Coco's story

Hi Cassandra!
Our little black and blue baby panthers are doing so well and we are completely in love with them. We decided to call Opal 'Coco' They are both healthy, and well and so affectionate... and still cuddle up together and look after each other, with a good amount of chasing and play fighting in between!

Dumpling has grown so much and just captures the heart of everyone she meets, she is such a beautiful, playful little panther! She still kneads and nuzzles Kit and I at least twice every day.
Coco has grown too but is still very much a petite little cute-face, she follows us around, and talks to us all the time, it's gorgeous. She is still the loudest purrer in the history of purring. She and I have a bit of a special bond, I am treated to crazy cuddle sessions with lots of cheek rubbing and nose kisses. They make our lives so much better!!

Thank you for bringing them up so beautifully! They make us laugh every day with their kitten antics. We are so lucky to have them in our lives! It's such a pleasure getting to know their quirky little feline personalities.
You are right, they are absolutely and inextricably part of the family now!

We are a hundred (million!) percent committed to wholeheartedly adoring and pampering them forever. They have completely taken over our hearts and the house. The baby panthers were already so healthy, well adjusted and loved when they came to live with us - you gave them everything they needed to absolutely flourish, and they have.

True little bundles of joy, and mischief, they are so lucky to have had you as their foster mum and are a testament to your awesomeness! Only the best kind of human could raise such wonderful, well adjusted feline friends. Looking after them was, is and always will be a joy.
We are all so grateful to you, Caitlyn and DCH for that.

16 August 2022

Coco was adopted on 11 April 2022 after 2 months in foster care

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