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Snoopy and Apollo's story

Hi Tatiana, Sorry we have not been in touch for a while. We have moved house and the lucky pups now have a big back yard with plenty of grass to dig dig dig. They also love to chew chew chew. They are a bundle of energy and have developed very different personalities. Snoopy is by far the more active dog. Although they both love their walks, Snoopy is constantly wanting to chase balls etc while Henry is happy to sit back and relax. Henry reminds me of Jedda...he is a real sook, loves a cuddle, throws himself on the ground for a scratch whenever you are there. Snoopy is far more independent and is quite happy for a scratch, cuddle and then goes off to chew a bone.

They are totally dependent on each other. They do everything together at the same time. When we take them to our local dog park they always run everywhere at the same time. They are incredibly friendly with other dogs and people. They love the dog is huge and they can run for miles on grass and through bushes. We went away for two weeks in January (yes another soccer tournament)and they went to a kennel. They were in the same run and they had puppy play time everyday. They came back really happy, and I think had put on weight. The kennel is called Meadowmist... I thought you might like to have that recommendation for other families.

The boys love the dogs just as much as they ever did. The pups are so lucky with cuddles and attention from all 3 boys. We still call them puppies just as you used to.

Best Wishes,

Snoopy and Apollo was adopted on 22 July 2007 after 2 months in foster care

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