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Hi Karen, We wanted to let you know that our new puppy Jelibean is the cutest thing... She did cry the whole way home from you guys and it sounded like I want to go home but she was okay once out of the container and insid......when we got back home we went to the petbarn and got her lots of special little things like a new collar which alas hung on her and lots of we had to change the collar for a pink bling bling one with lots of girly jewels.....

Jelibean cried that night for the first 15 minutes because I put her in the kitchen after she decorated my bed as a welcome home pressie.....since then she has not had one accident in the house...she is one smart cookie... and my son is in awe of her to the point where he will clean up the dog poo as soon as she goes..... Jelibean is following the kids around everywhere and then she climbs into my lap for a quick nap b4 she is off again.... She gets lost under our shrubs and we have a lot of fun trying to find her...she sits when we eat and is the best dog as she seems to eat everything she sees... she got raw carrot the other day and munched on that.....I am now learning how to make my own dog food so that she stays healthy and with us forever

Our Cat Socksy has put her in her place and gave her a smack on the nose...we did have a baby gate up for our cat to have some space until she felt happy to join in and it lasted for 1 hour before she was out and part of the family...Jelibean did try barking at her in play and the cat just looked as if to say r u kidding me......we went to the shop today for 20 mins to get milk and we come home with more toys...(she is a spoilt already)..she also looks at us when we call her name so I think she knows already who she is....

My kids want to say Thanks for making their family a good one and saving Jelibean so that we could find her...I will get a pic to you later this week of the kids and Jelibean together Paula

Lola was adopted on 9/2/08 after 1 month in foster care

Lola was adopted on 09 February 2008 after 1 month in foster care

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