Monty & Zoltan's story

After 6 months without a dog I was lonely so I started looking at the pound and RSPCA for a small to medium sized poodle. There were none to be found. Then I remembered a notice at the vets about adoption. I rang immediately and was told there was a poodle called Monty ready to be adopted. Monty was Julian's mother's name and I said, "I think he is meant for me."

When I arrived to meet Monty, there was a cat sitting on the doorstep and I said hello and stroked it. Then I saw this lovely white and apricot poodle. The carer said that when I spoke to the cat, Monty wagged his tail and got excited. And that was it we fell in love.

As I left with Monty, I told the carer that I would like another dog to keep him company. She said there was another dog, but someone was looking at him that afternoon and she would let me know if he was still available later.

Zoltan, a Jack Russell/Whippet cross weighed 3 kilos and you could see the light through his skin. "How can I tell her I can't take him, because he is too ugly," I thought. Of course I didn't tell her and the dogs really liked each other so Zoltan stayed.

In 2015, they are 11 years and 9 years old. Monty has no sight due to glaucoma and Zoltan weighs 10 kilos and still has some PTSD!!

We all love each other and are growing old together.

Adopt a dog, it works.

11 March 2015

Monty & Zoltan was adopted on 29 April 2007 after 3 days in foster care

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