Scooby's story

Hi Fran, You were right, Scooby is just adorable and we all love him to bits already. He was so good in the car on the way home. When we arrived I let him get acquainted with every corner of the house and yard and he seemed happy

He gets lots of cuddles and gets a little jealous when I pat Rocky as well, but they get along fine even when it comes to food. He would like to be in the house all the time or rather stay close to me wherever I go, but that of course, is not going to possible so they spend some time outside. We go for walks everyday, so he will be well exercised, loved and looked after. Please don't worry. He sends his love and big thanks to you for your good heart and affection and good life that he's had so far. Best Regards Halina

Scooby was adopted on 25/3/07 after 4 months in foster care.

Scooby was adopted on 25 March 2007 after 3 months in foster care

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