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Big Bob and Melon Head's story

Hi Becky, Thought it was time you had an update of the boys.

As you can see by the photos, they are not fading away...and they are getting their coats ready for winter.

Bob is as gregarious, funny and lovable as ever... and Melly is much quieter little darling...not as big as Bob, bot nonetheless a solid little nugget. He is shy of fact, dislikes them. He growls when he hears the gate latch opening. He snorts and grumbles and goes to the farthest end of the living room and waits till he is sure it is safe to go back outside! A very big sook. Much more cautious than Big Bob....but the biggest lap cat, snugglebum in the world. Whereas Bob will stay for just a while on your lap whilst you scratch his chest and neck, then he's off...he is such a hot bod. Not to say, he doesn't adore company....and always happy for big smooches and loves. He is in his element when we are all out in the garden together. They both love to sleep on beds at night. We mostly keep them separate at Bob is a bit of a troublemaker otherwise. Melly with me....Bob with Lorraine.....and on occasions when Bob really wants to stay with Melly and me, he does.....and on some of these occasions he will actually allow us to share the bed with him too. He is such a gorgeous, larger than life character. We love him / them to bits! In fact, everyone who meets them, falls in love with them.

As always, thanks for saving these two special boys! They send their purrs and smooches :-)

Warm wishes Diane, Lorraine, Big Bob and Mellybelly

adopted on 10/03/07 after 2months in foster care.

Big Bob and Melon Head was adopted on 12 March 2007 after 2 months in foster care

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