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Meet Bobby, Thunder Sumo, Charlie, Petal

Gemma's babies are ready for adoption after 30/4/08 when the puppies are 8 weeks old.

Bobby is just beautiful very soft natured and sweet. Bobby is often found sitting on his own somehere. He's probably the quietest of the litter. He has a very soft coat and such a darling little face.

Thunder is a gentle little fellow. He's all white except for some pigmentation on his nose. Thunder was named so because when he was first born he was the chunker. His sister Emo is now the biggest but the name Thunder has stuck and we affectionately call him the Thunder from down under lol. He's not burly as his name suggests though just a sweet little puppy.

Sumo is named so because he's one of the fatter chunkier puppies. He seems quite responsive and clever for such a young puppy. He feels quite solid allready so i am guessing there may be some Staffy in the mix. Sumo loves to snuggle into your cheek and get rubs on the back of his little neck. He's a smoochy boy.

Charlie is a happy sweet natured little fellow. He has the waggiest tail of the lot. He's quite fond of cuddles thanks to my daughter carrying him around and cuddling him alot (he's her favourate). He's a little bit fluffy but will not have a long coat when fully grown. He resembles a little baby bear.

Petal is one of the gentlest puppies of the litter. She is also the smallest. She is so beautiful honestly pictures don't do her justice. She's like a baby lamb so sweet and dainty. She has beautiful markings around her eyes like she is wearing make up.

Bobby, Thunder Sumo, Charlie, Petal was adopted on 12 May 2008 after 4 weeks in foster care

  • Staffy x
  • mixed
  • 05 March 2008
  • $250
  • 14 April 2008
  • 12 May 2008

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