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Prickles's story


Just thought I'd send through a quick update on how Prickles' move went. She was great in the car, slept for two hours, then got a bit restless for the last half hour or so.

Got her home, she spent a good hour checking out every nook and cranny she could find, then went back to play for ages with the cat tree she discovered, before crashing on the blanket she found on the couch. She loved spending the night in bed, including sleeping over my neck for a while, then crashing out with her head on my pillow for the rest of the night.

I've been playing with her all morning, shes non stop :) Ended up popping her on her blanket in the sun and grabbing some pictures. I've attached the best ones, enjoy.

Thanks so much for letting us have her live with us. We really appreciate the work you have both put into her already, she certainly wouldn't be around if you hadn't have saved her. Rest assured she'll be spolit rotten for the rest of her life, and we'll definetly keep you updated with pics. All best

Prickles was adopted on 9/08/07 after 2 months in foster care. Prickles was another special needs kitten suffering ongoing sinus problems due to a bad bout of cat flu.

Prickles was adopted on 09 August 2007 after 1 week in foster care

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