Molly's story

Hi Megan, As you know we took Molly home last Friday, leaving Leanne behind with tears in her eyes. And we can already see why. Molly was a bit excited that evening

lots of new smells and sights -but by saturday she behaved like she expected to stay here. She is so loving and friendly and really just seems to want affection. right now she is lounging on her very soft bed in our lounge room, if i am on the couch watching tv she is on the floor next to me. She spent the day sitting next to Wes in his office. Molly really just seems to want to be where we are. She had her first time on her own yesterday, we left her inside cos it was so cold out, and did not know what i would come home to

she was asleep under the dining table

surrounded by shoes, her toys, cat toys, our socks, none of them chewed, just surrounding her sleeping spot... we were pretty happy about that.

She has had her first walk on the beach

not sure what to make of the waves, but would love to chase the seagulls. we are going to the dog trainers on sunday, i think she will top the class as she is pretty smart, and then i will be able to let her run after those seagulls. our cat


is not impressed with our new addition to the family but he is slowly slowly coming round. so all in all a pretty good first week. we will send some photo's soon

regards wendy fenton

Molly was adopted on 11/08/07 after 3 months in foster care.

Molly was adopted on 10 August 2007 after 2 months in foster care

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