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Meet Pumpkin, Goggles, Sally

Sally female -(mostly black with some grey), Goggles female- (grey/black), and Pumpkin female -(red)

Sally is a clever little girl with gorgeous markings. She looks to be listening to you when you speak to her and is very responsive which makes her highly trainable. Sally loves her belly rubs and is even tempered and friendly.

Goggles is a but of a sook, she goes all coy and when you pick her up and talk to her she's a hunny. It's difficult to get a picture of Goggles because she allways tries to climb into my lap and smooch up into my neck she's just so sweet!

Pumpkin the little red girl is just such a little cutie pie. She's is calm and responsive and plays well with sisters and other dogs in general. She is great around my children and you can just tell she's going to grow up into a really sensible good natured dog.

All three puppies are active, friendly and happy little tykes. They are suited to a home where they will have lots of love, interaction and will be taken on regular walks ect. They are being fostered around children of varying ages and are quite good with them all.

Pumpkin, Goggles, Sally was adopted on 11 October 2008 after 1 month in foster care

  • Cattle Dog x
  • female
  • 04 July 2008
  • $250
  • 15 August 2008
  • 11 October 2008

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