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Meet Sage

Sage... The runt of the litter when she was left at the pound with her 6 siblings.. What this little girl lacks in size she makes up for in personality.. She is a cluey little one, who is quite deceptive in her looks.. She may not appear to be a cattle dog at first glance but early play with her brother proved she is a true heeler when she would steer him around the yard by his back leg... She has a sweet nature and since her brother Basil has recently found a home, she has adapted quickly to sharing the yard with our 3 resident cattle dogs... She would suit most homes well and is a well behaved girl when she comes inside.. She hasn't started much training yet but knows her name and will respond to 2 important commands she has learnt from the big dogs.. 'come' and 'outside'. And she is starting to learn how to walk with a lead on.. Which can be something all very new and daunting to puppies... With a hint of adventure.. And a cheeky glint in her eye... She is happy to be around other dogs or play quietly alone in the yard making her own fun... She is also learning and responding well to 'no' when she tries to chase our 2 cats around the house, and at the age she is and having exposure to cats now would be able to go to a home where there is a dog friendly cat... She is eager to return her human's love and kindness as she grows.. But also happy to just spend time around her humans without the need for pats and cuddles. The family she chooses to spend her life with will not be disappointed with this sweet girl.

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Sage was adopted on 28 September 2007 after 1 month in foster care

  • small-medium cross breeds
  • female
  • 15 June 2007
  • $250
  • 09 August 2007
  • 28 September 2007

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Last updated: 09 August 2007