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Meet Scrappy

Free to Good Home Dog

We have had Scrappy (named for his resemblance to the Scrappy Doo cartoon character) for 4 years and believe him to be approx 5 years old as we originally rescued him from the pound. He is very loving and affectionate, food obsessed and therefore easily trained and a real character. He has been a wonderful companion for our bigger dog.

Everyone asks what sort of dog he is and there have been many guesses but the most popular one is a Sausage dog head stuck on a long low Staffy body. One ear is always up and the tail never stops wagging

very low maintenance, never needs to go to the vet. Scrappy ignores our cat and I am sure would learn to do the same in any other home.

Scrappy has been good with other dogs and children to date but has started showing some signs of jealousy with our 13 month old son. I would recommend a home where there are no children under five in the immediate family and as he is not very big he would be fine in a smaller home. We are heartbroken at having to find somewhere new for him and want to make sure it's the best of homes, so please pass this on to anyone who you think could offer him this.

Scrappy was adopted on 28 February 2009 after 2 weeks in foster care

  • Cross Breed
  • male
  • 16 February 2009
  • 28 February 2009

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Last updated: 16 February 2009