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Tiska's story

Hi Judy Tiska and Flip (my big baby cattle dog cross) get along pretty well

can't say it's a match made in heaven, but there are no fights or major disagreements and they play almost every night or rather morning

at 3am!!! Tiska's the boss, Flip follows after her when I let them off the leash in the park

Tiska is a most affectionate dog and I can see that she is a loyal companion who will be there when I need her (unlike Flip who'll run!)

she'll put her paw on me when she wants a little affection (and attention!) and is always prepared to give me pimples by licking my nose. I've made it a point to try to decrease her sensitivity to those problem areas by patting her around the sensitive areas. Tiska still loves making noise. she barks at everything from birds and fruit bats to people in the park, but that's her way of having a good time

she's my early-warning system for visitors

and Flip will tell me when they're literally at the door.

Tiska is very happy here, with her daily (sometimes twice-daily) long walks to the shops and the park. She is relaxed and has adjusted well to life in a small terrace in Balmain and she says hello, and thanks for the good care you took of me!. And Flip says, thanks for giving me a sister! All best Steven

Tiska was adopted on 2/10/06 after three months in foster care.

Tiska was adopted on 03 October 2006 after 3 months in foster care

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