as I finished work, actually I flexed off a little early! Our first night together I bathed her about five times because she was so matted and smelly! (I swiftly arranged a professional grooming a couple of days later!) I put the dog bed beside mine and she slept there all night long, after that one night she was in my bed with me and my other pets from then on! I soon found out she was house trained and she loved my Shih Tzu and my Bombay cat and they adored her! In fact, my Shih Tzu who's 11 years old has found a new lease on life because Bella is only around three and she makes sure he enjoys everyday playing and snoozing together.

So the Happy Ending is that I just had to adopt her myself as she fitted in so well with the rest of the team here at my place and she certainly loves us too! I named her Bella as she has the most beautiful, loving nature toward other animals and humans Ive ever seen in a dog.

Thanks! Clare

adopted on her foster carer on 01/02/08 after 3 months in foster care.

Bella was adopted on 01 February 2008 after 2 months in foster care

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