Indigo's story

Judith, hi!

Indigo is fantastic! I speak for both myself and Luke when I say we are SO lucky that Indi chose us. Do you remember that she said hello, then ran to the car to check it out, as if to say well, come on!. She has been running up to us and standing with her paws on our chests and headbutting our chins a lot. She also stands and balances on my shoulder while I am doing things around the house sometimes. She is a charmer, and everyone who has visited us in the last month has just fallen straight under her spell!

As I mentioned, my older cat was to be joining us within a month's time from Adelaide. We have just passed the two week mark with both cats in the house, and so far, things have been a lot quieter and calmer than I was worried they were going to be

especially since big brother Oscar has been in an single cat household for nearly five years. Indi was very sweet and persistant. I believe she had the radius of Oscar's personal space bubble worn down from two metres to thirty centimetres in one evening hehe

Anyway, we are so grateful to you and your family for providing Indi with a home and helping her to be the friendly cat she is, and for then letting us steal such a treasure away from you! My digital camera is broken at the moment, so I am unable to take any photos of Indi to email to you. As soon as we get it sorted out, I will take some photos and send them to you so you can see how she is going. Keep well, Sari (and Luke, Indi and Oscar).

Indigo was adopted on 11/6/07 after 7 months in foster care.

Indigo was adopted on 13 June 2007 after 6 months in foster care

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